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  1. Deanflyer

    Hi to all.

    Welcome Stevie...I've just noticed your avatar! You and I have both sat in the same seat... Dean
  2. Thanks Serge...I thought as much. Cheers, Dean
  3. I'm absolutely certain this was not the case...the stars on the wings have a camouflage demarcation line passing through them, and the stars are the same colour on both sides of it. (It's also ex-Ukranian Air Force, so wouldn't have had stars on in the first place.) Looks like I'll have to go down the route of getting masks cut... Dean
  4. I know there weren't in reality...the aircraft wears a fictional scheme. I just thought someone might have done something similar in the decal line. The stars were definitely grey, no matter how it looks in the picture...
  5. I did the same about ten years ago, and got a lot of input from various knowledgeable folks on here. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33457-jaguar-gr1/ Should tell you all you need to know. Dean
  6. Hi all, In my continuing quest to model aircraft that I've flown, I'm going to be building a 1/48 L-39C shortly. The one I flew in Brisbane recently had mock aggressor markings, including what looked like Soviet stars but in dark grey rather than red, and a large '99' on the nose, and it's these markings that are likely to cause me difficulty on the model. Does anyone know if there are any stars available in dark grey as shown, about 10mm in diameter? Also, the numbers for the 99 are 10mm high, and look like the American style numerals but a bit bolder - again, any ideas? I thought I'd ask before I go down the custom masks route. Here's what I'm after: Any info would be appreciated, folks. Cheers, Dean
  7. Here's a couple of shots from the day...most external shots from Colin Marrow, (Cheers mate!) cockpit shot from my GoPro. My chariot awaits: Waving to the crowds prior to the run: Ready to go...luckily I'd taken my own oxygen mask along as they were a bit short of them. It was a relief to find that it still works: Taxiing back in...nice vantage point Colin! Happy backseater! I can feel a model coming on... Cheers, Dean
  8. Thanks Houston, Sorry for the late reply, but I've been out of the country for the past fortnight. I think that video is from the May event judging by the weather - the August event was glorious! Cheers, Dean
  9. Did anybody here go to the Cold War Jets day last weekend? I can't seem to find any pictures anywhere online from the event, and I was hoping someone has got some decent pictures of the Buccaneer XW544 during its performance. I was the chap sitting in the back seat waving like a mad thing... If anyone has any, I'd appreciate seeing them please. Cheers, Dean
  10. It's the Dragon 1/72 kit... I put that in the tags. What detail would you like to see? Cheers, Dean
  11. This was done as a quick build between projects, and only took eight hours work to complete. It would have been quicker, but the escape rocket mast is VERY fiddly to put together, with more parts than the rest of the rocket put together, and the lack of proper instructions doesn't help. Also the main body of the rocket is presented as tubes, presumably to eliminate sanding of seams; it doesn't. There is a prominent mould seam down both sides of each of the four sections, and a lot of sanding and polishing smooth is still required. As it was a quick build, I didn't research the colour scheme too much and just followed the instructions on the box, so there are inaccuracies. No weathering was done, as this thing was only used once... Only one pic, as it doesn't look much different from the other side. Cheers, Dean
  12. Couldn't find a suitable place to post this...just consider it as artillery. It's an old L&S 1:1 scale kit that I've had for some time now, but badly finished in the past with car spray paint. I'm sort of between builds at the moment, so I thought I'd refurb this while I'm waiting for a kit to arrive in the post. I started by soaking the parts overnight in Mr Muscle oven cleaner, which did precisely zip to the paint. I got hold of some brake fluid, soaked the parts again, and within an hour they were bare plastic. Useful to remember... The parts were pretty poorly moulded, and the barrel and frame had a crinkly finish to the moulding, almost as if they'd designed it not to look too real. A lot of primer and sanding later, and it was just about acceptable. I used Alclad Gun Metal for the blued finish, as it seems to replicate it well...it's a sort of purply black colour, and when glossed over it looks about right. The sights and the top of the barrel were done in matt black as per the real thing, and the trigger and hammer were done in Alclad Steel with case hardening effects painted on using clear red, blue and smoke, although it's hardly visible in the photos. I simulated the wood grain of the grips by using oil paint, and glossed over it to look like polished walnut. All in all, I think it worked ok. And before anybody pipes up about the VCRA, yes I do have a valid defence for owning a RIF. Here it is: Cheers, Dean
  13. Thanks folks...I do try to make it look realistic with my photography. The weather wasn't great for outdoor photography though. It's the HobbyBoss 1/35 kit, Andy. My camera is a Sony A5100 with a 16-50mm lens. Only one? I must try harder... Cheers, Dean
  14. Hi all, Number 8 for the year so far is the insectoid Fieseler Storch. Nice kit, the only let down being the transparencies which are not the best moulded clear parts I've ever used, and a pain to fair in to the fuselage. Paints are from Gunze for a change, as they had the correct RLM colours, but I've painted it up as a modern restored warbird. The painting guide from HobbyBoss was woefully inadequate, so I had to use a lot of online reference for the camo scheme, and that's where I got my inspiration to do a modern representation. Walk around first: A couple of closeup shots: And the traditional 'magazine shots' to finish: Hope you like it, Dean
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