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  1. Mmmm Im thinking a Nigerian Air Force Lightning. There was an attempt to sell ex Middle East Lightning’s to Nigeria that never completed. Dan
  2. Is this the right place to say we need a new tooled Vulcan!?! Dan
  3. Yeah, I like this. All my previous What If group builds have been of this logic anyway. Think I did an 11Sqn TSR2 last time Dan
  4. Great build, and I’ve learnt about a new to me aircraft too! Dan
  5. Hi Will I’ve been following along, thanks for all the details Dan
  6. This looks really good, well done. The wash has had a great impact Dan
  7. Well if that thing was a ‘awesome’ then you succeeded! Dan
  8. Now that looks really good. You find the build easy? Dan
  9. This looks great and is tempting me to buy this kit. Dan
  10. Look great Will. Looking forward to whatever’s next from you. Dan
  11. I just ordered it! You cost me $40! Dan
  12. Really great progress Will. You've got me considering picking up the 'First Strike' box set which seems an amazing bargain for what you get... Dan
  13. Fantastic work so far and great to see the newly released models being painted Dan
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