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MD Flamant. 1/72nd.

Paul J

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Bon Soir! My entry for this Gb. Quite possibly the only one from me as I have other builds on the go....

Any way this is it so far:


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Bienvenue! What a great choice of subject.

I have one of these in the stash so shall be watching your thread for tips on how to build this kit.


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Hi Wez. I have been waiting for an oppurtunity to biuild this. Often fished it out my stash box and fondlee the parts. There is a fair amount of resin, for the interior mainly and a bit of etch. Nicely produced kit. I won't be bothering with the VietNam decals so it will be a choice of ether of the two French options Armee de l'Air( with the dayglo ) or Aeronavale.

I was going to make a start this evening but wifey tells me we are going to a freinds for a meal. So my shed stays unatteneded ce soir!

A bientot!

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Some pics from commencement of build:


Flight deck and tailplane asssembly so far with more sprue shots at back.........


Resin parts layout. Since the photo, all are now cleaned and primed ready for painting....


Instrument panel. The Acetate film is glued to the plastic part while the etch face is waiting to be primed for painting and.....


.... fixing in place. I found simpler to assemble this way and then trim of the excess surround com ca....



And a bit more...


.... leaving this. just a gentle highlighting should help the look before fixing to fuselage.

Some other sub assemblies have been done with more pics to come. See you later!

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I haven't done much this week. Lost the mood abit following news at work. But here are a couple pics for now. I hope to be back on the build over the weekend.


One of the engine nacelles in progress.


. This is of one of the parts frames and what I want to illustrate are the large ejector pin plast stubs familiar with these kits. The ones in particular can be seen on the rear sides of the four main wheel halves. Not a big issue really. They just need snipping off and filed smooth before gluing together of course. There were similar 'lugs' on the tailplane halves and to the inner sides of wings and fuselage.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Abit more peed off! Having lost the will to do any more modelling due to my job issues. I got some of my mojo back. So over the easter weekend i did a fair bit to this project. Took pics, edited them for uploading to PB and then ...bang!! Pb is not showing all my pics in the library, And when I clik on the box to upload pics I can't see the file the photos are in and so can't upload to here. With more bad news re work and this crap going on, I am losing the will to do any more. So I' am not sure what I'll do to continue this build. May well try and finish the model. and continue to take pics and wait and see if PB has got its act together! Its been fine for a while until today!!! :chair::boom::jump_fire::raincloud:

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Paul, it never rains but pours (although your job situation is more like a monsoon), hopefully you can sort Pb out, I'd love to see this one finished.

Good luck!


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Well. PB have sorted the issue I had and so some pics for you of the Flamamnt so far:


Fuselage glazing fitted. What I did was to prime and then airbrush the dull aluminium colour around the window areas, fitted the glazing with the idea that it might be easier to mask the section where the windows are whenit comes to final coating. There is more to this but I really don't recall what it was...


With the windows in place, the floor and seating fitted...


.... and then fuselage joined up.


Wings. Having previously joined the wing halves, it came the time to fit to the fuz. I found that the underside didn't quite mate up with the root on the fuselage. So a scrap piece of plasticc card is pusehd in place to spread the shape apart a bit. The right hand wing in photo shows this work.


With the wings in place. The underside trick worked. Pic to come showing this.


Some other views of the build.... The gap to the upper nose is due to the separate nose parts not lining up well with the rest of the fuselage. So I had to fit the halves separately to ensure a good join and go with the chore of filling the 'wedgy' gap. Not a major job but needs to be done !



The engines. The resin front ends are nice but I over sanded one of them a tad9The right hand one in the pic) and so had to fill the gap with some microstrip foand then trim to shape.


And the build so far.

Since these pics, I struggled in trying to get the resin upper fuselage part that sits just forward of the windshield. Its will take me too long to explain it but basically it was apig to fit, needed trimming to accept a good fit for the clear part... and its still not quite right....

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Neat work Paul, I have one of these in the stash waiting for 'one day' to arrive, so it's good to learn of any pitfalls with them. I don't think I've actually seen one built before either...


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Paul, really pleased that you managed to sort out the problems with Pb so that we could all see your progress - very good! :thumbsup2:

Hopefully, this will reinvigourate your enthusiasm.


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Cheers all.

Re the issue around the nose, the resin part can be seen at top right of second photo down in post 5 with the resin bits. The part is supposed to sit in the cockpit opening on top of the instrument panel with the 'V' shape accepting the clear part. The thing is this resin part fits OK but the clear part won'tt in particular the forward external 'v' of the clear part. So I have to sand and keep sanding the straight edge of the resin part that ouches the matching edge on the plastic, carefully to avoid breaking and do constant dry runs until the clear sits properly. I didn't do much last night but when I left it the other evening it still needed attention. Once this is sorted satisfactorily, the rest will be plain sailing.

Oh, I also added a fair bit of weight to the nose and engine nacelles so I am hoping it will sit on its undercart!!

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Playing a bit of a catch uo this evening. WIth the new job wearing me out, I've not had much time to come out to play!

So, to bring you all up to date here is the work so far:


A bit of rendering with filler to blend in to proper shape the resin part supplied in the kit which does not fit too good.


Some other parts and work to the undercart...


Filling the gap with the nacelle and wing. Plastic micro strip glued in place and then trimmed away and sanded. The Micro strip I am using is around 40 plus years old!!!


Back to the cockpit area and a bit more blending and another gap at the 'V' that needs more filling.....


.... and then I masked the glazing to protect it from sanding.



And finally a couple vies of primer applied. Since these last two pics, the dull aluminium colour has been sprayed on. Pics to come...

PS: It just about stands on all three with a weighted nose but I am now hoping it will be OK when the main wheels are fitted.

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Final few pics of progress. Mostly showing painted up model fitted with undercart, props( and one broken one to be fixed!) and decasl in progress.


Canopy framing in stages...





....and main decals started...



Thats it for now. As a tip for those that have this kit waitng to be built...BEWARE!!! The decals are very thin and tricky to handle!!!

Overall, the kit built up reasonably well. Some gap issues but easily dealt with and the end result is an interesting and previously an unkitted subject.

One area that could have been better are the main wheels. They have hub detail but no definition between tyre and hub so its tricky to paint well!!

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