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  1. It was all going so very well. Right up to the point that you mentioned Baldrick's cooking! Mind you, Lady M informs me that your i cooking is even worse! I believe the stuff went by standard merchant shipping. The Kaiser gave safe passage to this as he apparently liked the disgusting brew and felt that his subjects should share in its "delights". No wonder that the final score was England 1, Germany 0. A lesser know historical fact connected with this "drink" is that, although it is well known that a certain Korporal A. Hitler was gassed during the conflict, the injury was sustained not, as commonly assumed, from Allied action but from him bending over too close to General Kurt von und zu Melchetthausen after a particularly heavy session on Boddingtons. Martian
  2. A Martian's Black hole is his own private kingdom and I shall defend mine with @Learstang's life! Slowly on the mend, maxed out on painkillers a couple of days last week so things could really only go in one direction. There is enough gas in a pint of Boddingtons to fill an entire Zeppelin. In fact the Germans did try using it as a cheap alternative to hydrogen, until someone pointed out that CO2 is heavier than air and that might be the reason some of the Zepps were showing a marked reluctance to float. It is a little known fact that exports of Boddingtons to Germany were actively encouraged during the Great War as part of the British war effort. Martian
  3. Good job I remembered where I put my serious hat this morning as there is more actual modelling to report on. @Learstang will be dobbing me in to the Mods at this rate on a charge of gratuitous plastic worrying on a public forum. (On with the bracelets, chink, chink, oh god I'm nicked: again!) This afternoon, I spent an hour or so adding the struts to the after gondola. Having finally worked out how to do them, they went into place in the time it took me to play a CD, plus about 45 minutes cutting and filing thee struts to shape and length. The Albion Alloys' Cutter was a godsend here in helping me churn out lengths of brass to exactly the same length. One thing I did do was when the struts had set, I let a small amount of thin CA flow into any gaps in their locating holes for extra strength. I will most likely glue the gondolas to the hull with small drops of 5 minute epoxy cement so as to allow time for any adjustment. I have made the locating holes in the hull slightly over sized to allow a bit of wriggle room during this process. Thanks for looking and back to the mayhem that I so rudely interrupted. Martian
  4. Thanks Bertie, not really that clever. When the idea finally popped into the fevered Martian brain, I was kicking myself as to why I had not thought of it sooner. I spent days trying to think of a solution and the answer turned out to be so obvious. And there's me with a brain the size of a couple of planets! You wouldn't be related to @general melchettby any chance would you? Thanks Tony. I think I would prefer it if the models could see their way clear to staying still until they are finished before floating off into the sunset though. Sometimes I wonder where you lot find the time to find pictures like these! Coming from a dry and frozen world, it would never even occur to me to put "floating Martian" into my search engine. Mind you, the last person who did got a bit muddled and accidentally put "Martian Floater" into his and got the shock of his life! With my serious hat on for a moment, yes @Pete in Lincs, I do have one somewhere, for those who are, like me building the P and Q Class kit in tandem, make sure that you keep the detail parts separate from now on in. Many look very similar at first glance and there is every chance they could get mixed up. I am keeping mine in separate and clearly marked boxes. I am also working on one ship at a time, getting to where I want to be and then putting the parts in their relevant box before going on to the next model. Serious bit over, I shall now proceed to lose my serious hat again. Martian
  5. Well it looks like I am going to have to disappoint @Learstang as my plan to sort out the gondola struts seems to be working. How I have gone about creating stronger struts is as follows: First, I laminated sone plastic strip together until I had got it to the distance that I wanted the gondolas to sit beneath the hull and temporarily attached it to the hull with double sided sticky tape. I then attached the gondola to the plastic strip, also with double sided tape. I also added some Tamiya tape to be sure that things would not move about too much. With the gondolas held in place, I cut some Albion Alloys' 0.45mm brass rod to about 1.5mm over the length that I needed and sharpened both ends with a diamond file. Then, starting with the foremost struts, I the applied Super Goo (Gel) to the end of the strut that I wanted to attach to the gondola and then slid the unglued end into the corresponding hole in the hull. The wire was then gently slid up to locate in the previously drilled hole in the gondola roof and the CA allowed to set. This procedure was repeated on the opposite side. Once the first two struts were in place , I carried out the same process with the aftermost struts. when these are secure, the other struts can be fitted as described. Once the CA has had time to properly cure, the gondola can be, carefully lifted clear of the hull and we can then carry on with detailing it. More on that later ,as in many respects the etch brass with the kit is either, too small/so small it is breaking on the fret even be for it has been handled (not good!), is lacking in detail or is just way too two dimensional to cut the mustard. I may try using some 0.40mm or 0.35mm rod on the Q Class build. I need to be careful there though as I don't want to end up making the struts too fragile. I would far rather have them a bit over scale than have a model that breaks as soon as you breath on it, let alone try and take it anywhere. Thanks for looking. Martian
  6. Just a quick update as to where things stand. I have made a start on the gondolas but have been incommunicado on a narrow boat for the last week. I was supposed to be helping crew the wretched thing but went down with the worst dose of fibromyalgia I have ever had on the first full day and spent most of the week in my bunk. Feeling a bit brighter now and hope to get some progress; or not, up over the weekend. I have a plan for making the attachments for the gondolas look better than the kit etch parts, which look pathetically weak and too short. I had begun work on this before I went away but only got so far with it. Off to see how things look now. Martian
  7. I don't know about the truth behind that but it certainly describes our dear General at times! Martian
  8. Is that the session for treating his dicky bladder or, as Captain Slackbladder so scurrilously put it, his dicky brain? When asked for a statement by, Mr Harmical Bogstar, action news reporter for the Martian Chronicle (News and views across the Solar System), Lady Melchett declined to comment. Curious of Mars
  9. That's a shame Melchie they were making a bespoke General's cap for you, gold braid and everything! Disappointed of Mars
  10. Due to the fact that Martians have antennae growing out of the tops of their heads, millinery, along with umbrella manufacture, is not exactly a growth industry on the Red Planet. This is not much of an issue as it has not rained on Mars for millions of years. Mars Answer To Carol Kirkwood Edit: In the interests of accuracy, I should mention that the Martian hat industry was recently boosted with a small export order of dunce's caps for the Naughty Corner.
