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  1. Never made it , Car broke down when my Alternator decided to pack up half way there.
  2. Wow Colin , another stunner on a par with your Hurricane , will it be a merlin engine Heinkel 111 next ? NOW DONT JUST LOOK , SEARCH FOR THE BARSTEADS , AND NEVER FLY STRIGHT AND LEVEL FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS OR YOUR A DEAD DUCK , NOW LETS TRY THAT AGAIN.
  3. Woooh Kevin , thats a cracking little Beaufighter you have created there , so glad you got the picture size sorted out , now we can all see what a lovely model it is .
  4. Very nice indeed , i can see why you went for the nose art you naughty boy.
  5. Brilliant stuff , makes me want to dig out the DVD and watch the film again , now flood the cowling , over the wing and plenty of it., stand clear.
  6. Damm , that s a mighty fine Spitfire you have created there sir.
  7. 2mm short or not , i would never have guessed and who cares anyway ? to my eyes that s one lovely looking Spitfire ( apart from the Red crow bar ) she s a real beauty.
  8. As the saying goes NEVER THROW ANY THING AWAY, a perfect example of what can be done with what many would consider throwing in the bin. brilliant saves.
  9. Wow , there s one you dont see every day , lovely little model.
  10. Lovely , for its time the Frog kit was a much better option than the Airfix kit accuracy wise , the Airfix kit had a number of faults , the tail was the wrong shape and the engine naceles above the wings were too long however the trick was to graft the Airfix nose onto the Frog fuselage making a MKIV Ah happy days.
  11. Cracking job if ever a new tool kit was needed , its this one. ( COME ON AIRFIX )
  12. That s very nice , as others have said you have captured the mood of a busy looking scene very well in deed.
  13. Lovely job those old Matchbox kits still scrub up well . Thanks for the memories as i remember building this one many moons ago.
  14. Very nice Rob , i have one on the bench right now using the Paragon conversion .
  15. Judging by the modellers datafile there are detailed pics of Spitfire interiors , The oldest Spitfire which resides in the RAF museum Hendon has the redish brown seat , also it appears the the later marks right up to the MK XVI also show the seats in the same colour however these are preserved aircraft and may have had the seats replaced at some point ? . My own gut feeling would be that most early marks of Spitfire would have had the plastic redish brown seat fitted and later marks fitted with metal seats. No doubt there are guys here who know better and i will be proved wrong.
  16. looks good , although the seat would have been a redish brown colour ( Bakerlite )
  17. Cant see a damm thing , all i am getting is a blue screen with IMAGE REMOVED ?
  18. Oh yes , very nice indeed , i have two of these which came as a box of ready made models from a flea market many years ago , i feel some restoration work coming on.
  19. Ah , good old Frog kits , with a little work they still scrub up well , nice job
  20. Very nice indeed , the work you put into converting the MK1 to a Mk 9 is very impressive , was this scratch built or did you use a conversion set ?
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