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  1. Seems like a good purchase to make. I've got a set from Canuck Models but I don't believe it's got as many recent aircraft markings as this one so I'll definitely be looking forward to picking one up.
  2. A very simple web search reveals that 0392 was actually a double MiG- killer and is currently hanging out at the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, VA.
  3. Once again a great model put together Jon, always great to see what you have completed.
  4. Another good example of modelling based mainly on reference photos and not generic information.
  5. Oh wow. I love how rich the tan and the two green colors are. It almost gives that "after-rain" look to it. Very well done sir.
  6. Just saw a 1957 Ferrari Tests Rossa go by. Dunno if it was original but was damn good looking.
  7. Wow that's a really impressive paint job you managed to pull off. Congrats!
  8. Someone seriously needs to make a scale rendition of Thomas Magnum to go with this....
  9. I bought a Iwata Ninja for a steal last month but I'm already going to get rid of it and pick one of these up. Not sure which one yet. Anyway these are all the same compressors you see made by other brands but without the proprietary parts by a specific manufacturer. There are quite a few video reviews on YouTube. https://spraygunner.com/compressors/
  10. I am fully aware of the sign that states it is a 3D model and not the actual product. I was merely expressing an observation of said 3D model.
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