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  1. Excellent result and the best detailed Saturn V I've seen to date. The fairings came out great and look perfect. Congrats on your build and now you can start on the Skylab version!
  2. Excellent work and attention to detail as always. Looks great and good to see the F-1's installed.
  3. Nice work! It's really coming along now. Good save on the paintwork and it happens to the best of us. If you don't mind me asking what brand of paints are you using?
  4. Looks good. The green will be easy after masking the black etc. Outstanding work.
  5. That's looking real nice with paint on. Your masking worked out well. A trick for masking is to spray a very light coat of clear along the masking line before you spray the black. The clear will seal the tape line and prevent any black seeping under the tape.
  6. You are correct. I just pulled my kit out and parts are located on sprue C for both options.
  7. Just caught up on the build. Excellent work on the Apollo spacecraft and the BB's for the tanks is a great idea. It's all starting to come together now and looks terrific.
  8. The LM cannot be built with landing gear extended.
  9. Hi Marc, the AGM-28's don't exist in 1/48 scale. I think at this stage I'll build 61-0040 the last B-52 built. I have all the usual reference books Detail & Scale and Aerofax which cover the early B-52's plus I have a couple of USAF TO's on the early B-52H including the Maintenance and Erection manual.
  10. I have one on order with the flap set. I'll be doing an early B-52H with the Anti Nuclear paint scheme. Can't wait.
  11. The fairings look great under a coat of paint. Did they come up ok and no visible lines from the 3D printing? I'd be up for a couple of sets of fins if you make them available on Shapeways etc. Really nice seeing this all come together.
  12. Really coming together now. Your paintwork looks great and really blends everything together. Those fins look nice. I sure wish I had picked up a set of those F-1 engines before he stopped production.
  13. Nice work and the primer highlights the extra detail and how clean your detailed work is. Looks great and will be exceptional once the top coats go on.
  14. Nice work and great attention to the details.
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