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  1. Looks good , i think you are right about the Dark Earth colour , Hannants Extra colour works for me every time.
  2. Nice one Steve , great job on the old girl , i remember shops having loads of these along with other Matchbox kits , how times have changed.
  3. Very nice indeed , i will be building one of theses soon as i have finished my Halifax and yours has inspired me to get cracking.
  4. That s great , first class job on that one Lightning boy .
  5. That s very nice indeed lets hope Dora Wings survive the conflict and keep on producing some much needed kits of interesting subjects.
  6. Lovely job , if i remember correctly the engine covers were never the best of fits , i ended up glueing mine on .
  7. Two great saves there Mike , both lovely looking models , the Maryland by the way is the old Frog kit.
  8. Nice work there chaps , incidentally the original issue came out in 1969 as DW-K along with a Sea fire version , The kit has been reissued a few times since then although now obsolete with the advent of newish tool kits.
  9. Fantastic , what a super job you have done , just goes to show that with a little extra work these old kits still have plenty of life left in them yet.
  10. Looks good Alain , i have not built a Wellington since i was a kid back in the 70s , yours has inspired me to get one .
  11. A pleasure for you to build and a pleasure for us all to see it , that s a stunning Beaufighter beautifully built and finished .
  12. Wow , that s some collection you have there , Do you have the RAF defenders too ?
  13. Very nice Dave , you have done a cracking job on that one.
  14. Wow , that s some model you have created there the detail on the rockets is very impressive.
  15. Brilliant , If that was real it would have been one hell of a night fighter with all those cannons up front.
  16. I have the Cutting edge sheet CED 48077 , has decals for RSAF Lightning 53-689 J, any good to you ?
  17. One of my all time favourite kits , Add a new cockpit interior , sort out the nose window shapes , replace the canopy and hey presto you have a decent looking Mossie , Revell got the spinners correct which is more than can be said for the HK kit .
  18. Fantastic , once in a while we get a real stunner turn up , and this is one of them ,
  19. Ya mean to tell me this is the same model ? Get outa here.
  20. Looks pretty good to me , the weathering compared to the photos is spot on , great job .
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