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  1. If you're still trying to keep it under a certain budget I'd go with the Monogram versus any of the other options. Just look at Darren Roberts contributions in Hyperscale, FineScale Modeler, etc.
  2. Hell that's better than I do right now. Congratulations to him on a great looking kit!
  3. What a beauty. Fantastic job and great tidbit about the differences in the headlights.
  4. I remember that kit. I had one when I was kid, grade 2 or 3. My dad and I built it and the Monogram F-18 one night for a school project I was doing. The next day I did my best impression of trying to teach my class about dogfighting
  5. I am not sure I follow. My comment was in direct response to Mike's regarding concepts in various stages of construction during the time that the factories were captured by the Allies.
  6. According to that video that was linked earlier the Focke Wulf factory was captured by the British in April of 1945 and the Ta-183 prototype was set for it's maiden flight the following month in May. So I would suppose there was something at some level of construction when the Brits got there.
  7. That is excellent! I've thought about picking up one or two of these Testors kits over the last several weeks as I've seen them pop up on eBay at very cheap prices. This has only made the temptation even stronger now that I've actually seen one built and a description! Thank you.
  8. I've always liked the Ta-183 design. It's much appealing to me versus the MiG-15. Has sort of the "snub-nosed fighter" look to it that's I've always found interesting. I haven't a kit in my stash but ever since AMTech originally produced theirs I've always wanted a couple. Painting it in overall black would look very menacing I believe. If you really wanted to do something cool then just paint it up in one of the Luftwaffe's night fighter schemes. Adding the swastikas to it is entirely up to you. I don't think it will really add anything to the model nor do I think it will take away either. Mo
  9. This is just totally unreal. I dunno if I want to fly it around for hours on end, load it with live miniature rockets and bullets and blow stuff up, or put it in a museum and admire the living daylights outta it.
  10. Apparently the "H" is a limited edition white boxing. New parts specific to P38H variant: Larger supercharger intakes, rear canopy without reinforcing frames, instrumentation, nose landing gear strut and bay covers, main landing gear reinforcements, upgraded 20mm cannon and 12.7mm machine guns that were often modified on the ground, plus turbocharger coolant pipe. · Choose whether to attach optional main landing gear air duct. · Weights are included in the kit to ensure correct balance of the model when displayed. · A detailed cockpit featur
  11. Awww no fair! That's the P-38 I have planned to build and you've done a magnificent job! Way to go Bill!
  12. This is cool. I can't remember but we're the MPC kits actually 1/48 or were they off a bit?
  13. Not sure if it's just me but I can't see any pictures
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