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  1. Well done!! Having been stationed at Bitburg and crewed the Eagles there I must say you really did a great job on that old Tamiya kit. I am making my Bitburg jet soon and yours has given me inspiration to take the lid off the box once and for all!! Cheers Mike
  2. I am a recent (well again) convert to the Iwata. I have been using the H&S Infinity 2n1 for the past couple of years and frankly it is just not a good airbrush. I agree with Denstore here, the sloppy trigger and lack of precise fit is an issue along with the seemingly never ending need to replace o rings and seals just makes me loathe using it. I have also never gotten a happy medium from it. I could paint the same paint mixed the same way two days in a row and one day it would spray "ok" and the next it would spatter and sputter and bubble like you would not believe. I have literally just taken delivery of a new Iwata HP-BS and I absolutely LOVE it! Even with a .35 needle in it, I get a much finer line and much better relaibility during a paint session than the H&S. In fact, I am selling my H&S once I get some pics of it. The Iwata is THAT much better for me. I have owned probably 15 airbrushes in my model lifetime and have tried every brand from Binks & Wren, Badger, Paasche and H&S and here I am back with Iwata....just like I have always done. Cheers Mike PS: try the brushes you may be interested in at shows. You will get a much better feel of what works for you. We all expect different things and have different ways of painting so someones Ferrari may be your Trabant.
  3. Simple answers no and no. The Revell Strike Eagle is a very good, if not the best rendition of the F-15 in any scale. It makes into a very accurate early Strike Eagle. It has been available in three incarnations. the box you show witht he Tiger Meet markings and full weapons, the Pro Modeler boxing also with full weapons and Tiger Meet markings and the standard Revell boxing with Lakenheath markings (if I recal) and no weapons other than tanks. The Hasegawa kit isnot a Strike Eagle at all. It represents a "prototype" Mudhen at best and does not include the bulged gear doors, correct pylons or muntions and is also missing many of the antennae of the real jet. It also includes parts for the D model and is best built as a straight D. Neither kit is rare but if you want an accurate Mudhen then the Revell, Pro Modeler kit is the only way to get there in 1/48. HTH Mike
  4. See my post above matt. If the kit is successful there is a 99% chance it (they) will be scaled down. Mike
  5. at this point I am not at liberty to say as the project is still early in the development. Once I get the green light I will keep everyone updated. Cheers Mike
  6. I am helping do some of the research and development of the kit(s) and once done in 1/32 I have been told that they will 99% likely be scaled down to 1/48. Why else do you think I am discontinuing the Viggen bits from the Two Mikes line?
  7. a 1/32 injection moulded kit is in the works now. No idea as the wen it will be released though.
  8. Nice stuff Jon! Tornado and of course the LA-5 stand out for me. Cheers Mike
  9. Hi all, I have a huge walkaround of the Goshawk from when Gabe came out and visited me. I will be happy to post some up. Many of them are being used to help in production with one of the upcoming new 1/48 kits.
  10. Great build Goon!! One of, if not the best Tiffie I have seen built to date. Can you do me a favor and send me some pics so I can add them to the Two Mikes Gallery? Make sure to give me your "real" name and some info about the kit if you dont mind. My email is Twomikesresin@gmail.com Cheers Mike
  11. Jon, Gabe and I are good buds and he has done several masters for Two Mikes. Here is a pic of him during his visit out here to see me. Nice ride huh? Gabe on the left and yours truly on the right.
  12. There is going to be a 1/48 T-45 coming next year. Cannot elaborate more or by whom. Cheers Mike
  13. Looking forward to seeing the Space Shuttle John. Cheers Mike
  14. These are excellent and a much easier solution than super glue and a toothpick. The transfers are actually 3 dimensional and look very good when applied and painted. Cheers Mike
  15. Mike may like your box but I prefer your cans. Looking forward to this one Spence. Looks pretty cool already!
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