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  1. Really great. The scheme is a nice change. Dan
  2. Daniel

    Africa GB chat

    Definitely me too. I’m currently residing in Johannesburg for the foreseeable so plenty of local options available Dan
  3. Erm... I may have just read this thread and then immediately ordered a 1/48 Tornado to build for this GB.... Dan
  4. Excellent, do keep us informed of your progress Dan
  5. Excellent build, I like the Afghan Harriers Dan
  6. Hi Col I've been away, but I’m back. I’m in with a 1/48 Lightning, scheme TBC. Also would a two seat trainer version Lightning be accepted into the GB? Dan
  7. Looking really good, hard to believe it’s 1/200 scale Dan
  8. Excellent model and photography too! Well done Dan
  9. Mmmm Im thinking a Nigerian Air Force Lightning. There was an attempt to sell ex Middle East Lightning’s to Nigeria that never completed. Dan
  10. Is this the right place to say we need a new tooled Vulcan!?! Dan
  11. Yeah, I like this. All my previous What If group builds have been of this logic anyway. Think I did an 11Sqn TSR2 last time Dan
  12. Great build, and I’ve learnt about a new to me aircraft too! Dan
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