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  1. Superb work Rob, great to see such detailed attention. Would like to see it in the flesh at the lancing show?
  2. Oh yeah! Thanks for that , never saw them
  3. Looks great; aside from using decals I cant think of a better solution to the camo challenge. I must say you've done a very tidy job of the rigging . Nice work
  4. looking fabulous! All your efforts are well rewarded. Good luck with the fiddly bits
  5. Superb! not only is the concept brilliant but the execution is too. The model is very nicely done and the terrain below is very effective. I wonder what is next?
  6. Sometimes, when I despair at the state of the world and the seeming lack or care and attention people seem to pay to the consequences of their actions or lack of action, it is a dose of much needed medicine for the soul to see someone who will go as far as they can to do the best that they can. I applaud your skill and commitment, such efforts transform the merely mechanical into art.
  7. Superb model. I was surprised to see the tires unweighted. I don't know why I expected them to look more under load. I thought it strange that this might have been missed by the manufacturer , but when I had a root about on google here I can see the the real tires on the real aircraft are exactly as you have rendered them. Useful lesson for me
  8. A great looking model with exotic markings. you have a superb finish on this though I would need sunglasses to work in the office!
  9. I think the leaves and the screens really add to this model, and i like the fuel / oil spill on the rear quarter. A really interesting model with lots to look at. Nice one
  10. That looks like a real modeller's model. Can you tell us who it is made by and what scale?
  11. Just caught this amazing build; surely Borez, you are in a league of your own, turning models into masterpieces. I will never be able to build a car model again!
  12. Another ' could only be loved by it's mother' design. I can't get enough of these types and this looks like a great kit, I hope it builds easier than it is on the eye
  13. That is a very meaty looking aircraft, tho' with a canopy like that I guess they're not expecting anyone to get behind them. I'm interested to see how this goes; the cockpit looks great.
  14. What he said... These are looking stunning; all that careful work really pays off.
  15. Though I don't much go in for 1/48th, I have dabbled and can see the attraction. I'm sure both kits would be a joy to make. I suspect my aversion is that it's harder to hide one's mistakes on a 1/48th kit! I also looked at the 1/32 mirage IIIs but the price is astronomical ( I last bought one for 5 quid in the early 80's) . Imagine paying nearly 80 quid for one.. I've bought 1:1 scale cars for less! Perhaps you could unearth both and have a real Mirage fest
  16. That really is a fine looking Concorde that reflects well the work you put into it. I must admit to hiding my old Airfix boxing when i discovered the issues with the nose gear bay and I haven't yet summoned the courage to tackle it. I had hoped the revel issue would have repaired the problem but I see they haven't , not that I would know unless someone told me. I didn't know about the tail wheel problem so thank you for that info. Nice work.
  17. This is a fine piece of modelling, completely inspirational. You make (what must be for us mortals) a very challenging series of structures look easy.
  18. Yes! Notice the worn call-sign on the nose and the patchy radome. lovely! the rest of it looks pretty clean, and minimal scribing - just a few panels. I just hope the Airfix nose looks ok. Im off to check some reviews and peruse a few extras - new wheels or probe possibly
  19. Excellent; thank you, they've got a pic of a sister aircraft to my planned 10- LF
  20. Both nice schemes.. but which kit?
  21. Hi, wonder if there's room for one more? I have a poor record of completion (of anything) since I started a course five years ago and I can't remember having finished a kit in the last 3 years. So this would be my reintroduction to modelling ( now my course has finished) and I do love those French designs. If there is space, I'm either going to go with a IIIC or a Kfir. Since I have half a dozen IIICs I probably ought to get one of them done. Perhaps I should start with the old Airfix '10LF' which will need complete sanding but I will try using panel shading rather than over-size (and cack-ha
  22. That is a very impressive model. I would like to start modelling ships; I have a few in the stash, but need to build up motivation. now I have seen this miniature masterpiece I am one step closer. Thank you
  23. that mottle looks challenging, rather you than me. Nice model all round, with interesting markings
  24. Well done on this, I totally turdified my effort. you've got a good clean finish that shows off your building skills, nice one
  25. not wishing to be unpatriotic but this is my favourite aircraft ever since I was 5 years old. So I might be a bit biased in thinking this is a great model you've produced. So in an attempt to be objective, i had a good look for anything that looks out of place, but im sorry , I cant find anything that spoils this beautiful piece of work, so sorry you wrecked the decal, best of luck patching it up.
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