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  1. Yes I remember it well. That was exactly the image you cast when stood proudly on the poop, beard flapping majestically in the salty breeze, scanning the beaches for miscreants terrorizing the tourists in the shallow end. All you needed was the oversized harpoon and 200 ft of hemp to strap yourself to them and reel 'em in. Sadly they knew where the bolt holes were and disappeared before engagement was possible. I'm still deaf from the loud hailer!
  2. Make a note of this, Darling...I like it and I want to use it more often in conversation. Enjoy yourself out on the surf, Martian...remember to pack your water wings, sun screen and inflatable duck...it can be a cruel sea.
  3. Ah yes, many a school night spent listening to the whistling, phase-shifting Tony Prince and Kid Jensen hamming it up, sponsored by Peter Stuyvesant, flogging cheap coffin-nails.....some nights you could even get through a complete song! Childhood, that time of innocence......mine was Methylated Spirits, bonfires and freshly poured tarmac....not all together you understand, as this could result in chronic indigestion, but rather, each savored (or in the case of meths, drank) individually.
  4. CC, you’re talking in tongues again…. This message has now been forwarded to Bletchley (again) for the cipher boffins to work their magic. I await their response with some trepidation.
  5. What are you saying CC?... I know he's into old gasbags at the moment but do you reckon it would be safe to overinflate him? in the name of all that's holy, think of the children, man...
  6. Now that's a handle I can get my head around....why, I've been called a Grand Poobah by the men of the Loyal Order of the Tasselled Wobblegongs, many a time...at least, I think that's what they said...
  7. Lovely job Terry, great result on an interesting choice. Not the easiest scheme to mask up. Now I'll have to root around for something particularly quirky for the table.
  8. Great stuff old fella, just my kind of thang. I keep toying with the idea of getting hold of one and doing pretty much the same thing with it, as its a sound basis for a great diorama/vignette with a lot of scratch building potential. Finding the time is another matter. Looking forward to progress.
  9. Lovely stuff Martian, all looking lickity split with a dose of zing zang spillet chucked in. The L-15 looks rather like one of those test tube jobbies (insert several Pete type ‘fnnrs’ as appropriate), full of the different coloured sands one dredged up from Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight back in the early seventies. During the recent 453rd museum visit a few of us from this hallowed portal attended I was fortunate enough to be given a rather large tome on the Hindenburg, by curator Jim. By chance this contains a lot of high-quality references to other large gasbags of the era which may well give your fevered Martian mind, more ideas for any future builds. We can leaf through it when you grace us with your omni presence.
  10. My thoughts exactly...looks like he's been at CCs rocket fuel again...thank gawd you opened the lid. Since we're on to pets now, here's a few snaps of our latest hound, Dexter, a very naughty young man who just loves playing catch and release with the local peasantry and groundstaff (unfortunately he just hasn't quite got the hang of the release bit yet). He's an unholy amalgam of Chinese Shar-Pei, English Mastiff and Bulldog all rolled up in one four and a half stone ball of stubborn bliddy mindedness who knows how to play the game. This is his Old English...'you say waaat?'' look, usually employed when he's been accused of some wanton act of vandalism around the house. And here, his inscrutable Chinese side with a 'you don't fool me, glare''...a result of being fobbed off with some unlikely excuse regarding an upcoming vet visit.
  11. I can't help feeling it's quite rounded enough... Btw, I may well have missed something here but what's this all about? Going by the colour and proximity to a Recurring Slope Lineae, could it be a nostalgic snapshot of the Martian home lab where you was hatched?
  12. I follow Drach religiously but why he'd want to keep cats in his washing machine is beyond me. Possibly, I regularly have to fish Baldrick out of the bins after a particularly heavy night on the Turnip and cabbage soup...
  13. It's great to see you back at it, Ced, looks like you're making good progress. Saturday was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and it was great to catch up with everyone; hopefully, we'll do it again in the future. Count yourself lucky...my father's favourite read was the Necronomicon. Doesn't bear thinking!
  14. Thanks chaps, your kind words are always appreciated. Apparently so Pete, due to the aerodynamic design, the big MK9D radial engine air was to be fed using a turbo fan assisted cooling system with enclosed exhausts ejecting through the rear slots. The slippery design was needed to push it to over 470 mph. Thanks Bernd, yes, even now it doesn't always want to stay on its legs. The undercarriage could be angled back slightly to help but that wasn't how it was designed so it's just a case of placing weight wherever possible ahead of the CG and hope. The Japanese certainly had some interesting designs in the works including a jet powered version of the Senden.
