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  1. Great collection but i can't help thinking i am looking at an episode of one of those secret hoarders programmes
  2. Love a good draken and thats a cracker
  3. Every build i do is with the brush,i think i have a phobia when it comes to airbrushing,never tried it and doubt i ever will
  4. Hi everyone, Latest build off the bench,the 1/48 P51 D Mustang from airfix.The first airfix kit i have done for a while and i was pleasantly surprised how well it went together,the details,panel lines etc are good. Built out of the box and brush painted as usual with humbrol enamels.
  5. Looks superb,makes you feel chilly just looking at it
  6. Stunning build,love that kit
  7. Nicely done,but you are right it needs loading up
  8. Really nice build,great brush work.As a fellow brusher i appreciate your finish
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