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  1. Thanks Bill, ironically the crew were told to tone the display down a bit as a few weren't happy with what they saw. Abingdon Phantom FGR.2 XV428 crash Great to hear your shows are back on and hope you and the family have a real blast...front seat views, as well. Yep, me too, used to do a very passable Vulcan howl....but that's enough about my private life... Cheers Terry, remember them well (also recall an FGR.2 blowing a tire on landing in 1988 after another spirited display, watch at 8.11). First time I can recall seeing RN Phantoms was at the 1969 Yeovilton show, along with massed ranks of Sea Vixens, Buccs and Gannets, all caught for posterity on my father's cine camera..
  2. Apols for a late arrival Bill, I'll give Darling a good dousing down for his shoddy scheduling skills. Great stuff, I remember building one of these when they were first released, lovely kit. Like Colin I also remember the IAT anniversary show and the spectacular line up of F-4s that seemed to stretch the full length of the static display line, great times. I'm also a big fan of the Vark and just reminiscing for a moment, recall the two most spirited shows I witnessed, one at Mildenhall in 1987, (SAC FB-111A) the other at RIAT 1993, (Aussie F-111C) the latter being thrown around in wild abandon. Sadly this aircraft along with it's crew was lost a few months later. After the staid set-pieces offered by the USAF every year, involving three Es or Fs trundling around the sky, line astern with wings in different configurations, taking five miles circuits and ten minutes between passes, these was very refreshing. In fact, the only other heavy lump I saw thrown around in such 'reckless fashion' was the 1988 display Phantom FGR.2 XV428, flown by Flt Lt Chris Lackman and Flt Lt Jack Thompson that took place at my then local airshow at West Malling in Kent. Wild display, especially the Sunday departure! Sadly XV428 and the same crew perished a few weeks later practicing for the Abingdon show, pushing too hard... Luckily someone recorded the West Malling display, terrible quality but if your eyes can stand it you'll get the gist....(not sure why the YT screen shows a 74 squadron F-4J (UK)! ) Apologies also for the slight, yet predictable diversion Bill. Looking forward to progress.....
  3. Very much a freak accident although a problem with the anti-skid brakes return line was an on-going issue at the time resulting in several incidents. Re the jack on the runway, that has shades of the 2000 French Concorde crash, only that one got airborne. Funnily enough -d- as I was writing the article, news came in of the Corporate MD-87 RTO at Houston...thankfully, in that instance, while the aircraft was totally written off, there were no fatalities.
  4. As opposed to Scarlet Fever ......I'll fetch my non-existent Martian hat (dunce cap exemption certificate available for inspection).
  5. Llanelli Sheepbother Mk IIs, can't beat em...
  6. My be stretching things a bit Martian, literally as well as figuratively. If I can empty enough Fearless Rednecks down her then who knows? Happy New Year to you and yours too Mike. I'll pass your thoughts on to Lady M....it's probably a good thing you're on the other side of the puddle, to be honest...although she does possess a pretty good aim
  7. Looking good, my lord Cthulu, you denizen of the deep, you, we can forgive you this interruption in proceedings, just don't make a habit of it. That's a lovely pair of truncheons (or should that be blurglecruncheons?) you have there and the box stand is a cracking wheeze, shop bought or scratch built? The idea of you and the Martianess sitting down together, screaming abuse at the magic lantern while fiddling with bits of styrene and superglue, conjures up all sorts of nightmarish images of carnage and trips to your local A&E. Yes, after a spell of unseasonably mild weather, it's getting a bit taters here too...had to throw another peasant, sorry, log on the fire last night and the mem has had to break out her new anti-virus all-in-one encapsulation thermal suit she picked up recently on a locally sponsored sight seeing trip to a Chernobyl flea market. She takes the whole thing extremely seriously as you can see, mind you, gets a bit awkward when it's time to retire to the boudoir.....as I keep telling her, I see it as something of a blessing in disguise...
  8. That's the fella Bill, cricket, one of life's great imponderables...situational awareness is vital for self-preservation, specialized equipment had to be developed to prevent potentially catastrophic and potentially irreversible damage to any lineage related plans the player may have..
  9. That's like asking the memsahib to explain the proposed changes to the LBW rules, unfathomable. As for aromatic tentacles, well, that's more Baldrick's sphere of interest....
  10. That's beautiful Bill, superb job, especially considering the source material. We now just await the inevitable Tamizoukifinemoldsagawa offering. Nice caveat, I use it often myself... As for Baldrick becoming your therapist, it's an idea, a bad one, but an idea. If and when I get him back from his therapist and out of his straightjacket, I'll ask him...
