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  1. This Hasegawa F-14A with Verlinden cockpit and seats in the markings of VF-111 (one of my favourite USN fighter squadrons):
  2. Duxford's Harvard, which is currently doing pleasure flights out of Rochester.
  3. Very nice Micro vehicles and choppers there. Looking forward to the next update.
  4. Nice work Martin. She's gonna look a beauty
  5. What? I moved the images. Hang on and I'll restore them. Pics now restored
  6. That Blue and Orange Biplane looks like a Curtiss Condor?
  7. It could be what became known as PRU Blue, which IIRC was the colour early RAF B-17's were in on the underside. But then I could be hopelessly wrong lol
  8. I just bought these to use as weights in my model Jets: from here and they're only £3.89
  9. Nice work Paul. I think I'll invest in these sets when I build my next one
  10. That is nice it reminds me a bit of a Beaufighter
  11. Oh nice. I'm gonna have to do a Persian cat (but in the old scheme)
  12. Yes the paneeling on the clear parts does match that on the solid plastic. And it really is a super kit. I highly recommend it.
  13. IIRC they did two versions of the Chally the standard one, and a later re-release with a Dozer blade.
  14. Oh that does look nice
  15. That's a lovely Toom. And welcome to the forums.
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