  11. No, there's definitely a short head between them (In best Peter O'Sullivan voice). Well, about two inches actually. Martian
  12. I think it's the boots that do it for me! Anonymous of Mars
  13. We expect to see Lady M modelling this rather kinky attire at Telford. Fret ye not Mike, the chief Vogon has finally granted planning permission for new extension to the Naughty Corner, complete with padded commode for CC.. You have no idea how many forms I had to fill in to get this organised! I spoil you lot, I really do! Munificent of Mars Martian
  14. Was it marked with a small swastika and did it have the painting of the Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies by Van Klomp hidden in it? If it did and you ate it, all I can say is "Wadda mistake to make!). Isn't your part of Virginia supposed to be a tad cold at this time of year? Curious of Mars
  15. Huzzah! I have finally got to the end of touching up the frame lines and eliminating all the gouges I can find. Mr Surfacer can take care of any that have sneaked in under the radar. I can now crack on with finishing the sanding and polishing of the hulls. This process can be a bit tricky around the tail surfaces and I think with me next build I will tape the two halves of the rear part of the hull together at the desired frame points with the 3M (3mm) masking tape and do the scribing then. I can always tidy up where the seam lines of the hull impinge on the lines after the hull has been fully assembled. This will also have the advantage of making the two hull halves easier to handle, resulting in less slippage during the scribing process. Why didn't I think of that a few weeks ago? One thing, other than the sheer boredom of the fill, sand, and re-scribe as necessary that has been getting on our Galactic wick is the tendency for the ships to roll about all over the place, risking damage to the models. Today, I hit on another plan, which no doubt you have already thought of. This was to make a double cradle for the models from a cut down old box. this also acts as a tray for a few tools and means that I can sit in front of the TV, when there is actually something worth watching that is, and keep Mrs Martian company while I restore the finish to the hulls. The cradle will also hold the models when I come to work on the detail bits and pieces, effectively giving me an extra tentacle. Thanks for looking, Martian PS: Can someone make @Ex-FAAWAFU sit down before breaking the news very gently that a case of actual modelling has broken out on one of my threads!
  16. How dare you Sir! I'll have you know my tentacle don't smell. They do however give off an odourless hormone, irresistible to female Earthlings. Outraged of Mars
  17. Said @general melchettto the drag queen from the trenches! (Fnar, fnar, snurf, snurf) Martian PS: Don't let the General see this, he's quite touchy about his "Georgina".
  18. We thank you for your new year messages of good will and return the compliments. Here on Planet Wibble, things have already taken a nose dive as some numpty seems to have invited the President of Vogon to broadcast a special New Years poem on all radio and TV stations. Supplies of ear plugs and camembert have already run out and I have decided to invite myself to Baldrick's New Year's Gala Dinner as a healthy alternative. Martian
  19. The strange thing is that it tastes great. One of the great unanswered questions of the Galaxy is: Why is it that the worse a cheese smells, the better it tastes? Perplexed of Mars
  20. If I may, I shall try and update members with how things stand with the Zeppelins. Plastic worrying has indeed taken place. The Q Class has now caught up with the P Class and both are at the stage where polishing of the hulls has begun. The trouble with this is that it keeps bringing to light more scratches, a, where the scriber has, despite one's best efforts, gone astray and b, where violence was needed to get the fore and aft halves of the hulls to match up. However, the filling of gouges is reducing and a tiny light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. I have not bothered with any pictures this time as they would be little different to what has already been posted. I will get some up when I am happy with how the hulls look. In an effort to keep you entertained, Korvettenkapitain Strasser has now been cleaned up and has a coat of primer curing. At least that will provide some small measure of diversion for you when I get painting. The mayhem may now resume. Oh look, @Space Rangerhas resumed it even before I finish these words. Quelle surprise! Martian
  21. Simple, most of us wouldn't be here! Martian
  22. You're not referring to this little chap are you? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-59819349 Or perhaps this one? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-59650985 As one of the world's leading experts on the sport @general melchettis probably better qualified than I to answer your questions or possibly Lady M on the grounds that she has to live with him. I don't play with fire, it's CC we need to worry about. I have to confess that I had not thought about the effects of too much sauerkraut mixing with hydrogen. Clearly the chaps flying these contraptions were even braver than I thought! Martian
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