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  1. Thanks chaps, always appreciated. Now that would be telling.......put it this way, Methuselah was still in shorts and Ethelred the increasingly Unready was well on his way to the Isle of Wight festival.
  2. Hi all, here's something a little different in the form of the slightly off-the-wall Lee-Richards Annular Monoplane. This model represents the third iteration of the aircraft which flew early 1914. An advanced design for it's time the aircraft actually flew pretty well. Unfortunately, due to the advanced concept and centre of gravity/fuel flow issues, all three prototypes crashed. Monoplane No.1 was taken for its maiden flight in November 1913 by Gordon England, who found it stable to fly but tail-heavy, resulting in a crash following an engine failure, the aircraft stalling shortly after take-off and falling some 150ft into telegraph wires. England survived to fly a second example, which was built with modified biplane tail surfaces. The design was easy to fly and control, with a good all-round view for the pilot, but this machine also crashed, England surviving yet again. The subject of this model, the third and final example, was modified further, being used regularly until the outbreak of World War One in 1914. Lee then tried to fly it himself but only succeeded in crashing into a lake, before safely swimming to shore. Two further examples were under construction in 1914 but neither were completed. Although a fun little model as supplied out of the box I decided to heavily modify it for better accuracy as there were a few errors in the kit (ie missing under nose slot to allow the Gnome Lambda engine to rotate, under fuselage wind driven pump, correctly shaped tail skid, undercarriage leg bungees etc). This involved adding a 3D printed Gnome engine and prop, replacement undercarriage structure and tail bumper, (all resin 3D printed by AIM), full scratch built interior (using wood veneer and Evergreen rod) a new fuel tank, the missing under-fuselage wind driven pump, scratch built upper rigging point pylon and a pair of lovely resin wicker seats, courtesy of Barracuda Studios. Uschi Van der Rostern 'Standard' elasticated line was used for the rigging. The model was painted using MRP lacquer paints and finished with AK weathering products. The model was built for the August issue of Airfix Model World. Thanks for looking, hope you approve. Melchie
  3. Hi Colin, hope your well, yes, it's been a bit hectic but the old British resolve and stiff upper lip and all that will see us through. Must admit that I was underwhelmed with the HGW rivets, especially as this set wasn't particularly cheap. They're very fine being pretty much to scale but that is their downfall as they're practically invisible once paint, clear coats , weathering and all the other gunk has been plastered on. They worked quite well around areas of heavy foot traffic where the chipping fluid allows highlighting but even that has to be done with care as it's all too easy to lose paint around them when removing with a brush or cotton bud. 90% of the airframe didn't need them (P-38 was largely flush riveted) or even show up on the final finish...and I use MRP in super thin layers. I was happier with the Archer rivets I used on the 1/24th Buccaneer, at least they showed up where they should and looked the part. I'm sure the HGW rivets would look a lot more effective on a natural metal finish. Funnily enough I never use matt black. I prefer to use MRP Tyre Rubber but if I need something a bit darker I opt for Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black with a few drops of XF-54 DSG added to the bottle instead. Thanks CC, I know you understand, I'll pass that on to him.
  4. Hi Ali, great stuff mate, just ordered a pair of the Vulcan canopies, look forward to using them soon. Andy
  5. Are you sure you don't mean Lord Emperor of Valus XI, Lord Protector of the Large Hedgehog or am I batting at the wrong end of the pitch? Interesting concept, barking mad so just my cup of tea... Lenticular Reentry Vehicle
  6. Thanks chaps, appreciated. Firstly there's been a seismic shift in our lives with my elderly (96) and increasingly infirm father moving to live with us, all the way from Welsh Wales which has taken a Herculean operation that knocks the 'Big Push' into the 'good effort' category, (Field marshal Haig would be proud). The Memsahib and I had to sell his property, move everything out, sell unwanted furniture and transport everything left, back to Melchett towers, in just under three weeks, plus, of course, altering things at home to suit him. Understandably this has relegated modelling to the back burner for now but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and should be back on this one fairly soon. Fortunately I took photos of progress before the move so I'll be posting those soon. Anyway, enough of all that, Firstly, thanks Johnny, yes, I sorted out the rivets and to be absolutely honest with you I thought them a bit of a waste of time. Not the product itself, more down to the fact that the P-38 was mostly flush riveted, making the whole exercise a bit pointless as nearly all of the reference photos I have, show smoothly painted surfaces, (the only exception being the inner wings with all that foot traffic). Natural metal finished aircraft are a different matter and I think they'd look better there. Thanks for the offer though. Thanks Erwin, yes, I usually add a couple of extra drops of thinner to the Mission Models paints if using them to post shade and add tonal variations otherwise I just use the stock ratios. I must admit to being a huge MRP fan and generally use lacquers for most things I as I prefer the thinness of the layering I can achieve straight from the bottle, however, sometimes MM paints prove very useful for certain things like cockpit detailing, wheels/tyres etc. Cheers all
