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  1. Perfect Luke. One of my favourite schemes on one of my favourite aircraft, whats not to like. Another cracking choice Dennis, a big chunk of desert coloured heavy metal.
  2. Great picture, looks like it has at least two tone camouflage though goodness knows what the colours would be.
  3. Having built the Monogram AV-8B I can say that you shouldn't be disappointed mate, I enjoyed the one I built and bought another. Just watch the joint of the upper wing section at the rear, the only bit that needed some extra work.
  4. He most certainly is fine with that my friend.
  5. Quite possibly, but theres also another Monogram F-8E, a Hasegawa F-8J and a HobbyBoos TA-7 in the stash to choose from. Toying with the idea of backdating the Monogram F-8E into either a C or D.
  6. Come in for quite a hammering lately what with Hasegawa and the all the Bumfight bribes, and ordering one of the Hobby 2000 Marines boxings for myself.
  7. Blimey Pat that was quick! Very nice work too, shows what you can do with an older kit.
  8. I am very happy to hear that John, and you're not alone as there's quite a few of us really looking forward to it.
  9. Nicely done Chris, well done for sticking with the build and finishing it off, she looks really good. Thanks for having taken part in the GB and well done once again on your excellent model.
  10. Cheers Paul, I am looking forward to getting started on it. I bought some stuff to use for the snow on top of the aircraft at Telford, buggered if I can remember where I have put at the minute though, oh well plenty of time yet.
  11. That would be great Paul, the IDF AH-64's in their unique desert camo really do look very good. But then the Tonka would also be a great choice, especially with some nice nose art.
  12. Well as its the colours of the subject that is important I would think that your idea would be perfectly fine. Are there any pictures of these as I like the sound of a desert coloured Pz IVG.
  13. A lot of people have made a lot of money over the years on the fickle, ever changing minds of women, money which could be spent on sensible things like models!
  14. They most certainly do as they are in desert specific colours, which is the whole point of the GB.
  15. Another stunning piece of work Ray, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures in daylight in the gallery.
  16. A very useful bit of information, as I am working my way through Edwards test aircraft there is a fair bit of International Orange to be painted and this will save me having to mix my own. Why nobody actually makes a dedicated paint for it is beyond me considering some of the more esoteric colours that are available.
  17. He has the technology to (re)build them! And he's doing a very nice job too. Great to see your collection of lifting bodies coming together, they're going to look so good.
  18. Hope the move goes well mate, and I look forward to seeing your SR-71 come together in a future GB.
  19. Both of your Meteor builds are very interesting subjects James, a bit different than the usual RAF schemes and right up my street. I look forward to seeing progress when the move is out of the way mate.
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