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Airfix EE Lightning F3

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Hello all,

This was a bit of fun that I placed on the BM table at Sutton Coldfield last weekend, and it seems to have gone down well. I thought you might like a chuckle.

It's the 1/72 Airfix Lightning F3, built to look like the one in the instructions, with steel wire to represent the "this part goes here" lines. By adding the nosewheel last, it was possible to judge it so that the whole thing stood on its undercarriage. 35 parts in total, none of which are touching any of the others...

So here is the model which, had they had such a category, I think would have won first prize in the "Widest Seams And Least Painted" competition:






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Sheer genius! :gobsmacked::speak_cool::heart:

It's one of those builds (and ideas) that the moment you see it you go "Why didn't I think of that?" :wall:

Very nicely done.



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