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  1. You could go and wake them up and ask them but before you do, I should warn you that their tempers when woken unnecessarily, are said to be almost on a par with those of Mrs Martian when the same thing happens to her. Believe you me, that unless you have a death wish, that is one place you do not want to go! Your call. Martian
  2. Not generally although there is a theory that the inhabitants of Slumberworld Seven might do. The trouble is that they have all been asleep for the past two hundred of your Earth years and nobody has yet had the nerve to wake them up to see if they are hibernating or just having a long lye in. Martian
  3. Thanks Pete, the lurgy showed the first signs of going away today so hopefully I can get a bit more done tomorrow. trouble is that this thing leaves me wanting to sleep until my name changes to Rip van Martian, the bug that is. Convalescent of Mars
  4. Despite having a good dose of lurgy, I have managed to get things to the point where I have something worth putting some pictures up.. I decided that it would be easier in the end to completely replace the clamps for the cabling on the fuselage and rotor pylon with scratch built items, so the kit items were very carefully carved away. Next, experience has taught me that the best course of action with building this subject is to get the basic fuselage structure together as soon as possible in order to add strength to the pylon to fuselage joint as, even in this scale, it is rather weak and this leads me to a couple of heads up. Firstly, the parts for the side structure of the fuselage are very flimsy off of the model and any attempt to clean them up off of the model is very likely to result in damage to them. It is far better to do the clean up when the parts are in situ as they then form quite a strong structure. To make the assembly even stronger, I deepened the locating dimples on the fuselage boom with a suitably sized drill bit. Past builds of the subject have taught me structure aft of the rotor pylon is still very flexible and still prone to damage. I have a fix for this. In the accompanying pictures you will notice that I have added an extra piece of plastic rod to add rigidity to the assembly in this area. this does make for a strong assembly and when everything is fully cured, now is the time to go in and do a good clean up of all the parts added. One can either remove the bar just before painting or it one wants to keep this area of the model nice and strong, one can leave it in situ and imagine that it was something that was fitted to or removed from the machine when it was erected or dis-assembled. It does not lookout of place. I may go for the latter course of action as my model will be getting transported to and from shows quite a bit. I will see how I feel nearer the time. Thanks for looking. Martian
  5. It won't take quite that long! It will be getting worked on when I get a bit fed up with other builds, sometimes it's just nice to have something going on the side when the old mojo flags a bit. Mine will be in the Silver and white scheme with the blue cheatline. I may even doit as the Beverley my friend and I found in the scrapyard at Worminghall; I have some pictures I took at the time somewhere. Martian
  6. No, it was just something I knocked together for a bit of relaxation. Martian
  7. It looks like a Vogon has sneezed allover it! Seriously though, I impressed with how this build is coming along. Martian
  8. Just a quickie, I did get a small start made but really have let some parts of the main airframe set properly before I can really get into stuff that will be of any interest here. I also need out a way of drilling a load of 0.3mm hole at an angle without breaking all the 0.3mm drill bits I have. All will become clear in the next update. have also managed to source a 1/16 scale U-Boat commander figure to go with the model so now I will have to learn how to paint large scale figures. Why do I keep making life difficult for myself?(Quiet in the Naughty Corner!) Martian
