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  1. Thats a big step forwards Ed. Good catch on the height of the tail and a good job on sorting it out too. You have also done a great job on fairing in the front canopy and masking it, I know what you mean about dog hairs though, they get everywhere don't they. Looking forward to seeing more of the paint on.
  2. A very classy build of a classic model Loren, she's turned out superbly. You have shown us what can be achieved with these classic Monogram kits. Thanks for having built it for the GB and I am very much looking forward to your next one.
  3. Now this should be really interesting! How are you planning on doing the nose job on this Loren? I know there are conversion sets available but wondered if you were doing it the old fashioned way with plans and drawings. Either way I am along for the ride.
  4. An excellent result Paul, a superb looking Voodoo. Keeping the weathering subtle is the right thing to have done with a Canadian Voodoo and you have done it well. It has been great having you take part in the GB, made even better by the great model you produced. Very well done.
  5. Well the copious amounts of masking tape did the trick Graham, not a spot of overspray to be seen. She's looking very smart and by the looks of things should be in the F-102 gallery very soon.
  6. Nice work Loren, she's looking really good. The tail markings are certainly colourful.
  7. She's a big bugger isn't she, going to take a fair amount of paint on top of that primer.
  8. Lovely! Fantastic job on the masking Enzo, very neat.
  9. Very sorry to hear this Steve, but as Enzo says there's no point continuing to struggle if you're not having any fun, that is what we're meant to be doing after all.
  10. Great work on your Starfighter mate, looks like Kinetic finally got their act together on this kit.
  11. Nice work Enzo, she's definitely very Voodoo shaped now. Good job on sorting the fit issues.
  12. Welcome to the GB Alan, and with a fantastic choice too, a zipper in dayglo, whats not to love! Bob is spot on with his description of the scheme and markings. Do it, do it do it! It will look fantastic.
  13. That is some very nice work Graham, already one of the best F-102's I have seen built from this kit. Looking forward to the decals going on as I have just nabbed that same set from Ebay and am interested to see how yours perform. And a hint for fitting the weapons bay doors on the correct side, the holes for the rockets point forwards.
  14. She looks great Dave. The aftermarket stencil sheet certainly looks to be very comprehensive and it should keep you busy for a while, good that it has the white markings for the nose, makes things much easier for you in that respect.
  15. Definitely taking shape mate, it may not fit together perfectly but you are doing a great job on sorting it out, and the surface details do look nice.
  16. A very good point Paul, and it explains why things have been going so smoothly so far. Come on Rich, there's always room for one more!
  17. I think that your Deuce is looking great Ettore, a lovely smooth coat of paint and the wing fences really stand out against the ADC Grey.
  18. Looking very good with the decals going on Paul, makes for a very colourful looking model.
  19. Nice work Steve, the main gear well looks very good and it looks like you got a good fit on the wing joints too.
  20. Nice work, she's going together very well, makes a change for a Kinetic kit. I agree about the Greek roundels, the kit ones are way off. There is a very good sheet for Greek F-104's by Icarus Decals, well researched and very comprehensive.
  21. I think the main gear doors are different as well, to accomodate the change in the main wheels.
  22. Nice work Chris, the front seems to have gone together without any fuss.
  23. Well if it helps keep Adrian's spirits up I am prepared to be the butt (ooh err missus!) of your jokes.
  24. Really sorry to hear that Adrian. I hope that they are able to find out what is giving you such trouble with your legs and even more importantly that they are then able to sort it out. Know that you will be in all of our thoughts mate, and we hope that our builds help to keep you entertained during your stay in hospital.
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