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  1. Thank you Vildebeest, however I have written to them and am still waiting for théier answer. Their site is puzzling me since it shows the Valentia flying boat ! Paolo
  2. Hello Beekeeper,


    I have the 1/96 scale drawing of the Victoria IV and V done by A. Grainger in Aircraft Illustrated in January 1970. His drawings are noted for their care and accuracy. It has fuselage plan, profile and two cross-sections, and plan of one wing half, as well as a few other details. The wings and tail unit are basically Virginia items and I also have his 1/96 scale drawings of the Virginia Mk. X.


    If these drawing are of interest to you, PM me with your email and I will scan them and send to you. I do not want to put the drawings on Britmodeller as I am not sure of the copyright of them.



    Peter Malone

    aka Magpie 22

    1. beekeeper


      Thanks Magpie ! 

      I am trying to guess where the pm are located !

  3. Good afternoon to everybody, I have started Contrail’s Victoria and Valentia. Has anyone a good reference to get in touch with, or readily available plans ? I have discovered that Vickers built a flying boat named Valentia. I am not looking for a plan of the flying boat ! Thank you. Paolo
  4. Hi the link provided by stevehed 5 years ago (I know, better late than never ) does not allow to see the pictures. Have you an idea as to how to see them again ? thanks
  5. Hi, I have recently bought the old Contrail kit of the Harrow. As I was looking for an eye-catching paint scheme, I went across this picture : http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205090513 Is there anyone who has an idea as to the underwing and lower fuselage colour ? Could it be yellow ? Thank you !
  6. Hi Jockney, I have in mind to get back to vacforms and would be pleased to have the information regarding the source of your strut material. Could you PM that to me as well ? thanks ! Paolo
  7. Gnat F.1 are so rare . Why not make it with Indian markings ? Some are really Nice ! A Very good project . Thank you.
  8. Vacform

    1. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      It's the way forward

    2. kwaterous


      is rater scary...

  9. I have discovered this build just today, it looks really impressive ! Brilliant project !
  10. I do not know of an Airfix RF-84F to my knowledge the only one us the Italeri one. It may have been ré-boxed. Anyway the models look fantastic ! Cheers
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