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  1. No but it's better than the one I have which is of Agamemnon lying portside to at Malta. I'm getting a feel for how she probably looked at the time she shot down the Zeppelin over Salonika. Martian
  2. Thanks Jamie, I will try and scan the picture in question. It is possible I suppose that patches of a lighter grey were painted over the original dark grey of the ship? Being colour blind, I like the fact that the colours were mixed from black and white paints. It gives me a fighting chance of mixing up something myself. Martian
  3. That made me cringe just reading about it! Dr Martian's prescription is to consume quantities of cold beer until either the pain goes away or you pass out. You have neglected the most painful thing however, that is when Mrs Navybird stops worrying and turns to telling you what a plonker you are for hurting yourself in the first place. Been there, got the tee shirt etc.. @Pete in Lincs will supply the appropriate libations and don't take any rubbish about his firm not delivering across the pond! Helpful of Mars
  4. I didn't do it! I wasn't there! Innocent of Mars What? You mean my crew and I are the pirates? Cheek!
  5. He did indeed and is now penance free. Martian
  6. You do have a short memory Earthling. I was a Customs Officer, a specialist in finding things people didn't want found! And, no, I haven't forgotten how to do it. And before anyone mentions it, I mean finding things! Bend over CC ,it's rubber glove time! Martian
  7. So happy you got your cat back, it's horrible when that sort of thing happens, life just goes into limbo. I am so pleased that I shall only sentence you to ten days cessation of beer rations, rather than the ten weeks the scurrilous part of your post wound normally attract. I have enough on my plate as it is with two kittens with Hyperactive Attention Disorder without needing to add cats belonging to Earthlings to my problems! Lenient of Mars PS: And don't think I don't know about that stash of booze you have hidden in the Naughty Corner. It has been removed!
  8. The early war ones were mostly left in the original linen used to cover them and what you see is the different colours of the linen. It is very unusual to see a picture of the covering looking one tone. The darker areas on the top of the hulls are where the linen was left undoped in order to allow any hydrogen that had leaked into the space between the gas cells and the hull to escape. Martian
  9. And I don't want the ships. However I was watching and in box reviewand I spotted extra parts on the Zeooelin sprues. Are we going to get the Zeppelin released as a separate kit perchance? Martian
  10. No Idea is the short answer to that. I would have thought 1/700 would have been a better bet so as to fit in with the Great War warships available. Even when the range was launched, Trumpeter had their HMS Dreadnought out. Martian
  11. I understand that @general melchett will be laying out a landing pad on your front lawn. Martian
  12. This afternoon I completed my build of the first of my Mark2 Models R Class builds. Finished as Heinrich Mathy's L31and displayed alongside a fragment of the ship's wreckage. One end of the fragment shows signs of bubbling where the metal had begun to melt. Thanks for looking. Martian PS: I am posting each of the Zeppelin builds separately in order toavoid confusion between them.
  13. I managed to get the first of the R Class builds from the Mark1 Models kit finished this afternoon: Hopefully I can get the U Class L48 over the finish line before I depart on my Progress to the East of England, which will then leave me free to complete the second R Class, L33 and the P Class,L19 upon my return. Then, although I have more Zepps to build, I can at least get the display on the road and add toit at leisure. More pictures in RFI. Thanks for looking. Martian
  14. Thanks Andy, I am sure we would all be interested to see the card. Martian
  15. Agreed and following! Martian
  16. Thanks, but enough about me, what about the Zepp? Martian the Modest
  17. You will regret those words sooner than you might think. We are on our Galactic Progress in Lincs next week, when we shall examine the little matter of the missing ale that has been promised for so long! Martian the Merciless
  18. I will bring at least one, though space in the car will be limited as we are on holiday the week prior to Telford and will be going straight from Yorkshire. Martian
  19. Following on from my build of the Takom P Class Zeppelin, the Q Class crossed the finishing line this morning. I am not quite as happy with this one although that is mostly down to the fact that I used the build to try out new ideas that I can incorporate in the next batch of Zeppelins. Thanks for looking. Martian
  20. Shock, Horror! Martian finishes two models in lee than a week! Hard to believe I know but here is the proof: A couple more pictures are in RFI. The bench seems strangely empty at the moment. Never mind, lets get the L31 and L48 finished now. Thanks for looking. Martian
  21. Thanks Paul. I wouldn't mind a flight in one, just not when there were a load of angry Brits firing everything they had at it! Sir Coward de Martian
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