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  1. So pretty! This one of the ones I want to start when I get home.
  2. Love the colors on this! Great combo, well applied. Just needs some dirt!
  3. Reboxed RoG kit, OOB. The decals were actually rather nice. Academy has come a long way.
  4. I was gonna ask if you modified the wing root to lessen the bugles, since the engine is indeed less powerful and needs less air. But I see you only reshaped the exhaust.
  5. Thanks! I’d post a demo, but with work right now, I’m not able to. Once I am, I think I will, when I do my next Tomcat.
  6. Just hold the applicator on the wing and open it up. Presto! Instant radial streaking!
  7. Hi! Well, I’ve worked out a system with Tomcats. I preshade as usual, it I add random, quick sprays of black all over the surfaces. The wings, fuselage, tails, everywhere. Then I basecoat, and then I postshade with a lighter shade of the basecoat. For this one, the color is FS36440 light gull gray. So I add a few drops of FS36495 light gray and I post shade along the panel lines where corrosion control would have sprayed. Then I decal, wash, and add the first Dullcote. I then weather with my Tamiya weathering sets. I pick panels to lighten, or darken. For the wings, I sweep them back, mask of
  8. Actually no, I started the VF-1 bird months ago and then went on a work trip. I had everything done but the final Dullcote and weathering to finish. So I did that and jumped right into this one. This build took five days.
  9. Mostly. This scheme was applied only for the homecoming. And it was stripped bare, including the palettes.
  10. Tam kit, Fightertown decals, Wolfpack resin seats. Way too late into the build did I realize I forgot the ECM blisters on the wing glove. Doh!
  11. None that stand out. It really was a delight to build!
  12. OOB, DXM Decals. This kit is fantastic! Comes with all the parts to build an A,B or D! Both engines, both seats, both RIO cockpits, four chin pods, and three main wheel hubs. Academy did good here.
  13. OOB, fun build to get back in the swing of things.
  14. Thanks! It’s quite easy to makes it’s just four .020” plastic card, 1-1/2” tall. I glued them to the plate that it came with, then cut some 1/4”x1/8” rods to glue into the corners. Done, son!
  15. OOB with several weathering items. Uh..standby for pics, it’s not working for some reason .
  16. Oh man...ummm...I honestly forgot, it was years ago now... I think it was TMM enamel RAF Dark Green, and RAF Medium Sea Gray. I preshade with Mr. Surfacer Black 1500, and add the base colors on top, varying for effect. Then I weathered the stains with Tamiya weathering sets A,B,C,D after a coat of Dullcote. Then I add another coat of Dullcote to seal it.
  17. Love the napalm! Reminds me of FosChek. And it’s all dirty! Love it!
  18. Yup. The new leading edges are on the outboard panels of the wings. This was pretty evident I. The F.6 release, as the cutaway lines were already molded in.
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