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modelling minion

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  1. Great choice Glynn, really interested to see what you can do this kit and all the goodies. Good choice of scheme too, who doesn't like a winter scheme!
  2. Great result Dennis, very nice indeed. The finish looks really good and I'm happy to see that the decals behaved themselves.
  3. What a great choice, I've got one of these in the stash so I'm very interested to see how your build goes. Also keen on seeing how the Kora decals and skis turn out as I quite fancy their Finnish option for the same kit.
  4. These are really coming together very nicely Paul, the work is up to your usual very high standard and the prep work for the metallic finishes is going to give excellent results.
  5. Interested to see how this turns out Steve as I've never built one.
  6. No Finnish Stukas Val, though there were German Stukas based there. Still no Romanian, Slovakian or captured Stukas being built yet, don't have any decals for any of them myself or I would have been building my Dora as a Romanian bird.
  7. Excellent work Arnie, and really quick too!
  8. Excellent work Dennis she looks great. The Yugoslav markings do add a nice bit of colour to the model don't they.
  9. Great to see you joining in Nigel, I assume from the extra swastikas that you will be building a Luftwaffe machine.
  10. Cheers Glynn, I've a few other references that didn't make it in the pic too, I quite like Stuka's
  11. This is a great choice Peter and is indeed a fascinating story, I built this aircraft from the old (but still good) Airfix 1/48 kit a few years ago. Which decals will you be using? I used the Lift Here set for mine and they worked very well and were accurate for the aircraft after the Luftwaffe codes were painted out.
  12. modelling minion


    Awesome result on both models Glynn, hard to believe that these are in 1/72 scale. The weathering on both looks really good and extremely realistic.
  13. Thanks Paul, the profile above is not of the actual aircraft I will be building so no needing to work out how to do the overpainting on the markings. Thanks Jean, I intend to enjoy my build even with it's accuracy issues and, as you say, it will still look like a Stuka.
  14. Cheers Jabba and Glynn really glad that you both like her.
  15. Excellent result Werner, the camo scheme looks great and good job with giving it that used look. Very well done mate.
  16. Thanks Arnie and Stix, I hope to make a start this weekend, i had hoped to get a little prep work done this week but I've been pit on nights at work and it is messing with my body clock quite a bit.
  17. A very interesting project Peter and some great research on your part. It will be great to see the two sets of pics of the aircraft finished in the 2 different schemes. Looks like you have just about every piece of aftermarket goodness that is out there, this should be a great build.
  18. That's a great selection of builds Arnie and should make for a very interesting display, Malta has no shortage of interesting subjects to build. I shall have to look out for your club display, will you be in the International section?
  19. I can heartily recommend Mig's "temporary white finish" as I have had pretty good results from it;
  20. Good to see an Italian Stuka being added to the list Arnie as they were a very important user of the type, looks like we're slowly adding different nationalities to the GB list.
  21. A very interesting proposition Enzo, great to see the development of the Stuks in one thread. Really interested to see this come together.
  22. Thanks Peter I fully intend to enjoy my build, warts and all.
  23. Yes I am aware of the nose issues with the kit Troy and was unsure as whether or not to try and reprofile the nose or just leave the engine panels off and have the engine exposed which should hide the issue (this is possible from the box) or just to ignore it and build it anyway, especially as nobody does a replacement spinner from what I can tell.
  24. Thank Stix you are way too kind as usual. I have enjoyed building the kit, nice to get a bit of a break from aircraft, and think that in a proper armour builders hands it can be made into a great model. Thanks again for allowing my build to take place.
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