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    My main interest lie in post war RAF mainly 1950-1970s. I have particular affection for the Canberra, as I spent many years as a child on bases with them in the 60/70s.
  1. He might not know much about the Internet, but he sure knows how to model! He's done a really nice job.
  2. It's just not fair (teddy flies towards the corner of the room) no one should have that much talent!
  3. Nice one Mark, not my scale but it has enthused me to brake open my Airfix 1/72 kit. I like the dayglo in particular, you've nailed that. Mal
  4. Still can't believe Airfix only released the 8 and 9 in 1/72. Surely with all the variants that could be made from a B2/6 it would have made sense to have released it in 1/72. Oh and nice work John, looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  5. Never get tired of seeing Canberras. Nice job Rob, particularly like the finish.
  6. Any chance when these beauties are finished we can have photo of the them either side of your outstanding Chipmunk?
  7. Very nice indeed, cannot have too many grey & green phantoms.
  8. I think the photo makes it look a little short, but congratulations the build and finish is lovely. You nailed it!
  9. Cheshiretaurus, Stunning modelling, I've thoroughly enjoyed following Fritag's work on his Chipmiunk and JPs and now I'll be following your work with equal admiration. Totally inspiring, thanks for sharing. Mal
  10. Hi All, I know when I uploaded my Lightning F2A that I said it would be a Lightning T4 next; well I had forgotten about my half completed Vampire T11 that I had completely mucked up and had thrown in the spares box. I decided to give it another go given that it is such a lovely kit. (well done again Airfix). Please excuse the quality of the photos, they were done on my phone! Best wishes Mal
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