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  1. Well I heard a rumour (so ok to spread it here!) that the film isn’t happening. He wants to do it as a mini-series like Band if Brothers instead as there is just too much that needs to be told. Now that would be pretty special!
  2. Should be next year. Talked to the peeps on the WW stand. They’ve been working on it for 10 years, but Peter Jackson wants it to be absolutely perfect but they are just about there now. Best kit ever produced then? I’m thinking potentially. The stressed skin and detail levels are something to behold. I’m already saving up for mine (but a BIII).
  3. Hang on a mo. Are you telling us that we’ll be able to buy a 1/32 Bucc soon???
  4. Fantastic news!!! You’ll make a fortune! Hope you really corner the market with these, Lanc etc. Though I love 32, these big bombers are just, well, too big! 48th perfect and sooo long overdue. Doing the Lanc as well . Will be getting one of these as soon as I can. Please consider down sizing your lovely Mosquito XVI, only the old Airfix kit () to compete with other than a difficult and not very accurate conversion set for the Tamiya kit. Must have the data? lovely box art as usual. Heaven.
  5. Another question but I think a reasonable one. Were the FBVI fleet equipped with a crew oxygen breathing system? I would have thought not being optimised as they were for low level. I know the NFII did, but the VI?
  6. Sorry, yes, the night fighter scheme, grey overall, green on top. I’m going to use some judgement, best guess type thing but may paint up both sets of props to cover my back. Got one picture of exactly what I want to build but can’t see reg etc. And thinking about it, engines will be exposed so unshrouded exhausts won’t matter. I’ve been trying to find the perfect combination of how I want my model to look, but ultimately like a lot of older aircraft types with limited photographic references, I’m going to have to do a little guess work, but I’ll keep looking! Many thanks everyone.
  7. Hi, any Mosquito experts out there? I'm currently building the Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito FBVI kit but want to build it as a late war ETO (so 2nd TAF) bird, so day fighter scheme (just grey and green) with drop tanks, paddle props and unshrouded exhausts. I would like to nail down a particular airframe for obvious reasons but so far no real luck. From what I have read some earlier airframes where upgraded with tank plumbing and new props, and later build versions came with these improvements as standard. Wondering too about cockpit/radio/gunsight differences. Can anyone help/advise a suitable machin
  8. Looks epic, totally agree with the "simplified" design philosophy, will make life so much easier for the majority of modellers. Love the way Eduard strive for accuracy, don't think anyone could deny that their efforts in this area have been almost superhuman, acknowledging errors and taking the trouble to correct them. Tamiya then Eduard in my estimation, outstanding. Nice one!
  9. Thanks Tango!!! Didn't know she was lost later in the year. I think because this model is for someone who has a direct connection with that particular machine, it makes it all the more important to at least make a massive attempt to "get it right". That's what happens when people like us who have a genuine interest in history are asked to look into things like this, I feel hugely respectful. Like the 97 year old ex Lanc nav I'm looking after at a care home, 7 Sqn Pathfinder, shot down by a Fw190, POW etc. 3 of his fellow crew members were killed. Such sacrifice.
  10. Peeps, I'm blown away by the response, thankyou so much. Markings not an issue (sorry, should have said with hindsight), as its a wireframe model! Will continue to research, but I think it's more than 99% certain that It would have had the Watts prop. I shall pass on the research to my client and fo from there. And massive thanks again, all of you.
  11. Hi, I've received a commission to build a model of Hurricane I L1690. This was the aircraft that the clients grandfather soloed in on the 13th February 1939, and I would like to discover a few facts if possible regarding its configuration at that time. I'm pretty certain it would have had the Rolls Royce ejector stacks as these were fitted from L1547 onwards, but can anyone absolutely confirm this? My refs don't seem to be very reliable. My second question is regarding the propeller fit. According to my research L1690 would have been delivered with the Watts 2 bladed prop, but as I unders
  12. Joy, cannot wait. Building the Tamiya Mk VI at the mo, this will bring me much pleasure!!!
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