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Building from scratch KC-10 Extender 1/48

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I was speechless to hear that I have a fan club in Russia and told all my friends.

very happy

My work recognized, is like a mission accomplished for me. But I intend to improve semrpe

I managed to translate some comments and would like to be able to interact with everyone but unfortunately I did not feel safe enough because they do not know if I quite understand the messages.

But thank you all, it really encourages me to continue

I think your fan base is not limited to Russia, your work is nothing short of outstanding! Edited by Canberra Fan
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I do love a bit of scratchbuilding

and I adore this scratchbuilding, it is an object lesson in getting it right

no matter how impossible it sometimes seems to be :worthy:

Paulo you do wonderful work, I am loving both of your large scale scratchbuilds

thanks for sharing your techniques


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:gobsmacked: wow I only just found this build thread!!!!!!

amazing work, well done, just love the work that has gone into the fans, they're a labour of love each one, but really worth it, little works over art!

another master class in modelling I have to follow!!!

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