  9. One of the benefits of the recent stash survey has been that I came across a few kits that I had forgotten I had. I found the Leonardo de Vinci tank kit and the AMG 1/350 Saunders-Roe Princess kit, both of which I ended up building and having a great deal of fun with. Another kit that I ha forgotten about was the Mikro-Mir Blackburn Beverley in 1/144 scale. The box was in pieces and it seemed the best way to protect the kit would be to try and build it. I say try as I want to super detail the model and have bought the Shelf Oddity etch brass set for the model. This contains some insanely small parts and I am not helping myself here by setting my heart on open cargo doors and a fully detailed cargo bay. If I can carry this off, it will be a nice tribute toa close friend of mine who sadly passed away a few years ago. He was a Loadmaster on Beverleys both at RAF Abingdon and out in Aden. I remember ,as a small child in Oxford, seeing these things flying about and in the mid 1980s a friend and I found the remains of one in a scrapyard at a place called Worminghall, close to the former RAF Oakley. I shall be working on this between other projects so progress may be somewhat slow and as I said, I may well fall flat on my face here. Anyway, to start, I have opened up the crew entrance door in the port side of the fuselage and extended the cargo bay roof all the way forward to meet with the flight deck. Curiously, Mikro-Mir only provide about a third of the roof ye provide a full length floor and detailed fuselage sides right up the the nose. I see much fiddling about with very this plastic strip in my not too distant future! Anyway, here is where we are at as of this afternoon:
  10. Nice work Fritag. I hesitate to ask and it is probably extremely foolish of me to but dare we expect to see a completed Fritag build or two at Telford next year? Insanely Optimistic of Mars
  11. Thanks Guys. I woke up with one of your evil Earth head colds this morning but I will try and at least make a start today. Bartian bon Bunged Bup
  12. I hope he has bought his water-ski pass first! Captain Ahab (aka Martian)
  13. Well, the concept wasn't that far removed. Martian
  14. To quote our beloved @general melchett, No! Beah! Martian the "Sane"
  15. A little while back I promised members something a bit bonkers (A bonkers Martian build? Surely not!). Recently Takom, they should be paying me commission by now, released the Focke-Achgelis Fa.330 U-Boat kite in 1/16 scale. I am fascinated by the subject and have already built it in 1/48 and 1/32 scales, I have the full servicing manual on the type and plenty of reference photos and the real life subject is definitely bonkers. What's not to like?. I have never tried anything in this scale before but intend to super detail the living daylights out of the kit. It should also provide the perfect antidote to fiddling about with 1/720 scale Zeppelins. For those following my Zeppelin thread, there is no need to worry as it will be business as normal there and the tutorial on how to build an easier and better Zeppelin than that provided in the Takom kits will go ahead as planned. thanks for looking. Martian
  16. A minor victory for the Naughty Corner there! Amazed of Mars
  17. There are many good things to enjoy at Telford but from my point of view, one of the most gratifying was seeing Ced at the show. Welcome back that Earthling. Martian
  18. Thanks Old Man. I haven't got a ruler immediately to hand but she is about ten inches long. Martian
  19. For the delectation, or otherwise, of those members who may have missed one of the "highlights" of the show, the BM Fashion Correspondent (aka @Terry1954) caught these rather fetching shots of our beloved @general melchett resplendent in his regimental kilt and purple shredded sporran. This turned quite a few heads and not a few stomachs when the General's kilt, allegedly, accidentally fell around his ankles! As this year was Martian does Rocky Horror, that great sport Mrs Martian reprised her role as Columbia. Enjoy!
  20. No, not a classic Haunebu from Mars but a 1/72 kit of Leonardo da Vinci's design for an armoured vehicle from ResKit that I found while I was clearing out my stash. OOB apart from hollowing out the cannon barrels. Thanks for looking. Martian
  21. Finished just in time for Telford, my model of Zeppelin L.33. Thanks for looking. Martian
  22. Just in time for Telford, the L.33 crossed the finishing line. I just got her done by the scales of my tentacles and had to postpone trying to finish the L.19 until after the show; time was that tight. More pictures in RFI. While preparing for the show, I managed to dig out this model of the L.10 that I built back in 2016, it will be joining the other Zepps in the display. The L.19 has been painted and just needs the gondolas fitting and rigging. I can then crack on with building the next Takom kit where we can hopefully show a less complicated wat of building the kit. Thanks for looking. Martian
  23. That's just what @general melchett's beloved Georgina said just before she stepped on that landmine that Captain Darling had left lying around, hoping to catch Captain Slackbladder with it. Martian
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