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  1. whiskey

    VF-21 F-14A Operation Earnest Will

    Yeah they don't even mention it.
  2. whiskey

    VF-21 F-14A Operation Earnest Will

    Understood Giorgio thanks. Only one reply to the same posting on another site, from a guy that was on board the Connie during the incident I am looking into. Unfortunately he didn't recall or know what aircraft frames were the two in flight, however he did have a few great things to say that have only added to my quest.
  3. whiskey

    Tamiya Tomcat

    Can we get a close up picture of the canopy support Colin?
  4. whiskey

    VF-21 F-14A Operation Earnest Will

    Trying to get a little bit more information regarding two Tomcats from VF-21 that "engaged" something while flying CAP during Operation Earnest Will in 1987. I can't find anything about the BuNo's for the flight that were involved (not surprising) with this. I have Furball's VF-21 sheet and it has a F-14A while assigned to the USS Constellation in 1987 so it's the correct time and place but I just want to know what the two birds actually were. Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated. Here's the story: https://warisboring.com/in-1987-u-s-navy-f-14s-engaged-phantom-iranian-planes/ Posted it on another forum and haven't had any responses yet. Hopefully it'll be different here.
  5. Exactly what I was going to ask. These are both beautiful looking jets you have here Fishbone, simply beautiful.
  6. whiskey

    196TRS RF-4Cs

    I've always been a believer that the RF-4C model was sleeker and better looking in Hill Gray schemes during it's later life. Plus seeing the few videos of them on YouTube gave me the impression that the flight crews thought themselves pretty big hotshots than the rest lol!
  7. whiskey

    RNoAF F-16s Part 1-- A and B

    Goo lord my head is swimming from your updates haha!
  8. whiskey

    Gunsmoke 1983 - 4TFW

    Is the lighting or the film itself make some of those look a lot darker than others Sven? Or are they actually darker?
  9. Nice seat. That the kit version?
  10. whiskey

    Gunsmoke 1983 - 52TFW

    It's a TISEO- Target ID System Electro-Optical. Basically a long range TV with magnification.
  11. whiskey

    Gunsmoke 1983 - 52TFW

  12. whiskey

    Plane crash in Texas.

    I almost went to that show on the same weekend. My history professor was offering extra credit for attending. A bit too far for me for what is was worth. RIP the two guys and the plane.
  13. whiskey

    Gunsmoke 1983 - 50TFW

    What is that on the left pylon? A gun pod or something?
  14. whiskey

    Just Passing Through: 122nd Wing King

    Yeah they better be keeping the BG's aircraft clean lol. Pristine looking.
  15. whiskey

    Bahrain Air Show 2018