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  1. Shall we say I was underwhelmed, since they 'modernised' it. Glad they don't charge admission. Not a patch on what it used to be.
  2. When did you last go there?
  3. Not seen these before, apologies if duplicate posting https://www.flickr.com/photos/8270787@N07/with/51300999134/
  4. Correct. We have paid extra at MK for several years now - £5 for every extra pair of tables.
  5. An A2 mat is currently £8 in The Works.
  6. Indeed the thread was culled as certain persons hijacked it one night and made it offensive. I believe they got culled as well.
  7. I haven't used Flickr, though I have been following someone who posts their late father's collection. I notice they are making changes, with things like QR codes, so you can watch 'on the go' Probably means I won't be able to access them any more, as I don't do this weird stuff.
  8. The vax cards would have been enough.......but, the less intelligent social media users decided to take pictures of theirs and plaster them on their pages to show how good they were. So the fraudsters made their own to sell to the non-vaxxed.
  9. Drop a line to he has my copy of the wartime history of 2TAF, there may be something in that. Alert Brainfart Bish has my copy of 2 Group in WW2
  10. Covid is now classified as endemic, so basically get on with life, because it's not going away. I will be attending on behalf of our club, as it usually falls to me to set up, and I imagine a few more of us will be there.
  11. This is why I applied for the letter, it has no expiry date, unlike the App. Also paper does not suffer from electrical failures. I just looked again, and it covers NHS in all 4 constituent nations of the UK, with their respective logos. Therefore I'm puzzled as to why residents outside England can't get them the same way.
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