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  1. great modelling,looks really good and you have managed to make an ugly looking monster into something quite nice.Watched the first four of these come into their new home at raf marham last week.
  2. chris148

    ICM 1/48 Heinkel He 111H

    cracking build,great bit of brush work,could easily pass as airbrushed
  3. Good evening everyone time for the latest build to go up. The 1/48 Tamiya spitfire built out of the box with the exception of the seat belts which i made from some sheet plastic cut out and painted and the cable which i used fishing line. The build is brush painted as usual with humbrol enamels.
  4. chris148


    Thanks for the comment,why are Tamiya decals such hard work
  5. Spot on,nice finish
  6. chris148

    112 Squadron Desert Hawk

    Great build,nice shark mouth looks a lot better than a decal.
  7. Can't get much better than a good Draken,and this fits the bill just fine
  8. great result,well worth sticking with it.
  9. chris148

    Cessna A-37B DragonFly - Trumpeter 1/48

    beautiful piece of modelling,makes me want one
  10. superb build,great photo's
  11. very nice indeed
  12. Good evening everyone time for the latest build to go on show. The Revell 1/48 F18 super hornet.Built entirely out of the box.As usual completely brush painted with enamels. Good fitting moulding with good detail,no real problems as such only had to mix the blue paint to get a match with the blue decals. All comments welcome
  13. chris148

    Hurricane I

  14. chris148

    PZL 37B II Mirage Hobby 1/48

    superb build,great result
  15. chris148

    1/48 F18 SUPER HORNET

    I did the panel lines with a very fine tipped artists pen which I then lightly wipe over with a cotton bud to get the weathered effect I find this easier and more controlled than washes
  16. very nice,great finish on the black
  17. chris148

    1/48 F18 SUPER HORNET

    Thanks for the comment.I find brush painting works best with a good quality flat brush 10-12mm wide.Paint a thin first coat and paint it fast so brush lines aren't left before it dries.A second coat is usually enough which is still done quickly getting a good finish before it dries to much.If required I use medical tape to mask off areas as it leaves no residue.
  18. chris148

    1/48 F18 SUPER HORNET

    Thanks for the comment,the weathering was done by drawing on the panel lines with a fine artist pen,nib is only .005 mm then before it dries lightly smudge with a cotton bud.Rivets are done with the same pen afterwards but left to dry.
  19. chris148

    1/48 F18 SUPER HORNET

    thanks for the comment,the bays are painted from the box.I was quite impressed with the details of the moulding for a lower end kit.
  20. what little cracker that is
  21. chris148

    1/48 F18 SUPER HORNET

    Now you mention it I did have 2 go's at the intakes to get them right.I have never owned an airbrush,the thought of it kind of scares me so all my builds are brush painted.For good results I use a good quality flat brush about 10-12mm wide,thin coats painted fast.
  22. Blimey,thats a bit lively,stunning work