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  1. Our museum example has the port pod stencilled WITT P6 throughout, yet the Starboard pod is WITT 43 with WITT 26 nose section and GUT 16 rear.
  2. Interesting to see this. Was talking to a chap at Gloucester who is making one of these for Defford museum. He was comparing it to my FM offering, one of 2 in the same room!
  3. I heard this many years ago from a wartime fitter. He told me that was the only difference between the RR and Packard iterations of the same version of engine.
  4. Red mid chord on the fin top, and just ahead of the tail bumper, possibly a third on the belly c/l just ahead to the intakes. Drawings and one photo I have seem to bear this out. The fin top beacon is not always visible on photos. White/clear strobes at the rear of the wing tips.
  5. All in 1/48. Monogram F-80B Tarangus Viggen Hobby Boss Yak 38U Forger B
  6. Our F-53 has a clear strobe lens on the spine roughly in line with the trailing edge of the wing flap where it abuts the fuselage. I photographed it last week for a friend.
  7. Been home about an hour from an excellent show. The wall was demolished by a brand new electric car so I'm told. £35000 worth of building repairs, plus the car. Ouch.
  8. I have 2 of their sheets, one was well out of scale for several items. They grab instantly, and will curl up without hesitation. Dampen them and let them soak on the backing sheet out of the water, use decal solution on the model to help them slide, and use a wet flat brush to apply them. Try to position them exactly first time. Use any spares on the sheet for practice first. If you have another option for decals, go to them before Print Scale.
  9. Darn it. Loved his stuff. Albedo 0.39 was my first introduction to his music back in about '75 though I remember Aphrodite's Child as well. But he leaves us his genius and a wonderful catalogue.
  10. Magna did one in Resin as well, I have one.
  11. I didn't weigh mine, finished for MK show. No pics as no hosting site at present. Unless this works. https://www.facebook.com/190037197796389/photos/pb.190037197796389.-2207520000../2593944284072323/?type=3&theater
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