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  1. Moving on from all this silliness, children.... Just proof I've actually done something, blink and you'll miss it but...(said the actress to the...). Falafel filters mounted, and yes it's falafel non this feifel nonsense thank you very much. Hollowed out the intake scoop/end, RFM provide it solid tut-tut. A dark wash has brought out the detail in the hoses, still needs a little more definition on the filter cans but its mounted and what is more importantly for this kit, its glue to plastic! Really struggling to get back into it for some reason. Lesson taken from this is....don't park a build for 6mths! As can be seen I've got a little carried away with the plastic carving technique to create damage on the exhaust shields and filter cans, ho-hum! Still lots more to be done on the shields in regards heat damage, soot, etc etc. Also cut a couple of discs for the exhaust flaps, RFM provide these closed and from what I understand the N Africa based Tigers had them held open. Perhaps not as detailed or as intricate as @M3talpig version but I haven't yet sold my sole to Beelzebub to get the assistance from his demonic elves! That's all folks, now y'all go and play nicely. Darryl (Quickie, for soldering, does anyone know if "solder paste" is just flux or a combination of flux and solder that can be brushed on and soldered??)
  2. Thanks bud, thought I'd seen pics of one in a creamy white colour but exterior colour makes life easier! As for the heat damage then I guess the world is ones oyster Appreciate your input and assistance old chap!
  3. Here's a quicky, fire extinguisher for back of North African Tiger any suggestions for colour? I'd been thinking creamy white,...ish?? With frame/bracket in same colour as tank. Anyone any decent pics of exhaust shrouds, thinking of the colour of the heat and soot staining. Bit like this. Thanks Darryl
  4. That really is a lovely Bentley, now if only I'd bought one of those Euromillions lottery tickets.... Remember years ago being blown away on the M6 by one, passed me like I was stationary. Great bit of etch soldering btw, never tried it myself another skill/technique to be butchered. Darryl
  5. Probably don't need to mention this but for me, if you start with painting straight panzer grey the model can look really dark by the time its weathered. You can lighten it after but my preference is to start lighter than it needs to be. That said the chassis is assembled and if all four corners touch the ground then that's a win in my book! Atb Darryl
  6. Word of caution; once, and only once, I suggested that to the good lady wife... I'd only suggested if she got her finger out she could get the shopping done and the lawn cut before making dinner.... Anyway I digress, how much did it cost, your pact with Beelzebub to get his little army of elves to create that little lot along with all the tiny tiny parts?? Nutter!
  7. Progress is progress and thank goodness it isn't a race! Great touch with the crated suspension units too. Atb Darryl
  8. "British Army Diamond T Tank Transporter with Centurion Project" Remembered this from a while ago; Not sure if this helps at all, haven't read it through due to being at work but..... Enjoy a beverage or two btw.
  9. With that bronze green you've a really tricky job in your hands... • Bronze green, very dark and glossy • Parade ground clean, generally. (Can we get away with a little dust and rain streaks, they must have moved at some point). As has been said if painted "true to life" and all over Bronze Green it will just look like a boring black lump, no offence. However you arn't painting the real thing, you have scale and distance and how the light reacts on a surface that size as opposed to a full size one etc etc. How about and Apologies to Ade if he's suggested this, (I know some of the techniques but couldn't give them the correct name). Lighten your Bronze Green (BG from now on), with a touch of something possibly yellow or tan or buff. Pick a light source or position and highlight the leading edge and top (for eg) with a very slight lightened version of the above BG then go "old school" and dry brush the edges, bolt heads etc with something much lighter (not sure what yet but not straight white). You could even add shadows with the straight BG and do the large panel centres the same. It's all going to be about subtlety, slight changes in the base colour as opposed to major ones if it had been an OD M4. As for gloss, what about satin instead, more scale effect? Haven't ever tried this but can you mix a drop or two of satin varnish into the BG to get the required sheen. All the above would need to be in light coats, obviously but.. Looking at the afv club box art, forget the dirt, the artist has picked a light source and lightened accordingly I think what I'm trying to say is; think of it as stage make up, that has to be exaggerated to be noticed. That's just my tuppence worth after mulling it over on the dog walk. Think it's going to involve a but of experimentation but sure you could do a superb job. Good luck Darryl
  10. An absolute beauty Ed, your paintwork and weathering this far is just tremendous. Really inspiring. Having shied away from the Miniart kits, up to now at least, they do a Su-122-54 that looks pretty impressive (thankfully without interior). Atb Darryl
  11. Your turret is a little masterpiece John, (said the actress to the...) Looking forward to seeing it painted.
  12. Etch....overrated if you ask me.... When I were a lad and we lived in a card board box, I know, luxury...we made do with good old fashioned plastic, made a man of ya, non of this new fangled metal lark! Nope still won't be shamed into it I've nothing to prove.....and I at least have mantlet cover. Not that I'm interested, obviously, but I've not found any etch available for it, apart from the boxes, in this country. Your new tool boxes might look quite nice I suppose... Great work!
  13. It might well be Roger @Hamden but I've not worked out how he's going to mount the tracks on to it!
  14. I Really like your Renault Bertie, not something that would normally attract my interest but I really like it! Great model and characterful figures. Cheers Darryl
  15. Great suggestions, I've had a quick look on Amazon and the insulation boards are available along with the black patina fluid. (Probably available elsewhere too but it's the easiest place to look!) Really need a bigger workshop just to store everything! Thanks again, really appreciated. Cheers
  16. Working to your usual standard. I'm in total agree with @Hewy, intake looks rather good from here and those probes are just begging to go for a burton. Atb
  17. Sure have, I've a Tiger that keeps looking accusingly at me, particularly when I start flirting with a new younger model..... Sure it'll look great when finished well worth the final push! Cheers
  18. Not at all. Definitely think the puffer bottle worked really well. Think I'll have to try one out.... Atb Darryl
  19. Hi Francis, great to see something from you again! As Vytautas has said the colours might be more late war and non the worse for it, but your weathering, chipping, staining and streaking is still first rate! Great work. Hope you're keeping well Atb Darryl
  20. Great to hear you'll be treating it to a spot of weathering, always brings out the best in a model. (Just remember there's no such thing as over weathering as some numptys say , it's just good or bad weathering!). Think we've all been at the love/hate stage with most kits, I have . All that said progress is progress and applying paint is definitely going in the right direction! Atb Darryl
  21. That as my old Gran would say is a "bobby dazzler", not envious in the least.... And a nice Mustang on display too! All the best young fella and happy modelling! Darryl
  22. Really nice Stug and a nice amalgamation of the two kits to create something a little different, particularly like the unique camo scheme too! Perhaps something for the future but as far as I know it was the loaders hatch that when open would lock the machine gun shield into the vertical position https://images.app.goo.gl/kUEEfebsyjkN61oS9 (Hope you don't mind me mentioning it). Great build, thanks for posting. Darryl
  23. Sorry old bean but.....you have way to much time on your hands if you can make those work! Barking.... Ho-hum, yet more German armour..... Good to this RFM kit built, I'm turning into a bit of a fan for the brand. Hang on fella, and on your bench....
  24. I'd forgotten all about your Valentine build Wayne, it's turned out really well. Suitably sandy and dusty with the pigment wash. Just needs those figures and perhaps a little stowage.... Cheers Darryl
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