  7. Wonderful stuff, keep giving us these interesting subjects MikroMir...makes such a refreshing change.
  8. Great to see this in the ‘big boys’ scale, wonderful news, well done MV. I also have the 1/48th Heller kit but never got around to acquiring any aftermarket for it....just as well. True Bjorn, Heller first released a 1/50th IV (marketed as IV-01) back in 1964, well before releasing the 1/48th version in 1979. B.sin, yes they’re still to be considered as short run kits but the quality has improved greatly over the last few years. I’ve built several now and not found any major problems that can’t be sorted out with patience and some modest modelling skills. Well worth investing in.
  9. Great choice of subject, Takom, look forward to this one...now, how about a small section of the Maginot Line or Atlantic Wall?
  10. Same here Ced, good to hear you’re getting yourself back into the saddle again and glad the show and wedding went off well. I think, like many folks, ‘others things’ have taken priority recently. I‘m no different as we’re in the process of moving my poorly 96 year old father and ‘sprightly’ 99 year old aunt from a small village in the depths of Welsh Wales to live with us and see out their days in a loving family environment, rather than being unceremoniously dumped in a far off nursing home. This involves a lot of upheaval, what with selling houses, rearranging and adapting Melchett Towers, relocating valuable and heavy antique furniture accumulated over a lifetime, sorting out finances, etc etc (not to mention the logistics of the move) so I don’t really have the time for fiddling with bits of plastic right now. Anyhow, enough of all that, great to hear you’re back on track and that your mojo’s returning, look forward to seeing the end result, looking good. Andy
  11. Sound advice young fella, although I did smear them in Waxoil and extract of ‘Baldrick’s Tincture’ shortly before deployment to the Sarf coast. Don’t want to seize up mid sheep-worrying! (Apart from the squeaks, it’s the creaks I’m more worried about these days)...
  12. Casual and supremely relaxed Mike....well, it was rather warm down there in Poole’s nether-regions especially out in the harbour area. We experienced some fine tentacled action from our very own captain Ahab as he hunted down the odd jet-ski driver who’s blatant disregard of the speeding rules did not go unnoticed. Martian’s seething disappointment was palpable as said offender dove for cover and vanished into one of the many inlets surrounding the harbour before we could arrange a boarding party and suitable punishment. Now that we’re over in Wales we return to the summer norm of 10/10ths clag, chilly heavy rain and the mandatory wearing of steel-Wool battle pants.
  13. That final squirt made all the difference...without it, the thing was all floppy. Martian has done a Stirling job on the old thing, the rigging, inspirational...so much so, that he’s gone for a quick lie down... Pete, prepare yourself, bolt all the doors, hammer large pieces of crooked wood against all the windows and alert all pubs in the immediate area....the Martians intend a rematch in a few months and you’re on the agenda...The Lincolnshire constabulary have been notified and ready for any major incident that may result from the visitation. He says you owe him a keg or two so be warned...and well armed.
  14. That’s definitely easier said than done....I cannot both hold this position and be relieved at the same time, retreat isn’t even an option, given the room dimensions.....I’m afraid I’m here for the duration......Darling, fetch my Armstrong-Whitworth cannonette, some cotton buds and a big ball of grease, (no, not Baldrick you graceless, dim-witted pumpkin)..
