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1/48 Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt

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Hi all.

I just finished Tamiya's wonderful 1/48 P-47D. It took me less than a week to build from start to finish. Such an easy kit to build with fantastic fit and engineering.
I wanted this plane to look very well used with chipped invasion stripes on wings and fuselage. 
I painted first it in Alclad polished aluminium and several other metal colors over black primer, masked the parts for painting, put a bit of water with a brush on the places the paint needed to be chipped and sprinkled salt on those spots. After painting the salt was wiped off and presto, chipped paint effect.

The decals on the cowling went on very well with a bit of decal setting. 

Very fun kit to build.


Thanks for watching.












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Truly realistic looking T-bolt!


The only detail a bit less realistic may be a slight local gravity issue:  the flattened part of the tyres not lining up with the ground… ;-) (Photo #2)


Great modelling!


Kind regards,



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