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  1. Thanks...pictures of the real thing don't start until pic 12 if that helps. It's not the first time I've modelled a subject I've flown, and it's always satisfying. Can't do figures to save my life! Thanks. Thanks...and yes, it was! Waited a long time to finally fly a jet... Thanks, glad you liked it. Dean
  2. Professional gambler. My Dad came out of work when I was in my early teens, and that was the end of my pocket money so I used to take a pack of cards to school and take all of my mates' pocket money off them at break times. Obviously we couldn't have money on the tables, so I kept track of the bets/wins/losses in an exercise book and my benefactors paid up at the end of break. Gordon Gibson still owes me a fiver to this day... And no, I wasn't a cheat!
  3. I think the third paragraph of the article answers your query: "Zoukei-Mura's intention with its kits is for the modeller to learn about the workings and anatomy of the aircraft in question..." If you look on ZM's website and read the owner's musings on his blog, it seems that is the whole philosophy behind their kits, and probably explains why some kits can be finished without the external panels at all, or with transparent ones like in the Ki-45 kit. Personally I'm not into cutaway models, and about half the parts in that build could have been omitted, making the kit cheaper to start with too. As far as the detail and fit goes with ZM, read the bit about the wing root fillets- they were such a good fit that when test fitted they clicked into place so well they couldn't be removed without risk of damaging them. I suppose it depends what you want from a kit- there are plenty of WIP threads on here which show amazingly detailed cockpits and interiors which then completely disappear when the fuselage halves are joined, but the builder says "I know it's in there". If you enjoy the build process, ZM will keep you occupied for ages; if you like to look at the finished product sooner, try another manufacturer or just leave bits out. Just my thoughts, Dean
  4. Hi all, now that the July issue of Airfix Model World issue has finished selling, I can finally show this... Last year whilst on holiday in Australia, I finally managed to get a jet in my flying log book. It's an L-39C Albatros belonging to a company at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane, and I managed to hire it for a while along with a pilot to keep an eye on it while I played with it. Returning home, I built a copy of it as a keepsake, using the Trumpeter 1/48 kit as a base, but incorporating scratch built parts, self made decals, and masks for some of the markings cut by my mate Nige. Hope you like it. Photos from the day: It's all good fun. Cheers, Dean
  5. Thanks to all those who've commented...it's appreciated. Cheers, Dean
  6. Thanks for the replies, folks. IPMS19, the trolley was an aftermarket resin kit from Master-X, so it wasn't scratch built- just scratched! The canopies are the kit parts, just very carefully assembled and creatively masked to hide the joins. Cheers, Dean
  7. Hi all, Now that the magazine it was published in is no longer available, I can show pictures of the Revell 1/32 Arado 196 that was built for Airfix Model World, where it made the front cover. It was done using the Eduard PE set for the exterior, and was mounted on an aftermarket resin beaching trolley. Some 'beach scene' photos first, followed by a few shots from the in-progress stages. Hope you like it... Cheers, Dean
  8. No such model was ever built. As for the opening poster's query - I'd say go for it. The whole idea of what-ifs is that they're fiction, and if people get offended by fiction then they're opinion isn't worth listening to anyway. Dean
  9. Thanks to the organisers...it's been fun. Dean
  10. Hi all, Here's the finished photos from my participation in the 'Kit I Built As A Kid' Group Build... It's the old Airfix 1/72 kit from 1982, built as the 3rd prototype which I made a mess of as a kid (as did one of it's pilots, as it sadly crashed on 16th March 1981). I've long been meaning to redo it, and this group build gave me the chance. The original decals have yellowed a bit and it's not up to today's standards, but it was fun. It was built completely out of the box except for the addition of a couple of seat straps, painted with Tamiya acrylics and finished off with X-22 gloss varnish. Cheers, Dean
  11. Cheers folks...and it's finished. I'll stick some photos in the gallery in a minute, but here's the studio shots, followed by some photos in a more appropriate setting... Thanks for letting me join in...it's been fun. Now, what's next..? Dean
  12. Right, this would be the last update...the cockpit parts and windscreen have been installed, everything has been painted, and only final assembly remains. The airframe currently looks like this: ...and the number of bits left to attach looks like this, including ten (yes-ten!) gear doors: More when it's finished, Dean
  13. Thanks for the comments so far folks... Right, the decals were VERY tricky, but with a coat of decal film they just about held together long enough to transfer to the model. The stars and bars were so badly out of register that I couldn't use them, so I had to use aftermarket ones of the same size. The ones on the fuselage will need a bit of touching up in white, as the diagonal blue stripe shows through them, and the slight yellowing on the original decals isn't that visible. Another (final) gloss coat next, and I can get on with a bit of detail painting... More when it happens, Dean
  14. Nuts... Disintegrated instantly on contact with water. I've given the rest of the sheet a coat of decal film...fingers crossed that works. I'll let you know, Dean
  15. Shiny shiny... So, the Tamiya X-22 glosscoat thinned with Mr Color Levelling Thinner went on well, and has been drying overnight. Decals later, methinks... More when it happens, Dean
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