  15. Thanks Loren, duly noted. They have been noted circling the wagons in and around the bar area and, worryingly, the ablutions room, no doubt data mining information to be used against us on return to our home planet. I would say, ‘intelligence gathering’ but that would be an oxymoron of biblical proportions....Beeeeagh.
  16. I can attest to the veracity of this thread as I have the very Heath Robinsonian contraption in all it’s intrications in front of me, here in the withdrawing room of Martian Towers and very luverly it is too. The Martian and Martianess have been perfect hosts, despite the low air pressure and odd asteroid storm we have managed to achieve most of the goals set out for us in the pre-visit activity forms. This mostly consisted of daily practical demonstrations, including the use/misuse of real ale in conjunction with boats, classic cars, the odd bit of modelling and more real ale....and that’s just the ladyfolks...Pictorial evidence to be duly submitted....be very afraid.
  17. Yes, to echo others, great to hear your making progress Bill, keep at it. As for Gators Grip, (my staple since it’s inception) I find AMMO MIG’s stuff equally good and easy to come by...just a thought.
  18. Good grief, what have I done to deserve this...other than everything.. Are you trying to make a monkee outta me....don’t answer that. Order of seniority old fruit...if I want to grab the steering wheel, I will...if it ends in tears, so be it but we must have discipline at all costs. As it happens Darling was all to happy to let me play with it...until the cyclic mashed his collective...
  19. Great progress my betentacled brethren, coming together nicely. I recall a wonderful childhood holiday in Swanage, back when was Methuselah was a nipper and you got change out of a tanner. We stayed at a rather posh gaff, for the time, (the Royal Victoria Hotel) ...My abiding memory of the stay was my younger sister being violently ill, all over the dining room Wilton, during breakfast, adding a splash of welcome contrast to the rather staid sixties tone of the place. I remember sniggering to myself, cheering uproariously and clapping out loud before receiving a rather swift clip around the ear from my somewhat unimpressed father...ah, how I miss the good old days when belting six bells out of your offspring and them being grateful for it, was the order of the day.
  20. Wonderful, so good to see AviS tackling these obscure oddities......hopefully we won't have to wait too long for an AD Scout.
  21. Oh definitely after, usually when you realize something's gone horribly wrong with the build sequence, due to your default 'I've done this a hundred times before, instructions are for wimps' gland has malfunctioned (yet again) and you end up rummaging through the trash bin to retrieve what's left of it, frantically scraping off the soggy vegetable peelings and tomato sauce....
  22. No, he's just used his Martian powers to freeze time while he trundles about the halls looking for that lost bottle of CC's Shateau Hydrazene V2, 1944. Au contraire my dear Martian, things have now changed dramatically, it now seems that Halfront requires treatment for the PTSD he's suffered after being shown images from that day, so to help him out, I'm setting up a 'Go fund yourself' for him, poor chap, there's only so much a highly psensitive psychotic psychoanalyst from Psychosis Seven can take, after all...
  23. You leave my Tri-plane alone, if anyone's going to bash it, it'll be me...or Darling, if he's a very good boy. Look at all that Martian angst, 'who nicked me last bottle of rocket fuel? I need that, to get ome'....tentacles knotted, dukes at the ready, eye-stalks flapping impotently in the breeze...(almost certainly CC's doing)....Not sure how he made to the exit to be honest, let alone to his spaceship, the 'SS Total Insanity', (parked in the disabled bay illegally I may add) and then on to Mars via Betelgeuse, for a Vogan Vindaloo and deep-fried Bugblatter Beast of Tral.
  24. Sorry to hear about your health, hope things improves soon. I have a great deal of info on all the V-Bombers here, especially technical data so if you need anything, just ask.....and along that vein, did you get any further with the 1/48th Victor? As you know, I have your B2 on the go, although progress has been slow due to a lot of time being spent designing the crew quarters and bomb bay ready for 3D printing. A B.Mk 1 sounds a good idea and as you're considering XA893, it would be fairly easy to modify it to build the second prototype VX777, (VX770 would involve a lot more surgery due to the forward fuselage being shorter and sans bomb-aimers blister). Quite an undertaking but if anyone can do it, you can.
  25. Great news, on the shopping list...
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