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  1. Thanks Mike, great skills btw. Going to try it.
  2. Concern is change of policy down the road. Think I’ll bite the bullet and jump to Fusion...
  3. Thanks for that! I’ll look into that EAA membership, lots of benefits!
  4. Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I want to get back into CAD having had a good introduction a few years back. Then I had access to Solidworks with which I had just started surfacing, but lost access when job ended . I’m looking for a cheap/free option but don’t want to share files (will be using for work) and have been considering Rhino, but Fusion 360 looks rather similar to Solidworks (which is ridiculously expensive). Any Rhino users here, but also to any Fusion 360 users who might have some advice? I’ve read through this topic so I know it’s horses for courses... Cheers
  5. Thanks. I’m looking to get a setup, but need to brush up on my CAD skills. Used to use Solidworks but lost my access and £££££. Definitely an exciting time for creating!
  6. Beautiful work. May I ask which CAD program you use? Apologies if you mentioned somewhere but couldn’t see it. love it.
  7. Could try it, I did experiment with some Humbrol grey filler, which did work, but not as neat (and a lot longer to do!).
  8. They did casting, and I sent out a model to be cast up at beginning of first lockdown, but since then they’ve gone quiet. Am gutted, would appear I’ve lost 2 weeks worth of work. Oh well
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if above company still going? They’re based (or were) in Co Clare, rep Ireland. Cheers
  10. Well I heard a rumour (so ok to spread it here!) that the film isn’t happening. He wants to do it as a mini-series like Band if Brothers instead as there is just too much that needs to be told. Now that would be pretty special!
  11. Should be next year. Talked to the peeps on the WW stand. They’ve been working on it for 10 years, but Peter Jackson wants it to be absolutely perfect but they are just about there now. Best kit ever produced then? I’m thinking potentially. The stressed skin and detail levels are something to behold. I’m already saving up for mine (but a BIII).
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