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  1. Happy New Year all... currently on sale is the February edition of Airfix Model World magazine with my Lockheed Vega on the front cover. Here's a couple of teasers... Cheers, Dean
  2. I did miss that...as I said, twice, it all SEEMED to go quiet. It was just my perception of it. No need to feel bad about the fact that I missed something, that was my fault not yours. As I said, no offence was intended. My apologies if my comments upset you. Same to you too, Craig. Dean
  3. Just what it says...the gallery was supposed to have a poll attached to it for people to vote on their favourite build, and it never happened. The group build came to an end and nothing more seemed to be said about it afterwards. No offence meant, it just seemed to all go quiet...
  4. Been quite a productive year by my standards, ten completed builds and another one well on the way. Also started a new chapter of my modelling life in that six of these builds were articles for Airfix Modelling World magazine. In order of completion: Revell 1/32 Arado 196 with an aftermarket resin beaching trolley: Then I built a 1/48 Trumpeter L-39 Albatros as a souvenir of the one I flew in Australia. Custom markings, paint mixes and scratchbuilding were necessary to achieve this: Me having fun in the real thing...
  5. Right, I'm back. It's been a bit manic at this end lately, not least of which was the fact that my Dad had two strokes within a week. Progress report...the rear end of the fuselage is too narrow to meet flush with the closed airbrakes, and had to be built up with successive layers of putty until it met. Best I can do: The rear exhaust shrouds were an appalling fit: As was the fin to the spine, despite shimming it out earlier: So it was out with the putty again: After two rounds of putty-san
  6. Thanks for the interest, folks...like I said, only a couple of teaser pics, and I can't say too much more about it as it's in the currently available magazine. I'll fill in some more details after the mag goes out of print, if you like. It IS the Airfix 1/48 kit, I thought I'd put that in the tags, obviously not. 112 Squadron, I used all of those photos as reference for my build and was aware of the cannon bulges on the wings. I mentioned it in the article, but as removing them would have been a lot of work and my remit on building this was mainly to show off the new markings, I de
  7. Hi all, Just a couple of teaser pics of my Canadian racing Spitfire, the cover feature article for this month's Airfix Model World magazine: Cheers, Dean
  8. It does... especially when I cut the head off to reposition it! Oh it is, it is! As for the figures, they were given a wash with a pastel wash, drybrushed with a lighter colour to highlight the folds of the flying suits, and then matt coated. The sides of the seats weren't given the same treatment, as literally nothing of them can be seen once in place. I even painted the two figures' suits a slightly different colour, as my flying suit has faded a bit more than Ollie's- it's been around longer! Cheers, Dean
  9. It was the best weather I've experienced at Brunty! As far as I know, there's going to be no access to the airfield at all in future, so open days of any kind are a thing of the past, sadly. At Kemble, the Buccaneers are intending to do fast runs as before according to their FB page, but I'm wondering what sort of crowds it'll pull in if it's just them? At Brunty you got a whole day out for your money, with lots of different aircraft running... Sad. I didn't realise at the time that I was participating in the last open day there.
  10. Cheers folks...looks like I'll need all the encouragement I can get with this kit! Come on Airfix, were you even trying with the fin? Firstly it was warped so that if you fit it together using the locator pins, it curved to the right like a banana. Then the bottom of the spine extension was too narrow the meet the corresponding part on the fuselage, so had to be shimmed wider at the bottom. Then, after cleaning up the seams, the engraved panel lines don't meet up from one part to the other! From the way the multi-part airbrake goes together, it wasn't ever meant t
  11. Right...see that bloke waving out of the back of this Buccaneer trundling down the runway at Bruntingthorpe? That's me, that is... I was lucky enough to be the backseater in the last public run at a Cold War Jets Day at Bruntingthorpe last August, and had a whale of a time. Of course, I've got to make a model of the event, and after collecting together an Airfix 1/48 kit, a set of decals for the correct squadron markings, and an PE cockpit set, I finally made a start. I'm going to try to recreate XW544 as she was on the day I climbed aboard, complete with all the weathered pa
  12. Happy to help, Dave. Looks pretty good to me- I keep looking at it and thinking it's mine! Hope your brother likes it... :-) Cheers, Dean
  13. Deanflyer

    Hasegawa pricing

    That bottle of Klear was mine...
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