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  1. Thanks Tony, I think it is the most detailed helicopter cockpit I have seen in 1/72 scale.
  2. Good to see another Iraqi subject joining the GB Jabba, and who doesn't like a Mig-23.
  3. That is some top scratchbuilding Col. Don't think I would have the patience to do that.
  4. Nice smooth coat of paint Lex, I really like the scheme you have chosen.
  5. Nice work Chris, the instrument panel looks really good as does the seat and all of this will make a very convincing cockpit, especially if the canopy is closed.
  6. Thanks Jabba, this is a nice and relatively easy kit to build, I would certainly build another.
  7. The Zvezda kit is supposed to be very good, you just have to be careful to get the right version. The A-10 is a great stand in though, definitely an icon of the Gulf War.
  8. Getting crazy ideas to be building more than one Skyhawk at the same time for different GB's!
  9. That is a possibility, if you are going to get another Hind I can heartily recommend the HobbyBoss kit.
  10. That is good to know Dennis on two points, one that you have all you need for what will no doubt be an excellent A-4K, and two that good customer service still exists. It means that any of us on here who were thinking of using them can order with confidence.
  11. Sorry I didn't pick up on that earlier John. We can always say that it was a one-off testing of the Russian IR suppressor, rather than have you damage your kit.
  12. Thanks Dave, I can certainly recommend the kit as it has, in my opinion, the right mix of detailing and ease of build.
  13. Hi Ray, and many thanks. I am not usually a huge fan of single colour schemes but there is something about this one that I really like, maybe its the fact that is unique among active duty USAF Phantom units.
  14. Hi Phil, and thank you very much for your kind thoughts regarding both myself and my Phantom. Very sorry to hear that you won't be building the Eagle in the 57th markings, I was really looking forward to seeing that. Take care mate.
  15. It really is a nice kit Glynn, just a pity that it isn't available at the minute.
  16. John, I am not sure what those extra things are that KP/Italeri are having you attach to the outside around the exhausts but it isn't on any pics I have seen of Hinds, unless it forms the basis for attaching the IR suppression kit and that wasn't fitted to Iraqi Hinds as far as I know.
  17. Thanks Chris, thats very much appreciated. Thanks Dennis, I appreciate your thoughts and that you like the Phantom. I seem to have turned a corner and am feeling a lot better this morning, still tired but breathing is much more easy. Thanks Col, I have really enjoyed this GB and GB's on the whole. After stumbling onto them just after signing up I haven't left and its where I like spending my time on BM. I love the help, support and encouragement that happens here, there is never anything negative or nit-picking just help and support, if only society in general had this spirit.
  18. This is great choice Werner, I really like the F.1 and the Qatari camo scheme was always one of my favourites, when they were sold to Spain they carried their Qatari camo for quite some time. There is still one on a pole outside the QEAF side of Doha airport.
  19. Nice work Alex, a good catch on the angle of the rocket pods, I like your fix for getting their angle correct.
  20. She is looking really nice Paul, great job on the filling and sanding mate. Won't be too long before you get to the painting stage at this rate.
  21. Nice work on the Mig Ray, the weapons and undercarriage look very nice. Looks like those decals will keep you busy for a while.
  22. Thanks Jabba, John, Pappy and Glynn. I have to say that I really like this kit and rate it very highly, no real problems at all so far and some good moulded detail by HobbyBoss. I have spent some more time on her and have managed to get the fuselage halves together, a couple of important steps before that are adding the glazing to the fuselage halves and doors, fitting the doors and fitting the main wheel wells, all of which went without a hitch. I stuffed a little weight behind the cockpit area into a small space that will not be visible and then it was time to join everything up, a
  23. That is some very nice work John. Don't think you can escape fitting the glazing to the upper part of the cabin doors as these will be visible when the top door is hinged upwards, nice try though!
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