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  1. whiskey


    Absolutely agree. But what do you do when you have two allies that have a continuous threat of open war with each other? Do you pick and choose which one you are siding with, give them an upper hand (F-35), or supply both of them so they can blow each other to hell, or stay out of it completely?
  2. That is awesome looking!
  3. whiskey

    F-14A 1/48 exhausts switcharoo?

    Hmmmm interesting. I do have a an Academy F-14A+D sprue laying around so I'll have a look see at what fits and what doesn't. The question still stands though if the Aires exhausts labeled for ththe Academt kit would fit on the Monogram. I heard that Aires has a tendency to only produce one copy of an item and rebox it for another different kit.
  4. whiskey

    F-14A 1/48 exhausts switcharoo?

    Looking for more info based on a conversation at ARC. If the Academy kit nozzles fit onto the Monogram burner cans for the F-14A, would it be too far of a stretch to assume that the Aires set for Academy would fit the Monogram as well? Another ARC member figured out how to work it using the kit parts so I'm curious if any resin parts would work too.
  5. whiskey


  6. whiskey

    192nd Tactical Recce Squadron - Part 2

    Is that the 7-UP dude?! If it is talk about a major throw back!
  7. whiskey


    I personally hope not. The main thing for me is that I am sick and tired of us fattening our wallet by selling arms to both Turkey and Greece, fueling the fire that has always existed between the two. And I've always seen it from the perspective that we only done business with Turkey for strategic purposes to keep them away from Russian hands, that's it. Giving them the F-35 it would not be surprising to see them to launch an offensive on Greece within a decade. Besides Erdogan is an a-hole much like Trump is too.
  8. Wow that’s beautiful.
  9. whiskey

    Just Passing Through: VMA-311 Skyhawks

    I've always been of the opinion that the Scooter is one of those that falls into the category of "ugly as hell on the ground but amazing to watch in the air" type of aircraft.
  10. whiskey

    Tamiya F-14A

    Bravo sir, bravo. That is one damn good looking Bounty Hunter Tomcat!
  11. whiskey

    RF-4C vs RF-4E

    You'll need a ARN-101 set as this aircraft is Arnie equipped
  12. whiskey

    Harrier AV-8S Matador 1/48

    What exactly did you do with the intakes? I've got the kit as well, thinking about starting it soon and was just curious as to what exactly you did on yours.
  13. whiskey

    Test Support A-7D - 69-6217

    Love seeing all your SLUF pics Sven, thanks for sharing!
  14. Are you following the construction steps per the instruction sheet Dave?
  15. whiskey

    AH-1G Cobra Special hobby 1/72

    I don't build 72nd but I'm seeing a lot of very well done AH-1G's from Special Hobby lately. Great job.