  15. Hi all, thought it was about time I posted something so here's another paper project for your perusal, an unrealized Japanese interceptor/fighter project design. This is Ushi Model's take on the Mitsubishi J4M Senden 'Flashing Lightning' or Navy Experimental 17-Shi Otsu B Type Interceptor Fighter. The aircraft was to be built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Imperial Japanese Navy, and although it d not proceed beyond the design stage, the performance, on paper at least, should have been impressive. Powered by a single Mitsubishi MK9D 18-cyl. two-row fan assisted air-cooled radial piston engine the J4M's top speed would have been around 470mph. The aircraft was given the allied reporting name of 'Luke'. A high-quality resin kit, (so it should be at £50) of an unusual subject combining 3D printed parts and clear resin canopy with traditional resin casting. It'll be interesting to compare it with MikroMir's styrene release which, of course, is slightly cheaper plus they'll be releasing the Sakae turbojet powered version. Ushi Models have released a few very interesting types including the Tachikawa Ki-94-1 'push-me-pull-you' and Beriev's bizarre B10M seaplane with future releases to include the Kogiken Ki-202 (evolved Me-163) and Nakajima Ki-201 (similar to the Me-262). Finished using MRP lacquers, Abteinlung502 and Wilder oils and AK washes. I decided to give it a late-war tatty appearance as worn by many Japanese aircraft in the closing stages of the conflict, using AK's Worn Effects and Chipping fluid. As you can imagine, with its undercarriage arrangement, the thing is a natural tail-sitter and required a LOT of Liquid Gravity stuffed into every space available (what there was of it). It still only just manages to stand up, luckily the gear is made from hard black resin and more than up to the job. This one was built for Airfix Model World and appeared in the May issue. Cheers and thanks for looking, hope it appeals to a few of you. Melchie san
  16. True, true but knowing my luck that'll be the one planet you happen to choose to ablute... Of course he has, he lives in Waddington for Odin's sake.....not one abstainer in the village (the evil influence of her Maj's Royal Air Force methunks, goes back donkey's years).
  17. I have a feeling his supplies of that are low as well, I'm pretty sure he told me he uses it as a lubricant/expectorant/deodorant/laxative.
  18. True, Monty (his given name) moved to Dungeness B for a spot of R & R (Roentgens and Radiation) a while back. Poor dear suffered severe shellshock and neurasthenia as a result of being used as a goal post during one of our monthly regimental murderball matches. All charges were dropped, following a cursory investigation and proffered stipend to the magistrate, sadly though, he'll never walk in a straight line or play the piano again.
  19. I plead the fifth M'lud...but in rebuttal will simply refer you to my reply given to young Pete on page 26 of this report. Flags are out, firing squad/honour guard standing by and local taverns put on high alert. The stables are being made ready and Baldrick has finally dug out the latrine. Your hay bail awaits.
  20. Ah, the company latrine officer's rallying cry....also, by happy accident close to my old school motto, ''eo durius impellis, eo longius ibis'' or 'the harder you push, the further you go'
  21. WOW, just WOW..........a red stripe 1926 Morris Cowley! Great stuff Martian, the Martianess must be chuffed to bits with her ever-growing collection of loofahs. As for MRP, I get mine from Mike at MJR, Wigan...great service.
  22. Darling was questioning the whereabouts of this 'article of clothing', only this morning. Unbeknown to me he took a trip, with fellow regimental pigeon fanciers, down to Poole to visit his uncle Bertie in Parkstone which ended, somewhat predictably, in a night of rank debauchery, involving buckets of homemade Cabbage and toadstool wine and the ingestion of vast quantities of white 'pick-me-up' powder and blue 'happy camper' pills. This was followed by bouts of fevered table stacking, napkin folding, safety pin arranging and some pretty violent chair arranging. At one point they managed to stagger out on a pub crawl and somewhere along the line, following several alleged break-ins, he managed to lose said dayglo garment. He would very much appreciate you returning it, poste haste (1st class) with apologies to the Martianess for any distress/over excitement it may have caused. However tempting it may be, kindly don't shoot the messenger...
  23. Highly doubtful, I had my cringe gland surgically removed years ago, now nothing surprises me ...but then again, knowing the Martianess . This doesn't surprise me Pete, Waddington, known locally as the Village of the Damned, the Dark Ages never found their way out to the A15, over here, on the east side of the city, we've moved on to more exotic fare such as sautéed Rattailed maggot and jellied earthworm, fried in gnat's blood. Baldrick can't get enough of the stuff. We're still looking for our wise woman!
  24. Indeed, her reach is far and wide her influence terrible in its countenance.... I think you may have misread what was being said, old sausage....the women throwing themselves at you were dressed in white coats, the gimp mask, handcuffs, blurglechruncheons and cattle prods were for their protection. Once they'd managed to get the straightjacket on you they could reclaim their lingerie and footwear, all while waiting for the paddy wagon to roll up. I think Napoleon XIV summed it up best...
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