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  1. Superb build, just caught up on your E8, the detail and paint work is excellent! Particularly like the effect you've achieved with the tools too. Atb Darryl
  2. Very nice Stef, lovely work with the airbrush! With a filter it'll all blend really nicely. This hooked needle you mention....arn't they supposed to look like that, most of mine do!
  3. Verlinden closed down a number of years ago after Francois passed away, a few retailers still have odd ones in stock but probably not many. If its resin I'd be looking at Alpine, they do a fair few Dak figures and are probably amongst the best figures available. Avoid Chinese recasts they are utter rubbish, basically they just rip off others work. I unfortunately bought some, before I knew better, so poorly cast only fit for the bin. As for plastic, Dragon, Miniart, Master Box and Tristar all do Dak figures not sure about the face coverings but might be worth a look. Good luck! Darryl
  4. Looking good Ed, nice worn used finish. That's the beauty of metal tracks, burnish and done, excellent. Great work Darryl
  5. Absolutely outstanding Stuart, don't often get around to looking at the smaller scale models but so glad I did! Brilliant models, obviously, but the base/groundwork is amazing really atmospheric amongst the trees. Did you do a wip including the base and trees? Great photos too btw. Cheers Darryl
  6. Brilliant Ed, upto your usual super high standard. The faded pale blue grey looks great add to that the chipping, staining and general grubbiness, just superb! Cheers Darryl
  7. Brilliant, as ever! Such attention to detail superbly reproduced. Great photos too btw. Cheers Darryl
  8. Excellent! Great pair, nice grubby, dusty, well used finish along with a base and figures, what's not to like? Super modelling, almost tempting me to build a Chieftain.... Darryl
  9. Superb mate, you really are knocking them out of the park at the moment, brilliant. I shan't repeat the comments from the WIP suffice to say, great work. Uncle Nightshift and Mike R, Panzermeister etc have a lot to answer for! Great work Darryl
  10. Superb modelling of the flail, excellent build, paint and weathering. Shame it never made it to NATs for the PPP GB, I've been following the triple P and would have loved to have gone. I can imagine it wouldn't have been the easiest kit to pack and send overseas. Brilliant Darryl
  11. Thanks MM, very kind of you. Thanks again Cesar, really appreciated. Thanks Bertie, always appreciate your input. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed it, mostly, tried some new techniques on it but It's time to move on. Having it hanging around for so long creates a sense of guilt for not finishing it, new projects and ideas are percolating so best get a win from it and press on. Thanks Stuart, really appreciated. The tow cable was the final item on it and a bit of a pain. AH provided string, but not enough and they also tell you how long it should be, don't want to suggest that they got that wrong but I should have measured for myself. I foolishly used the measurement suggested cut down some old picture wire, (far to stiff btw) assembled painted and weathered. Lot of faffing trimming and reassembling later provided a worn and well used looking tow cable that I had to cajole and tie into position. The colour if I remember is AK Israeli grey, if you want the exact detail let me know and I'll dig it out, then obviously mucked around with to get the various hues. Thanks Stef, always great to hear from you and as supportive as ever, appreciated. Thanks really kind and appreciated! Thanks Ivan, no stowage, blast must have blown away whilst taking the pics, along with the 0.50 and 0.30 cals.... (ammo boxes on the turret are just carrying the crews lunch). Didn't like the kit provided weapons either, including the Uzis that I made a hash of and accidentally melted with cellulose thinner... Decided it wasn't on operations and the crew are having a pleasant Sunday aft run. Thanks, really kind, appreciated. Thanks George, nice to hear from you, appreciated! Thanks Tony, very kind and much appreciated. I enjoyed doing what I call faffing around to get the final finish yet somehow it's always different on every model, probably because I can't remember how I did the previous one! Thanks again chaps, always appreciate you taking the time to look in and leave comment. Until the the next shelf queen hits RFI. Darryl
  12. Thanks, really appreciated! Thanks Cesar, really kind of you to say! Thanks again fellas Darryl
