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  1. Thanks for the further comments folks... Dean
  2. I thought it was a struggle. The wheel wells pushed the fuselage out too far and gave the wings anhedral unless corrected. The wing was supposed to be interchangeable between marks, so had a lot of ill fitting panels to be added- there were four of these, for instance: Pip pip, Bertie old cork...see the answer above. Thanks, I do try to make the effort... Apparently the exposed tanks were supposed to be used in conjunction with the exposed engine set. The editor told me that they had the resin engine in the office somewhere, but couldn't find it until after I'd built the model without it... To everyone else who commented, thanks folks. Dean
  3. Hello all. Now the February edition of AMW has finished selling, I can show you some shots of my Revell 1/32 Tempest built for that publication. It was a struggle of a kit, very little fitting properly, and made more awkward by the editor's instruction to include the exposed fuel/oil tanks ahead of the cockpit. That took a lot more surgery than you'd believe! Lots of resin and photoetched bits went into this, and the final result was done up as a 501 Squadron machine, which was my Dad's old unit. So, here is G for Gordon: Onwards and upwards, Dean
  4. Happy New Year all, here's my annual output. First off, the old Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer, reworked to represent the one I got a ride in at Bruntingthorpe a couple of years ago. That's me waving from the rear seat: Then there was an Airfix 1/48 Blenheim built for Airfix Model World Magazine: After that was another build for AMW, a 1/32 IBG PZL.11c: Then there was a bit of a rush job, as I was asked to build a test shot of Airfix's new 1/48 Vampire- aftermarket decals were used as the kit ones weren't ready yet! After that was a fairly drawn out build of Revell's (ex- Special Hobby) 1/32 Tempest V, with a load of aftermarket thrown at it. I can only show a teaser, as this hasn't been published yet: Then I went tiny, and did a quick build of the GWH 1/144 TSR.2: And then I rounded off the year with a quick build of a Trumpeter 1/3 scale M-16A1 rifle: So, only seven completions, as I'm currently entrenched in a build of a 1/32 Italeri Tornado... More next year, Dean
  5. Mine isn't. And...thanks. I was purposely going for a factory fresh look by the way folks, and everything was new once...thanks for the comments, all. Cheers, Dean
  6. Hi all, Hopefully this is the right forum for this- the Trumpeter 1/3 scale M-16A1 rifle. It's always been a favourite design of mine, and I've been meaning to get round to this one for a while. I was going to do a WIP thread on it, but this: ...turned into this so quickly, I didn't have chance: It was painted in three types of Tamiya black- Semigloss black for the plastic grips and stock, NATO Black for the action and the barrel and Matt black buffed up for the magazine. It's a bout a foot long, and might not be to everyone's taste, but I rather like it... Cheers, Dean
  7. Hi all, Bit of a quick build for me, this. Just filling in a few hours between magazine builds, and went for a simple kit with a simple scheme. Enter the Pit Road TSR-2, which fits beautifully in many places, and doesn't in others. The undercarriage is incredibly fiddly, and the instructions would have you open all the gear doors, like the one at Cosford, although in reality most of them only opened when the gear was travelling. The aerodynamic surfaces are so thinly moulded that they're actually translucent in the right light! Here's the Great White Paper Dart: Onwards and upwards... Dean
  8. Really...? I'd be interested in seeing that if you've got a link, please. In the old days, before the forum changed, you could click on the bit that said 'replies' and it'd come up with all the people who'd posted. It doesn't seem to do it any more... To everyone else who's replied to a 13 year old thread, thanks! Cheers, Dean
  9. I sent you a message a couple of weeks ago John... Dean
  10. Now that the magazine has finished selling, I can show some pictures of my 1/32 scale PZL.11c from IBG. It's a lovely fitting kit, and all the photoetched parts you need are in the kit, so this is built out of the box. The only drawback was having to scratchbuild a new windscreen, as the kit part had debris moulded into it. A couple of magazine shots: Cheers, Dean
  11. Message sent, Clare... glad you liked it. Dean
  12. Hope it's not too late, but I think you've glued parts H41 and H42 in upside down and in the wrong sides, mate...those are the inner gear door retraction struts and need to have the narrow end of the pistons sticking out of the well to make contact with the doors later. Look at the finished diagram bottom right of page 19 of the instructions.. Cheers, Dean
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