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  1. You're quite right John, an idea that I reckoned was worth a shot... I'd hoped to break up the mono-tone grey and depict worn and scuffed paint. If I zoom in its visible but if you didn't know it was there you'd probably never notice. Interesting to see what it's like in daylight... Not to worry lots more to do yet! Thanks
  2. Knocking it into shape as ever John! Handy having a Tamiya kit to pinch the required/best parts from. Shame Airfix/ Academy didn't do something similar before putting it into production.... Atb Darryl
  3. Looking really good good Wayne, up to your usual top quality paint job! As you say decals gone down really well, my only experience of AFV Club decals was appalling, they splintered terribly. The silhouette cutter looks handy but doubt I could justify one. Atb Darryl
  4. Great idea! Should be an interesting one to watch! Good luck Darryl
  5. As threatened paint has been chucked about...... It seems a good idea to experiment on current projects....... First job, spray the lower hull and suspension units with AK Chipping Colour, then layer of hairspray before spraying with AK IDF Sand Grey. Not too worried about this as most will be hidden once wheels, tracks and sideskirts mounted. Just curious to see if it was a technique that might have uses going forward. Tbh think the base colour needs to be more prominent. Next idea....upper hull, turret and sideskirts sprayed with a lightened version of the AK Sand grey. (The AK paint went down brilliantly over the grey primer, far better than over the black version). Again, couple of coats of hairspray before a straight coat of Sand Grey and then let the chipping begin. Straight Sand grey Sand grey post chipping. The effects are visible but really a little too subtle to be noticeable in the pics without a closeup. Note the tops of the stowage bins and tool boxes etc. (The patch of bare plastic is where I dislodged a part that needs to be re-fixed). ......Wouldn't say it's been a failure as lots more to do yet but.....more to do. Thanks for looking Darryl
  6. Hi, nice build! Any pitfalls or issues to be aware of, I've one sat on the bench waiting to be started for a GB. Can much be seen inside the cockpit once all closed up? Thanks Darryl
  7. This will be an interesting build, adding a nice bit of variety to the GB! Never really done a boat so this could be inspiring! Atb Darryl
  8. Always liked the look of the Hampden, unfortunately never got around to it "back in the day" . Good luck Darryl
  9. Another off to a superb start! Is it even possible to "over weather" a Pacific Corsair....? Atb Darryl
  10. Excellent choice! As has been said the possibilities for diversity within this GB is excellent! Good luck Darryl
  11. The Cent really was an exceptional tank, operational range aside, excellent on and off road performance and reliability (for the day), ergonomically pretty good and of course the gun. Just like all AFVs, it went through lots of upgrades, 17pounder to 20 pounder to 105mm (Thankfully the 20mm Polston was scrapped). However, best of all....it looks the doggies and could withstand a nuclear detonation! I've some IDF Sand Grey waiting to be abused, sorry sprayed. Looking at pics of these things I'd say almost anything goes re' weathering/paint effects! Cheers bud.
  12. Thanks Vytautas, it really does need paint!! You arn't far wrong I've never put so much "gubbins " on a build pre-paint!
  13. Almost looking forward to lobbing a bit of paint over this, silly-ole-me is having ideas involving hairspray again....
  14. I'll follow along, I've the late Tiran 4 late in the pending pile! Good luck Darryl
  15. I'll take that! Thanks John, I only went for the bodyshop one as I couldn't get a black standard Halfords primer a year or two ago, liked how it leveled out so picked up a grey for the Shot Kal. Thanks LM, it's surprising just how big it is, even compared to a Tiger. Would have interesting to see how they would have compared... Thanks for looking in and taking the time to comment! Darryl
  16. Hi Ed, must confess, I'm far to lazy to decant, its straight from the can. Thankfully the bodyshop version of the stuff levels really well. Bit worrying the very first time as it looked as if it was far to heavy and was going to run but dried out well. (I usually use this primer in black but reckoned that was to dark beneath the IDF grey so tried the grey).
  17. Thanks chaps, looking forward to getting into this. Really should try and finish the half dozen kits I've on the go already but where's the fun in that!! Cheers Darryl
  18. Spoilt for choice! Sure the Victor will be an ideal candidate for the job though. Is it a fairly modern kit or a re-box of something older? Good luck Darryl
  19. Shame about the Mitchell, as @Corsairfoxfouruncle said I remember the AM kit coming out with such positive reviews! (Seems a really time ago now....) Good luck with the Corsair, however as its Tamiya I doubt you'll need it! Atb Darryl
  20. Quick splash of Halfords primer, managed to dislodge one piece of pe mid spray job, typical for me! Thanks for looking Darryl
  21. Yep that's the standard/regular grey primer. Might be worth trying the bodyshop version, I've just been using it this eve. First time I tried it gave me a brief "moment" as it looked very heavy, wet and about to run, however it settles nicely and dries fairly quickly. As I mentioned earlier I find it needs a few light dry coats once you start to paint over it, certainly with the black at least.
  22. No holding you back! You're making this look far too easy, which is great but it gives modelling doofuses like me really bad ideas.... Accurate Armour does lots of kits and conversions like this don't they..... Great work Wayne
  23. I've used the bodyshop one for a little while now. No idea how anything other than acrylics work on it and the black at least does require multiple light dry coats to start otherwise the paint will bead.
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