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  1. Thanks for the comments folks, it's appreciated. Here she is in natural daylight: Cheers, Dean
  2. For the few who've been following my WIP thread, here's the finished article, my reminder of a nice day out... And it's goodbye from me... Cheers, Dean
  3. Hi Pappy, Nope, it's finished now as I said, and it's really not noticeable under the open canopy. Thanks for the info anyway. Cheers, Dean
  4. Nice to see you realised the layout of the front cockpit structure is different to the single seater. Nice one. If you want reference photos, have a look on Facebook at The Two Seat Spitfire Page- loads of stuff on there. As for the identity- PT462? Dean
  5. Thanks for the comments folks. Right, this is the last WIP update, as I've forgotten to take any more photos! Here it is at the end of the weathering stage, with the matt coat on and various stains and scuffs added. Most of them were done according to my reference photos, so if you think it looks overdone, I can assure you it isn't! I've literally just put the finishing touches onto it, and I'll edit the photos tonight and post a RFI thread tomorrow sometime. 85 hours work wrestling this into submission...so I've wave goodbye for now:
  6. Hi Colin...I was going to send you a link to the finished article, but wanted to see how it turned out first. It was the best weather day I've ever had at Brunty- I was incredibly lucky there! What other Cold War jets are going to move to Kemble? I know the big stuff can't be moved, and about the plans for hopefully keeping a corner of the site to house them. I saw a post recently that said the Guppy had already been scrapped, but I can't find any confirmation of this- have you heard anything? Cheers, Dean
  7. Actually, the second cockpit is easy enough- get a second kit for it! All you need then is an instrument panel. The problem will be the rear canopy, I think- are you aware that it's not just a standard front canopy? Your drawing shows them the same length, but in reality it's about 20% longer than the front one: Dean
  8. I converted a Revell 1/32 Spitfire into a T.9 a couple of years ago, albeit with the Vickers style rear canopy. Any help I can be, ask away... Good luck with it, Dean
  9. Blimey...dropped down to page 10 and not a single comment on my last update. Have I upset you lot or something..? Latest progress- I got the decals on, a mixture of the kit decals, an aftermarket sheet for the squadron markings, and some self made decals. Compounding the problem was that some of the kit stencils were the wrong colour, being black whereas the Brunty versions were white, so I had to cobble some markings together from spares. Glossed over, they looked ok: The serial number on the fuselage was cobbled together from an aftermarket she
  10. I did one of these about ten years ago...might be useful to have a look to see the pitfalls of this kit: Dean
  11. More has happened...first off, I got the Dark Sea Grey on: Then I tried masking off the camouflage pattern with tape. No chance with all those wiggly curves, so even though it was a hard edged camo I was looking for, I went back to the Blu-Tack sausages method: The problem is that the camo pattern is slightly non standard on this airframe, very few photos exist of its topside, and none of its underside. Consequently, much poring over of reference photos from the day and trying to square that with the Airfix painting guide meant that the total masking time on
  12. Thanks for wishing my Dad well. Happy to report that he's doing fine now. Further (slow) progress...the wingtip navigation lights were moulded solid, so I but them out and replaced them with bits of clear sprue with a hole drilled inside to simulate the bulb. A lot of painstaking research was needed to find out whether the bulb inside pointed outwards or forwards! This pic shows the red light installed and sanded to shape, while the green light is still just rough sprue: Both lights completed: One strange bit of moulding is this oval depression
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