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  1. Really...? I'd be interested in seeing that if you've got a link, please. In the old days, before the forum changed, you could click on the bit that said 'replies' and it'd come up with all the people who'd posted. It doesn't seem to do it any more... To everyone else who's replied to a 13 year old thread, thanks! Cheers, Dean
  2. I sent you a message a couple of weeks ago John... Dean
  3. Now that the magazine has finished selling, I can show some pictures of my 1/32 scale PZL.11c from IBG. It's a lovely fitting kit, and all the photoetched parts you need are in the kit, so this is built out of the box. The only drawback was having to scratchbuild a new windscreen, as the kit part had debris moulded into it. A couple of magazine shots: Cheers, Dean
  4. Message sent, Clare... glad you liked it. Dean
  5. Hope it's not too late, but I think you've glued parts H41 and H42 in upside down and in the wrong sides, mate...those are the inner gear door retraction struts and need to have the narrow end of the pistons sticking out of the well to make contact with the doors later. Look at the finished diagram bottom right of page 19 of the instructions.. Cheers, Dean
  6. Blimey, talk about Lazarus! Don't think I've had a thread over ten years old resurrected before... Thanks for the continued interest, Dean
  7. Nope, it all went together well as I recall. Just having to install the undercarriage very early on was a bit of a pain. Thanks for the comments folks, Dean
  8. Hi all, As the magazine has just about finished selling now, I can show you some scenic photos of the Blenheim that appeared in this month's AMW. Fuelled up and tooled up, ready for ops in the Greek sunshine, 1941: More conventional magazine shots: Period style: Hope you like it, Dean
  9. Thanks for the comments folks, it's appreciated. Here she is in natural daylight: Cheers, Dean
  10. For the few who've been following my WIP thread, here's the finished article, my reminder of a nice day out... And it's goodbye from me... Cheers, Dean
  11. Hi Pappy, Nope, it's finished now as I said, and it's really not noticeable under the open canopy. Thanks for the info anyway. Cheers, Dean
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