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  1. Hello John, out good friend Alexandre does them in 144th but up to you if you want to take the gamble on placing an order
  2. Hi Simon, not far off mate lol it was on the BM table at southern expo the next day and came 3rd in class on the sunday
  3. Hi all well it's taken 9 days in total and rushed it a little at the end to have it ready for southern expo at Hornchurch tomorrow. The kit is Revell's 1/144 A 380 Lufthansa box with custom made decals by Richard Warcup. Cheers mate!
  4. Very nice indeed, I was thinking about buying it when you had it for sale on evil bay
  5. This is 98% finished and I will get the last odds and sods done in a while in time for southern expo tomorrow
  6. I think I have the Gio decal all bricks 773 if any good
  7. Don't forget the old revell tristar in this livery
  8. I think you may be better of using milliput to fill the gaps
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