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  1. Looks very nice indeed , at least it didn t end up looking like the 1.48th Revell offering a few years ago , now that did have some real howlers .
  2. fantastic result no wonder your brother in law is pleased.
  3. Fantastic , i love it when these often overlooked old kits get the treatment they deserve , just goes to show with a little extra work these old kits still have plenty of life left in them yet . Now lets see what you can do with the Frog Beaufort .
  4. looks good , i may be wrong but should the underwing serial number on the port wing be reversed ?
  5. Lovely job on a pretty hard kit to build ( i have both Classic Airframe kits MK1F & MKIV ) and both got started then stalled.
  6. Considering all the shape issues its turned out rather nice .
  7. That s great , nice finish and the stand is a great idea , being 1.32nd scale that s not a small model either.
  8. Lovely Defiant , looks very nice indeed , pretty sure the turret would have been painted Black ?
  9. Blimey , there s one you dont see every day , a fantastic piece of modelling of the first order 10/10
  10. Very nice indeed , good to see these old kits still being built . If i recall this was the better option at the time for a Blenheim , the Airfix kit suffered from engine cowlings being to long over the wing , and the tail being the wrong shape plus thousands of raised rivets. The trick was to cross kit the Frog with the Airfix kit to produce a decent MKIV.
  11. Hi Rob , just stumbled on this WIP , all looks good so far. I am currently building the same kit ( MK1a ) just a pointer regarding the wings , using the Tamiya 1.48th kit as a reference the Airfix kit has thick raised lines above and below at both wing ends plus two blobs on each underside of the wings ? i have removed these as well as the one on the fuselage side , not only dose this improve the appearance but also when you come to apply decals they will sit nice and flat . Another vast improvement is ditch the kit wheels and invest in some Barracuda resin wheels , these have a much better appearance with correct hub detail ( they even have DUNLOP written on the tyres ) Will keep watching with interest. Cheers Keith.
  12. Wonderful vintage build , Remember getting one from Woolworths , built on the Saturday , hanging on the celing by Sunday night. great times.
  13. Oh errrr missis what a fine pair i am toying with the idea of grafting the nose from the MKIV Classic Airframe kit onto the nose of the Airfix 1.48th kit sods law says that when i do Airfix will release a MKIV in 48th scale .
  14. Stopped going to Duxford ever since they scraped the pay on the gate system. Now you have to buy tickets in advance which is fine if the weather is good but if its a total washout with no flying you don t get your money back.
  15. Wow , i dont think i have ever seen B17s as good as these , fantastic just fantastic.
  16. Yes the motor replaced engine , you had to use the kit parts provided that held the motor in place , i am not sure if this is provided for in current issue kits? Also if i recall the motor was not that powerful and was often swooped for another better unit. Looking back i may be wrong , the motor may have fitted inside the engine, somewhere in my stash i think i have the instruction sheet which i will dig out and take a look.
  17. Yep , sure did , although if i recall the battery s didn t last that long and you had to use the stand as they where fitted in the base.
  18. looks very nice indeed , i got the same kit for christmas 1970 when it first came out together with the motor ,great stuff .
  19. Did you move the side windows to the correct position ?
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