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  1. whiskey

    1/48 Trumpeter F106B

    Very nice. That's one of my choices as well however I was thinking of going the Monogram and the C&H conversion kit I have in stash route. Looking forward to seeing this!
  2. I saw this most excellent article this morning and knew I had to share it with you fellas as I know there are plenty of Tonka fans around here. Great read and awesome footage. https://theaviationist.com/2019/02/11/flying-with-the-tornado-attack-jets-at-the-bombing-range/
  3. whiskey

    Trainers GB, We're on! - Chat

    @JOCKNEY, brother I'll be lucky if I can just get the one build I want to do in. I'm still going to school and I've got the two spawns I helped create to take care of haha! But no seriously, I wanna do either an F-106B, an A-7K/L, or an F-100F. Only one!
  4. whiskey

    Trainers GB, We're on! - Chat

    Good lord is it time already?! That crept up fast.
  5. whiskey

    Tornado warning

    In. Got several italeri kits with various correction sets to do. Luftwaffe Tonkas acceptable?
  6. whiskey

    F-16XL-1 Arrives at Edwards

    Perfect Sven, thank you!
  7. whiskey

    Another Tamiya Tomcat

    Outstanding job! Love the cleanliness and the attention to detail of under the fuselage. Again great work.
  8. @Cooper645 no worries! If I do decide to join it'll be something aviation related anyway. Plus I don't have the Ferrari kit to build in my stash. @Rabbit Leader I can't confirm if I am ready to add my name to the list as of yet however the closer the date approaches I will for sure have a better idea if I am going to. Thanks!
  9. You nabbed my idea! I was born on the Hawaii islands so that car does have a special place in my heart hehe!
  10. whiskey

    Any idea what this test vehicle is on F-101A 53-2438?

    Could it have to do with the orange F-104s than?
  11. whiskey

    Any idea what this test vehicle is on F-101A 53-2438?

    I'll take a stab at this and say that the aircraft is related to this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/n747ge/6058027264/in/photostream/ Also Sven, @Old Viper Tester apparently did some digging into it as well a few years back here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/voodoo-puzzlement-t483643.html So it may be worthwhile asking him about it. Then there was this page which was pretty much asking the same thing: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1025291/pg1 Scroll down to the bottom and check the info/links listed in the comments section. Oh and beware the BS ads littering the place.
  12. whiskey

    AMK 1/48 MIG 31

    The more I see these the more I want one! Great job
  13. Looking really good
  14. whiskey

    Afghan Air Force - $8bn and counting

    Actually the USAF's goal has been to INCREASE the number of operational squadrons of aircraft within the fleet. And you are csrrect about USAFE and the OA-37, I wasn't trying to say they had them I just put it in the same sentence. As far as the the original intent of my point I refer you to this latest and greatest about the whole issue: http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26279/top-usaf-generals-latest-excuses-for-delaying-light-attack-program-just-dont-make-sense
  15. whiskey

    Afghan Air Force - $8bn and counting

    Not true, light attack aviation had a place in Europe and Korea during the 70's and 80's. Broncos and Dragonflies were working hand in hand with attack helicopters and A-10's on tactics devised to aid with the destruction of the massive armor units poised to invade if war broke out. I know what the limitations are on these smaller aircraft in a high threat environment, but like what is going on currently in the battle space our aviation assets are working, you gotta ask yourself how long is it going to stay a high threat environment and are we going to continue to stress the fleet of heavier aircraft to it while ones such as these can do the job very well and at a more cost effective rate.