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  1. Deanflyer

    Hasegawa pricing

    That bottle of Klear was mine...
  2. One of my quickest ever builds at five hours total, here's the Bandai 1/350 Millennium Falcon which I've just finished. A snap kit, which was perfectly moulded with no fit problems at all, only let down by the thick and unsticky stickers. Tiny little thing, less than four inches long, but I've photographed it with a single directional light source and fiddled with the backgrounds a bit, to give it a more suitable setting... Cheers, Dean
  3. Right, five hours work and it's finished. I'll do some proper photography later, but for now, here's the FHoJiTG... Now...what's next? Dean
  4. Don't worry Stephen W, brown streaks were always part of the process. I spent the midnight hour last night applying dilapidation to the craft, and kept it pretty subtle. I had to play with the contrast on these photos to make it visible. To the naked eye, it looks ok without being overpowering on such a small model. Here's a few closeups: The main model snapped together perfectly in seconds last night, so all I've got to do is paint the gun barrels on the laser turrets and snap them on, and it's finished. Nice quick build, this... Fini
  5. Well, the stickers were a bust. Too big for the panels, thick, not very sticky and quite pixelated. I painted the panels in hull red, sky grey and desert yellow with a tiny brush and much holding of breath. Also, the cockpit windows and the view windows top and bottom centre were painted. Weathering next... Dean
  6. Visiting Australia last year I happened to walk into a toy shop in Brisbane and found they were selling the Bandai Star Wars kits. I treated myself to a Star Destroyer and the Millennium Falcon, the latter for the princely sum of AU$29.99: As a palate cleanser between more involved builds, I decided to have a go at it today. It's a pretty simple snap together kit: I'm always impressed with Bandai's mouldings. They may be expensive, but there's no flash anywhere and the fit is no less than perfect. Consulting with a knowledgeable party (cheers Rich) about co
  7. Hi all, Here's the 1/48 Airfix Gnat with the markings from the rereleased kit. It was built for the September issue of Airfix Model World magazine, and incorporates aftermarket resin cockpit and seats, wheel wells, and electronics bay. Paint was AK Xtreme Metal Aluminium and Vallejo Fluorescent Fire Orange for the tanks. First, some walk around shots: And a few shots from the magazine article:
  8. With a user name like that, I'm glad you approve... Coventry. Moved to the Poplar Farm/Whittleford area of Nuneaton in 2003.
  9. "A few scratch built additions to the cockpit" he says... I've built that kit, and the underside of that canopy is completely bare! There's more than a 'few' additions there, including the support poles- good work. Nice job all round, Dean If I remember correctly, it was originally airframe X-15-2, which was seriously damaged during an emergency landing accident when it rolled over.
  10. It's a 16-50mm zoom lens. I used 50mm for the full airframe shots, and the 16mm for the closeups. Paying attention to depth of field and cropping does the rest. Thanks for the comments folks, it's nice to be appreciated. Cheers, Dean
  11. Hi all, I'm now able to show you the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Ki-45 Toryu I recently built completely out-of-the-box for AMW magazine. It was painted in Tamiya acrylics and Mr Color lacquers were used for the freehanded reticulated camo pattern. First, a few walk around shots... ...followed by a few flyaround shots from the magazine article, some showing the cowlings removed... ...and a
  12. There's an account on the Lightning Preservation Group website of a meeting recently in July, and it's stated on there that the CWJ open day in August WILL NOT go ahead. https://www.lightnings.org.uk/ Sad times. Dean
  13. Thanks...pictures of the real thing don't start until pic 12 if that helps. It's not the first time I've modelled a subject I've flown, and it's always satisfying. Can't do figures to save my life! Thanks. Thanks...and yes, it was! Waited a long time to finally fly a jet... Thanks, glad you liked it. Dean
  14. Professional gambler. My Dad came out of work when I was in my early teens, and that was the end of my pocket money so I used to take a pack of cards to school and take all of my mates' pocket money off them at break times. Obviously we couldn't have money on the tables, so I kept track of the bets/wins/losses in an exercise book and my benefactors paid up at the end of break. Gordon Gibson still owes me a fiver to this day... And no, I wasn't a cheat!
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