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  1. Bandai! It’s a really nice kit, as all their Star Wars kits are.
  2. This is my new fave 1/72 cat. The possibilities are many out of one box.
  3. Diiiiiiirrrrrrrrtaaaaaaayyyy! Love it!
  4. So pretty! This one of the ones I want to start when I get home.
  5. Love the colors on this! Great combo, well applied. Just needs some dirt!
  6. Reboxed RoG kit, OOB. The decals were actually rather nice. Academy has come a long way.
  7. I was gonna ask if you modified the wing root to lessen the bugles, since the engine is indeed less powerful and needs less air. But I see you only reshaped the exhaust.
  8. Thanks! I’d post a demo, but with work right now, I’m not able to. Once I am, I think I will, when I do my next Tomcat.
  9. Just hold the applicator on the wing and open it up. Presto! Instant radial streaking!
  10. Hi! Well, I’ve worked out a system with Tomcats. I preshade as usual, it I add random, quick sprays of black all over the surfaces. The wings, fuselage, tails, everywhere. Then I basecoat, and then I postshade with a lighter shade of the basecoat. For this one, the color is FS36440 light gull gray. So I add a few drops of FS36495 light gray and I post shade along the panel lines where corrosion control would have sprayed. Then I decal, wash, and add the first Dullcote. I then weather with my Tamiya weathering sets. I pick panels to lighten, or darken. For the wings, I sweep them back, mask of
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