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  1. Colours for my F-5A ... The plan is to paint this in a red & white scheme. To this end, the airframe ahas been given a few coats of Halfords Appliance White. Not sure that there is much difference to see in the photos between the gloss white and the primer coat. The red will need to match the model's decals: these are the options so far. Not the easiest colour to spray over gloss lacquer. The first two coats need to misted on, after that it sprays normally, except for the excessive, and unforgiving, bleed. Interesting, in the photo Naphthol red looks to be the best match for the decals, in my hand, the Pyrrole red looks better.
  2. That's a nice mix of colours there Stu.
  3. Congratulations on the new job Luke, your model is coming along nicely too.
  4. Good one, glad you recaptured the wing rail.
  5. That's a nice start to the decals Chris, looks as though they are behaving well.
  6. Saw the F-5A and F-20 in the gallery, they look good. Seems like a fair bit of work will be done on the F-5B?
  7. Think this was one of Kinetic's earlier kits, so it has a few faults; case in point, the fit of the 'pit on this kit isn't the best. Another detail to look out for, if you are using them, is the coke bottles; the replacements are narrower, in plan, than the originals. Easy enough to deal with, if you are looking out for it.
  8. Thanks James. If the paint works, I'll share the supplier's details, I'm sure a few people want RAL colours on occasion. My concerns are more the masking I've let myself in for, and cleaning the Airbrush after each colour.
  9. Priming has started, as with my F-5A, a coat of Halfords yellow filler: That was yesterday. Followed, today, with some grey primer: This is all in preparation for some unusual (to me) paints. Finding suitable paint that claims to match RAL colours was an exercise in itself. Eventually, I found two UK based custom paint suppliers who would mix the paint. The people who made these are based in Northern Ireland. Thinners for this are 'normal' paint thinners, that you can buy at house painting suppliers. Based on smell, that'd be white spirit (oh, joy ). Coming soon to this thread: how to really mess up a paint job ...
  10. Painting, or, at least priming, has started. First a coat of Halfords filler primer – no missing where that landed: That was yesterday, and today, three coats of white. My problem lay with covering the white Miliput filler. Hope this will be good enough.
  11. They might not be the right era, but those post '47 decals look good with that scheme. Gallery this weekend? OK. GL with your F-15 build.
  12. Now, now, rivet counting MM! Looks promising, Stu, as does your Sabre.
  13. Just* a few details, and it'll be ready for the gallery. * 'Just', the four most expensive letters in project management.
  14. Looks like good progress, Enzo. Now, about that missed documentation; just double-checking the rules: Well, there's something of the build shown, so you are within the rule
  15. And they are up, looking good in the gallery
  16. A brace of Dutch NF-5B's, they look great. Now, for the glamour shots in the gallery?
  17. Thank-you to @Marklo for volunteering to co-host some group builds, including this one.
  18. Hello Marklo I know it is outside your area of expertise, but we need for another co-host in the Armoured Cars and Half-tracks GB.
  19. Looking good in its camo.
  20. Think I missed this, until you mentioned it in Bertie McBoatface's thread. OK, yes, see if we can get it through
  21. Sounds interesting Bertie A couple of ancient figures. A Greek Hoplite, probably Athenian from his device (the swan representing Zeus, from the Leda and the Swan story) And, much more modern, a Roman Auxiliary soldier (1st century AD)
  22. Nice work, James. Good to see you have your priorities set right; and, incidentally, a timely reminder to me to paint the canopy interior before priming, thanks.
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