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  1. Habu12

    AH-6L Little Bird

    So dirty and lovely!
  2. Hmmm...if that can be converted to AutoCAD I can give it a shot.
  3. Well look at that! I finally get to see my bird innscale! I’m an GE instructor. I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time, but I’m going to convert a pred kit. Just a few things here though. The engine intake you have is on bothe sides of the scoop. It should only be on the port side. The radiator/intercooler scoop is actually much bigger than you have it, and it’s split into two pathways. The center antenna for the upper omni goes almost straight up, it’s not swept. And I don’t know what antenna that’s supposed to be on the upper front, either. It’s not present on the actual bird. There is a much smaller and less raked antenna that should be there. Your MA antenna that hangs down in he forward part of the fuselage is from a predator. Ours is much larger and shaped completely differently, as we use a different datalink. The CSP under the fuselage is also much larger. And lastly, we don’t use dual rails for the AGM-114s. Gray Eagles can carry four, but only on single rails inboard and outboard.
  4. Great stuff! Best I've seen made of a a mediocre kit. Dirty, too!
  5. Habu12

    SBD-5 Dauntless 1/48

    Dirty and lovely!
  6. Nice! But waaaaaay too clean! These snakes get dirty!
  7. Thanks! I went to that page and selected the bird in it its later iteration when it had changed props, and the Angie name had been removed. It wasn't flown by the original pilot then, but it still had the girl painted on it, and the OD wing and tail was apparently on it almost since it was new.
  8. Habu12

    Mig-15 - Eduard 1/72

    Tonal depth is tip top! And it’s dirty!
  9. I built it a year and a half ago
  10. I also built this bird. I want to send you to a page that I found when doing research for this aircraft. I’m glad I did find it before my build. http://www.512thfightersquadron.com/l3-o.htm
  11. Well I had a limited time, since I was leaving overseas the next day. So I had to crunch build. The cockpit has no detail painting whatsoever. Not that you see much of it anyway.
  12. The Academy is a little more modular, so it goes together faster and easier. This one is a little tricky in the intake area. I did end up haveing a big seam along the outside of the intake trunk, but I left it be. Not a problem on the Academy. But both kits are excellent.
  13. Most Phantom kits come with the full complement of stencils. And they can be daunting. In reality though, those stencils were added by the factory when new. After repaints, units woild would repaint whatever they saw fit. Also, I just wasn’t gonna waste time with all of those stencils, especially in 1/72. Thanks! All of the pics are taken with the same iPhone I’m typing this reply with