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  1. bruce bay

    Back To The Hobby

    Quite a fan of that Hellcat! Lovely line up there.
  2. Great to know - thank you! And once again, cracking Mustang.
  3. Absolutely beautiful. May I ask - as I have a new Airfix P-51 in my stash - how the Eduard interior set fitted in? I don't have much experience working with resin, but if it's a fairly easy fit I might be tempted having seen what you did with it! thanks, Bruce
  4. Thanks both! So far the kit is rather nice. There are some slightly unusual build steps regarding the booms and so on, but I suppose it's a rather unusual aircraft! I will update with anything that comes up. best, Bruce
  5. Thanks all for the encouragement! A new job means I am moving at a snail's pace compared to my progress of old. I got round to cutting the handles (?) off the extra magazines, and replacing them will thin solder I rolled flat. Actually, while on most kits I would do this, on this one it wasn't really necessary as the moulded mags were very nicely detailed, but why not make things as hard as possible hey? I also added some wiring to the control column, with superglue and thin strips of tape. Those were then attached to the cockpit walls. And all the lumpy bits were attached to the floor. The pilot's seat was, strangely, difficult to get to sit right - I ended up cutting off the locating tab on the floor. I cut off whatever this lump is on the floor and replaced with the clear part as per the instructions... But am having a hard time finding images of this part on a real aircraft... Should it be left totally clear? This is now ready for joining together! Thanks for looking! Bruce
  6. Thanks so much! I did have a crack at a BV-141, a very very odd plane... The kit was rather nice though, in case you wanted a go!
  7. Amazing work on the revetting!
  8. Just getting started on this. It's a rather beautiful looking kit. With some rather strange assembly stages / steps. I plan to make this as a pretty beaten-up, hastily winterised 'plane. I will be using the hairspray technique for that, and doing my best not to go overboard with the chipping. It will be an exercise in restraint - I hope. But that's all a fair way off for now... As usual - first steps are the cockpit. The plastic looks nice, and there's a good amount of detail in the pit, but I added a few little bits in to liven it up. Mainly some wiring from inside an old landline phone wire and a wing spar across the floor. I also added in some flares. Spar and flares were made from Slater's plasticard. That was all primed with Citadel rattle can grey, then sprayed with Tamiya rattle can gunship grey. The grey is very dark, so I went in on the drybrushing with varying shades of Valejo greys. I also sponged on some paler greys in areas of likely wear and tear. Then picked out some details before an oil wash of black and brown. The floor matt (for want of better term) was brush painted Valejo leather brown, then dry brushed with a white/brown mixture to break it up a bit. Next up is the extra ammo which festoons the walls. I plan to cut off the moulder straps, and replace with rolled flat solder. And of course the seat belts. Thanks for looking!
  9. bruce bay

    Ki-61-Id Tei Tamiya 1/48

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Enough to tempt me toward a bi-plane!
  11. Cracking looking MiG! Great looking scheme - wonderfully executed.
  12. Real beauty! Can't beleive it's not 1/48th at least! Great finish and detail.
  13. Cracking!
  14. bruce bay

    BF 109G-6 1/48 - My First Adult Build!

    Given the litany of issues you have had I would say it's looking pretty damn nice! It's all been said already above me here, but you are tackling some things I avoid still, and I have been 'back' in the hobby for years. Yellow I avoid like the plague - especially as I don't have an airbrush. I find it a real nightmare to work with. Mottling the same for the same reasons. And it took me ages to get the hang of PE parts - which still often drive me to distraction. So don't worry - in short! Looking great. best, Bruce
  15. Lovely looking. Really great level of weathering - something I am yet to master, or in fact get anywhere near!