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  1. There must be some sort of special planetary alignment happening because unless my eyes deceive me work has started on the mythical Draken!! And not only that but the Aries resin looks like it will fit! Something very strange is going on here.
  2. Really nice work Ray. The rudder looks much better for being painted rather than being a decal and having seen you do a great job of a very similar yellow stripe on the sides of your Bf 109E I have no doubt that the red one of your P-24 will be just as good.
  3. Of that I have absolutely no doubt Martin, its just a shame that you have to do this on a modern tooling when some of their other recent kits such as the SMB2 and Do-27 are so nice.
  4. Very nice work on both of your Phantoms Bertie. Especially good to see such a good model made from the old ESCI tooling. Very well done.
  5. Cracking choice of markings Paul, brings back memories of the old Airfix kit from the 70's.
  6. An excellent result Tony, very nicely constructed and painted.
  7. Oh yes, I still have "one or two" B-17's in the stash so you can count me in VP.
  8. The replacement decals look much better than Tamiya's thick ones Paul, very nice work.
  9. You seem to be winning the battle Martin, though she is putting up a hell of a fight. That flash is horrendous! Certainly not what you would expect from a modern tooling.
  10. She's a big old beast Werner and all that aftermarket stuff should keep you busy for a while. I was lucky enough to see a couple of these at airshows and they really are great looking aircraft and they look good in either camo or NMF so I look forward to seeing what you can do with this classic kit whichever scheme you choose.
  11. Thats looking great Werner, the old ESCI decals look like they have behaved very well.
  12. Really nice work Dave, the final weathering and details have made for a fantastic model. Very well done mate.
  13. Looking very good Dave, those replacement exhausts look very nice indeed, a big step up from the kit ones.
  14. Thanks John, always a pleasure to have you along for a build mate, I'm looking forward to getting started on her.
  15. Nice choice Rich, I like the overall grey but with large national markings and the red tails, adds a nice splash of colour.
  16. Great to see your Marlin underway Alan, and a good start it is too. Very nice job on the area behind the cockpit. A pity about the damage caused by your home made laser but It looks like you have repairs well in hand.
  17. Really good work Ray, the completed power egg is great. The manifold is much better now that you have replaced the original metal parts and the completed "egg" is a great little model in its own right. Very good use of spare 109 canopies, nice to see spare parts being put to good use.
  18. Looking very nice indeed Rich, she looks good in the green but will look even better with the digital decals on. The old Hasegawa kit might not be as good as the latest Phantoms but you are proving that you ca still build a good model from them.
  19. Coming together very nicely, even with the fit issues.
  20. I agree, if I was building it thats the scheme I would go for.
  21. I look forward to seeing her when you have finished her Jean.
  22. Excellent choice Glynn, I have been wanting to do a Finnish Lysander for a while but keep missing out on the Gavia/Eduard kit so I am very interested to see how you get on with this one as I might have to drop a scale to get one.
  23. Great choice Jeroen, wouldn't be right to not have a Viggen in the GB and being a newer release from Heller the decals should be of good quality.
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