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  1. whiskey


    Is it a twin or single engine? Can definitely see the -21 in it like Tony mentioned.
  2. whiskey


    Some more light reading on this and it's been a subject of discussion before within the world political and intelligence stages. However the aircraft definitely has more roots in the F-16 than the Eurofighter and I believe making the opposite argument is pointless. https://www.wrmea.org/007-april/has-israels-u.s.-funded-lavi-jet-been-reborn-as-chinas-j-10-warplane.html https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/chinas-j-10-vigorous-dragon-did-israel-help-build-deadly-fighter-80136
  3. whiskey


    I thought the EF-2000 derived from the Agile Combat Aircraft program which was a development from the lessons learned with the P-110 Jaguar Replacement.
  4. Could probably use the pilots from Tamiya's F-14A kit if your looking for seated ones.
  5. Been wondering where you were at on the progress of this. Looks like it came out to be mighty fine. Great job sir!
  6. That's outstanding, thank you Sven!
  7. Glad I didn't buy a resin update set for the old testors kit I've got laying around. Now I can get rid of that and get a "real" upgrade!
  8. Long chord wing? Do you mind elaborating a little more Sven as I don't think I've ever heard of that on an F-4. All I've ever been aware of is slatted and hard wings.
  9. Thanks for the advice if you have any photo's or reference material to assist the diorama it would be appreciated we can exchange email addresses. I havent assigned a permanent position to the vehicles as the deciding wether the troops should be at an administration halt or in a FIBUA clearing state. I would like to get some good figures not mass produced by a generic company but Marines from that era in a set of 4-6 are hard to find. I would appreciate some insite into the Bradley crew dress in Fallujah. Hope we can coordinate as I move forward on this project it sounds like you served in Fallujah? I served with the Canadian infantry in Afghanistan and Bosnia so I can only speek to my experiences although my father is an American I almost joined the Marines and hold an active intrest in the corps and its battle history, I would appreciate hearing yours sometime.





  10. This is really cool and you did a fantastic job of it. Just as a technical note however, we didn't have those turret systems on 1151s in 2004. It was just the "box" with blast shield. Some guys were lucky to get a secondary pintle mount at like the 2 or 3 'o clock position but it wasn't common until OIF III or IV. A third pintle mount is a SOF thing. The weapon systems you've chosen are inaccurate as well. The mini gun is only utilized by SOF, and the 40mm in the primary station you have is a MK 47 which wasn't introduced until after Operation Phantom Fury. Last bit is the placement of your vehicles. Unless your 1151 wants a 25mm or a TOW up its butt, I might suggest either switching the two or moving one altogether. During the battle, Brad's really carried the weight of being in the front. SSG (R) 2004-2017 1st ID/ 2nd ID/ 1st CAV
  11. At least the 'Comming Soon' wasn't spelled with an "U".
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