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  1. Real cracker that. Love the scheme, and a tidy looking build all round!
  2. And thanks to you all too. Can't take too much credit - as the kit really does most of the work. One particularly nice feature is that the internal passanger compartment is seperate from the 'walls' - so no sink marks to worry about on the inside. I think I will try a Wessex next - got rather fond of this lumpy, ugly machine. Apparently the Italeri Wessex is a good kit.
  3. Looks fantastic - I have wanted one of these for a while, but been put off by the price... But from the looks of this you get a lot to work with!
  4. Looking forward to seeing this come along. Lovely so far. I have one in the stash - and started it... can't remember why I stopped. It's a lovely looking 'plane. Excited to see what you do with this!
  5. Lovely research, story, and build. I am always taken aback by how curvy the Boston is every time I see it.
  6. Thanks to all! Oils really are great to work with. So forgiving - luckily for me. And it's a lovely kit.
  7. Nice - always fun seeing a Spitfire in unusual colourings!
  8. Thanks Malcolm! Yep - it's all OOB, except in the engine - which I added some wiring to, and some coiled wiring too... Only other addition - not that one can really see it is that there's a stack of ammo crates in the hold which were resin aftermarket. The kit's got lots of detail - and nice PE belts and so on. Highly recommended.
  9. This was great fun. Quite a departure for me, and didn't end up the markings or concept it started out as - but I suppose that's fairly typical. It ended up being a vaguely made up early Vietnam Army ship, rather than the Marines one I had in mind. The kit is nice, lots of detail, nice fit, lots of photo etch for grilles and so on. It was painted with Tamiya rattle can olive green before I went to work with yellow, sap green, indian red (nice for dry brushing for that red dust of Vietnam), black, white, and ochre oils. It was great fun. That was all sealed with a brushed coat of Vallejo satin varnish. Thanks for looking! Bruce
  10. jaw-dropping! beautiful build of a very beautiful aircraft.
  11. Thank you Frank! There's not much detail to play with in the aircaft, but that makes it all the more fun to try!
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