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  1. Nice! They have a live webcam, by the way, which I sometimes view on YouTube: Might bring back some memories for you.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Strelets makers of wargames figures and accessories? Therefore, their kits need to be able to stand up to more handling and are, therefore, are less detailed.
  3. Well, apparently you don't have long to wait - there's a countdown ticker on Day 5 that ends at 7am my time, 2pm UK, today....... Very odd. EDIT: Never mind - it just clicked over to another 24 hour countdown. Weird.
  4. Such sad news. I only met him once, but he was a real gentleman; I always enjoyed Tailpiece and it was an inspiration for my scribblings years later. RIP, Mike, and Semper CAVU.
  5. Its only Day 2 - I'm sure they won't reveal any new kits until well into the second week. Remember a few years ago when someone hacked the site and revealed all the new kits on the first day? Probably don't want to be burned again like then. This is why we can't have nice things.....
  6. For the pattern? How's this?
  7. Cheers, Dave! Boy, they don't 'arf look like something from a 1960's Dr. Who.......!
  8. Hmm, tried two different computers, two different locations and two different browsers and I still can't se them. Odd. Could you please post a link to your website?
  9. @tnuag Intriguing, but the photos aren't showing up!
  10. 16 signed up, halfway there. Wez, if we all promise to do two models, does that get us to 30...?
  11. A couple of photos of AR501 from 1986 that might be useful. At Mildenhall: And at Middle Wallop:
  12. Yes, please! i got the chance to fly on two and would love to replicate them. This one: and this one:
  13. 1/350 Fairey Firefly and Hawker Sea Fury - and a carrier to put under them.........
  14. One wonders who will be editor now that the editorial staff have all left, and who will be the design team, now that the design team have left? If you don't have an editor or designer, how can you have a magazine?
  15. Well, if you are doing Italy and Greece, how about the four countries in between - Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania?
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