  11. Doesn't always work CC, sometimes it goes against you, big time...just ask Agrajag.
  12. Thanks chaps, as ever, much appreciated. Got to hand it to Tamiya, they really are head and shoulders above, this is only the second of their kits I've built but must say I'm impressed, (seriously looking at their F-4B). Even though, personally I like a bit of a challenge and a chance to improve things, these things just fall together, saving a lot of time and faffing about.....and as I'm not getting any younger and seem to be busier than ever these days, that's something that's appreciated now. I received this through the post a few days ago and will begin work on them soon. The base will take a little longer, I have a few ideas, will post more soon. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year everyone. Cheers Melchie
  13. Fret ye not Marshal, if it helps, I wasn't either and I helped him write the invites! ......enjoy your rotting swans, almost guaranteed to taste better than Baldrick's culinary delights.
  14. Oh dear lord, hope you're keen on dog droppings in glue or as Baldrick likes to call it 'Filet Mignon in Béarnaise sauce'...if you fancy anything half decent to eat pop across to Saturn on the way here and enlist the help of one of their cordon-blue amoebas, you'll thank me later.
  15. Yes, agree Ian, especially the bit about less crazy craziness. Happy New Year to all our readers and sincerely hope it's a prosperous one for all of you. Anyway back to the party....Darling's just turned up dressed as a bent paper clip and Baldrick's wearing nothing but a prize winning turnip and a harrowing grin...should be in for a good night! From all at Melchett Towers, (Lincolnshire's favourite lunatic asylum).
  16. Nothing showed up........ Ah, now, you could be on to something.....his mother lived in the Svatý Kopeček zoo ( she's a South African Gemsbok) if that helps...
  17. Oddly that is exactly how one proctologist described the contents of Baldrick's murderball shorts following a particularly barbaric rematch against the Sevenoaks Ladies reserve eleven, only adding that a sample had been sent to the boffins at Porton Down for evaluation as a weapon, fuel type or drain cleaner. They promptly posted it back in a concrete box claiming they were unable to verify it's toxicity, as it was, in their own words 'off the charts' and he was welcome to have it back.
  18. I wish it would make that clear on the packet!......I was on my way to an important staff briefing in the next room and this happened........understandably, I never got there.
  19. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was used to delaminate the colonic linings of the hepatic flatulosity-baffleflaps on the vestibular gassy pyrosphincter to allow gruffulation and endoflatulizing of the smelly transtage whiffyvalves, but what do I know. Good news on your Teutonic airbags Martian...looking forward to photo evidence of all this bi-styro-butchery.
  20. Pffft...a mere trifle when compared to the contents of Baldrick's codpiece. Records show that German scientists were diverted from V-2 development to harness the unholy power contained within his loin cloth, it was even muted to be the core power source under development by Viktor Schauberger for his Repulsine engine experiments (not to mention 'Die Glock').... a true Vengeance Weapon, a 'Wunderwaffle' if you will...
  21. Err...pot, kettle CC... I get this a lot CC.....mine are somewhat unique in that they carry their own order of merit....the 'Distinguished Flying Crutch'. Very few brave souls have one of those pinned to their war trousers. Thank you for that illuminated address Martian but sadly it has all come to an end as I suffered a well publicized and particularly violent backfire at the last event that has left me hospitalized and unable to continue in any meaningful capacity. Still, all is not lost, at least I'm able to ensure M Towers will have adequate hot air over the coming winter months.
  22. Thanks chaps, unfortunately, due to a lot of modelling projects needing finishing and limited time to do it in, the P-38 has had to forge ahead quickly otherwise I don't think it would ever get finished. Consequently there aren't many more in progress images. The model is basically done now but I did manage to take a few of the underside during the weathering process. With the P-38 itself complete the next thing will be a suitable base...which will probably take as long as the kit! photos to follow.......hopefully! Thanks for looking, hope you approve. Melchie A mixture of weathering products were used including AMMO MIG filters and pastel powders, AK Interactive Fresh Engine Oil, fluid leaks, panel washes, etc , Liquitex inks and Abteilung 502/Adam Wilder oils. Some of these were applied using the airbrush and some via Rosemary & Co Kolinsky sable brushes. Although photos of 'Mackie' were far and few between many European period photographs were available and used wherever possible. While the Pacific Lightning's got extremely weather-beaten, faded and dusty the UK based aircraft were more muddy and paint chipped due to the prevailing weather and airfield conditions. Landing light bulb details were scratched from pieces of clear styrene. Overall photo of the underside........almost done!
  23. Well, nothing wrong with using your national flower as a symbol of power regeneration, sustainability and political ideology, CC...we do it here too, with the Stinking Hellbore (Hellboreous Foetidus, colloquial name for an incumbent UK government), the Scots with their thistle (spiritual symbol of Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran) and the Welsh with their Leak (a positively disgusting word).
  24. Now then, then now, now then.......now then. She'll understand the importance of the situation my betentacled friend and I'm sure, once suitably furnished, bed, washing machine, tumble dryer, kitchen etc, the dunny would be more than accommodating for the Martianess for the time being, (think of the convenience ) . Nonsense CC...that's a pre-meal tipple here at M Towers, merely a catalyst for a good time....I've been taking it for years and I'm perfectly alright.
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