  13. Another cleared from the shelf of shame... Could be better in lots of ways but just glad to clear another super long term hanger on. Even though I have the replacement Panzer Art wheels I decided to save those for another Centurion that I will perhaps have a better crack at. Started this last Oct and it's been on and off the bench as other builds came and went, moral of the story for me is to build and stick with it till done. Anyway I'm just glad to call this done and happy to have it in the cabinet. And for the pics.... Apart from needing a mantlet cover, which I replaced with the DEF models part and wheels which I didn't, the AH kit IMO at least is ok. Can't vouch for it accuracy wise but as for build-ability no problems, well except for the tow cable which needs replacing with copper wire. Thanks for looking and now to dig another hanger on! Darryl
  14. I've built the AH Cent that had the wheel and tyre as one piece, the problem with those is the missing internal ribs, I haven't seen the AFV Club separate wheel and "tyre" with the moulded on ribs. I'm always hesitant about using rubber parts on models due to the long term problems with the rubber and plastic reacting or the rubber breaking up. Dragon DS tracks are a testament to that issue. Which Centurion kit are you building? Good luck Darryl
  15. Those look fine to me, never seen Firestorm tyres before but it looks as if they include the wheel rim along with the missing inner rings that the AFV Club and Amusing Hobby parts are missing. Here's a pic of the panzer art Cent wheels to compare. Hope this helps Darryl
  16. A masterpiece in modelling, the skill and attention to detail is first rate. A superb example of etch detail and modified/ damaged kit parts, very impressive. Looking forward to seeing it painted. Cheers Darryl
  17. Really, really nice Stef, great work with the panzer grey. Lots of detail finely reproduced and I like the pine wood box. Going to have to trawl back and find what you did with the greasy / oily weathering on the swinging arms. My guess would be the woman in the foreground of the photo is doing the laundry for the tank crews that have been living in her home. Atb Darryl
  18. Another cracker John, your subject knowledge is exemplary. Really nice touch articulating the suspension and adding the figures. If you hadn't mentioned it I certainly wouldn't have noticed the diligence the crew went to secure the spare road wheel, wouldn't want anything unsecured falling off.... Great work, as ever. Darryl
  19. Great work TJ, another brilliant example of your craft. Superb work on the details, stowage and figure. You arn't half bad at this modelling lark... Best wishes Darryl
  20. Get out of it! Far to kind, as the saying goes, even a blind squirrel lands lucky occasionally. Get some good quality oil paints, I used Abteilung but any artist grade paints will do and play around with them. Mike Rinaldi has some great YouTube videos, to help. Use a gentle spirit like Winsor and Newton Sansoder instead of hardware store white spirit and remember less is best. Feel free if you want any more info. Good luck Darryl
  21. Tremendous MD! Just been catching up on your build and well....what can one say, superb!! The M12 obviously brilliant, such impressive attention to detail but the bridge! You've taken all the necessary elements of the real thing and reproduced them 100% in miniature, absolutely stunning work. Darryl
  22. Nice work, particularly considering the scale which I'd struggle to see these days. I rather like how you've added the Ukrainian flags and weathered to suit. Much to my shame apart from T55 and T64 I struggle to tell one post WW2 Russian tank from another. Great modelling Darryl
  23. Thanks Ed, it was admiring your M3 that helped push this forward. Might have mentioned this before about figures but they are a love hate thing, really adds to a build but a complete PIA to do. Looking forward to catching up with your latest masterpiece. Thanks Nenad, very kind of you, really appreciated. It really is a good kit, will have to try more the Asuka/Tasca range, looking forward to getting back to OD with the next one though! Cheers Darryl
  24. Trying to work through a shelf of the nearly done... Shot Kal, Tiger, T34, Jeep and Titanic Sorry to hear the decals are still AWOL, they generally turn up, somewhere..... Hope you find them soon! Thanks John, not much modelling happening these days unfortunately but nice to get something finished, even if the final touches took months. Cheers Thanks Noel, they all must have been straight and undamaged at some point! That's exactly it with figures, I hate them, take me forever to get done and always look a bit weird but they do add life to a vehicle. Cheers Thanks Francis, very kind and really appreciated. All the best Thanks Pete, appreciated. Thank you ever so much, very kind and really appreciated. Considering it very nearly didn't make it after the early mishap with the paintwork the subsequent repaint paid off. Also discovered the more I play with oils the more I like the results. Cheers Thanks again fellas, really appreciate you all taking the time to comment. Darryl
  25. Brilliant! Another tremendous, original and super stylish armoured car. Great work with the paint and weathering not to forget the base. Cheers Darryl
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