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  1. Superb modelling,really must get one of these and hope it turns out somewhere close to this
  2. Thanks Markus,i may have to start doing work in progress videos showing the brush painting as some people seem to not believe that my builds are not airbrushed.
  3. Never had an air brush and probably never will,the only ready to go colours available are Mr Color acrylics which if you brush paint on a large scale i find you can't get a good finish with as they dry quicker than enamels leaving brush lines.
  4. I think it was an emergency landing at a dis-used airfield
  5. Good afternoon everyone, Latest build off the bench,the Kittyhawk SU35 flanker 'Red 25' in 1/48.I found the kit went together well and was well moulded and detailed although the painting guidance fell short from start to finish.The decals were good and went on easily. The build is entirely out of the box,it did come with resin 'at rest' exhausts which i didn't use as both the moulding and fit were poor. The build was painted as always by brush using mixed colours all round using revell/humbrol enamels.
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