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  1. whiskey

    Belgian F-16 incident

    So I did a quick search looking for other incidents of a similar nature and other than the obvious disaster on the Forrestal I couldn't find anything. That's either a really good thing or it's just that I couldn't actually find anything. When I was on Bradley's it was (unfortunately) common for negligent discharges to occur with all 3 weapon systems we utilized. I did find this however, although it's not exactly related. https://www.foxnews.com/story/f-16-accidentally-fires-on-school That pilot had to feel like a total schmuck afterwards.
  2. That is really amazing! Fantastic job. How did you like the exhausts?
  3. whiskey

    MIg 29 finished

    Looks really good. You should probably drop this in the 'Ready for Inspection' forum however.
  4. whiskey

    Belgian F-16 incident

    It's actually zacH (no K) but I guess I can let it slide
  5. whiskey

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21PFM

    Really nice job on that cockpit.
  6. whiskey

    Belgian F-16 incident

    I am still extremely stupified over this. I cannot believe that someone would be so ignorant to the fact that the weapon system was LOADED with LIVE ammunition while doing ANYTHING on it. I mean one cannot say that "it was an alert aircraft and that's why it was armed," because that would so stupid to be doing any sort of maintenance on an alert aircraft. Someone seriously didn't do a very good job on this one and not just because of the two other aircraft being destroyed/damaged, but because fail-safes and procedures were not followed.
  7. whiskey

    VF-103 F-4Js at Nellis

    Oh those are cool! The Sluggers right before they transitioned to Tomcats at that too.
  8. whiskey

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    This belongs in a museum! Absolutely gorgeous.
  9. whiskey

    Ridiculous Fitting Tamiya 1:48 F-14A Tomcat !

    That I would really like to see. How does one go about ordering a book from him?
  10. I think you just answered your own question. Grumman Turkey GR1?
  11. whiskey

    F-4 C from ZM

    Awesome, looking forward to seeing your progress.
  12. Check out Jon Byron's F-4E he just posted over in the RFI section, he talks about what he did to make new ejection seat handles. Really like how the pit is coming together by the way.
  13. whiskey

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Man those are clean lines from the vegemite. You said it comes off with water or is that peeled off?