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  1. Excellent bit of NMF there. Really smart job.
  2. I don't have a photo host at present so got lucky with the web. I would say that was taken at a steam rally fairly locally. It also has a DAS sticker (Duxford Aviation Society) and a Radio Caroline sticker. Cant be all bad even if he is an AUDI driver.
  3. Long time since I saw one. I took a photo, then found this one of it on the net.
  4. Just nipped out to Lidl's and this was in the car park. 3 cylinder 2 stroke 1175 cc 60hp. Sounded like someone farting in a bean tin.
  5. Airfix Thunderstreak (like I haven't got enough on my plate with a real one) 1/48 Monogram Hawker Typhoon 1/35 Riko Cessna 172 1/48 Monogram Convair Pogo.
  6. at Global domination........megalomaniacs
  7. Go for it. I do crazy things and have one or two more kitbashes to produce unexpected results taking shape in my head. Be interesting to see the finished product.
  8. Was a good show today. Lots of interest, sold & bought some goodies. Look forward to next year.
  9. Hmmm. Tested at MAEE Felixstowe, but I was just too young to see it. Possibly one for the SABLE collection.
  10. Just done a Tu-160 in Halfords white primer. Not so in your face as Appliance white. Downside is you have to gloss it for decals. I prefer Appliance white for things like airliners.
  11. I bet Mr O'Leary could squeeze an extra 2 in there somewhere! When I first walked around* the Poseidon, I thought the baggage hold weapons bay was a tad small. * see the walkaround section for some pretty pictures.
  12. It is moulded in white, and it is humungus. The most vulnerable component when it's complete is the pitot head. There are no direct substitutes, but the Master F-106 Delta Dart is close enough. I look forward to seeing that BV though.
  13. following Blue Peter's instructions (for our overseas friends, Blue Peter is a children's television programme with informative and creative content.)
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