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  1. Count me in with either a 1/32 scale netz, or just a 48th jet
  2. I've flatted them back ready to repaint, and got some of the decals on the main fuselage. I'll try and get some pictures up this week.
  3. Cheers guys, i think im gonna stick with the orange as is and just redo the doors as to me it looks the same as the none shadow photos.
  4. I think so yes, in some photos it does look like a red shade. but on the decal instructions the photos and diagrams say international orange. Tamiya x6 fits the bill perfectly. should be interesting, The uk's Hueys look great in Navy blue and yellow so I think a dark sea blue one would look spot on.
  5. Cheers buddy, see post number 6
  6. Got the orange painted, but it looks like I'll have to re do the smaller side doors as they had a darker undercoat and have come out a different shade.
  7. Masked and ready for some orange paint.
  8. I had thought about either sculpting one from miliput or using a block of foam as a core for a foil skin.
  9. Yes it came with miniguns and the elaborate ammo feeds in the box. I dont think so, note the floor is on a slope too as the copter is sat in a tail down attitude.
  10. So I've been getting a bit of time on this before work of a morning, I've got the main fuselage together and the windscreen taped/glued in place as it'll need a bit of blending in around the corners. I've also sanded the majority of the giant rivets off as quite frankly they looked ridiculous.
  11. I think the italeri kit came with this scheme as one of the options.
  12. I may put crew in it, does anyone have a set of crew figures from the academy huey that they want to part with? I've been researching the internal fuel badder, and found the werners wings resin items, but alas i dont fancy paying the crazy shipping rates from the usa so i think ill have a go at fashioning my own.
  13. You're right sparra, although the insert sits flush there is quite a canyon around it.
  14. So I've decided to start with this one as my Gb entry. Obligatory in box shot Having found these photos online, I have decided to do my bird as one stationed in yuma during 2003 using the fantastic fireball modelworks decal set. I started by removing the major components from the sprues, and removing the cockpit doors (not sure this was a good idea)
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