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  1. Bummer. https://jalopnik.com/niki-lauda-formula-one-legend-and-three-time-world-cha-1834907056/amp
  2. I've got quite a few Monogram and ESCI short nose F-4s still. When you're wanting to do them in numbers, costs count. Plus I've read great things about both of the kits and have seen truly spectacular results of finished builds. Modellers can make them look just as good if not better than Z-M, Academy, and Hasegawa kits. I do have a few of the ESCI E's on my wait list of purchases as I've seen amazing finishes on those as well.
  3. So 3-8 CAV is still around btw. I dunno when it was, probably back 25 years ago they switched over to Armor. They were my sister squadron while I was in 3ABCT, 1st Cav. Just a bunch of Bradleys and Abrams nowadays. We were the sweetheart stepchildren of the brigade but 3-8 were the idiots, they always had something crazy happen to them.
  4. I would give up every model I own for an exceptional representation of this in 1/48. You're looking like you're off to a great start Alan, can't wait to see it finished.
  5. ^^^ was thinking the same thing. Great looking model Jurek, thank you for all the pics as it really shows the excellent work you did.
  6. Ah yeah, that. After originally posting here and doing some further digging, I believe the typo can only be contributed to Minicraft. Once the same kit was boxed solely as Hasegawa it was corrected.
  7. What typo are you referring to @tempestfan?
  8. I just finished reading Stealth Fighter: A Year In The Life Of An F-117 Pilot by William O'Connor. He was in the same squadron as the pilot of Vega-31 during Kosovo in '99. It was really fascinating how he tells Vega's story, albeit briefly, and the aftermath of not just the Nighthawk's tactics but those of all the Allied aircraft. The pilot of Vega-31 has wanted to remain anonymous since the incident and not hog the spotlight, unlike others *cough cough* *Grady* *cough,* so anything about the shoot down is interesting to me.
  9. So is the Bosnia/Kosovo conflicts being included in this or no? Would be pretty cool to do Vega-31, or one of the F-16 MiG-29 killers.
  10. Good reference photos for the new Tornado group build coming up. Thanks for sharing Sven!
  11. Love these! Ive always believed that a fully loaded Hawk was one potentially vicious looking machine. Even with the beautiful finish on yours it goes to prove my point! Dunno why anyone really hasn't adopted it for light attack, CAS, FAC, etc. *Cough cough* *USAF* *Cough*
  12. I don't believe that you can verifiably state that all of the Eagles had Stencil at this time based off of a picture of one aircraft. That actually is one of the joys that I find in this hobby and as a major history enthusiast, is the research that goes into it. Anytime I want to build an aircraft I try to gather as much information and photographic evidence of that specific aircraft in that specific time frame so that I know I got it right.
  13. Scroll down to the table and look at the first entry. https://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48d.htm
  14. Isn't there an A-10 build with warthog tusks right now?
  15. Very very cool! The Rafale kit I have I want to build in flight as well, it just looks right that way. Love the lights, truly adds more to an awesome build. Great job.
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