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  1. TY for the comments Gang, got half the fuselage framing done now, wings complete and pics to follow Monday or Tues
  2. AFter all the hard work with the scratch building, keep the scratch built seats!!! That cockpit is a great start Bexy
  3. Troy, TY for the linkys, especially the walk around page, very handy Money is rather tight so anything AM is unlikely, so, Im gonna have fight the chunky clunky kit glazing for now Mach Turtle, TY, Im getting there with the flight deck, nearly done now!! youre very welcome, cant wait to see you do the conversion, might even try it myself in the future with another one Bill, if you ever grab another 48th B 24 give me a shout, Id love to watch it built!! I used to spend stupid amounts on resin bits, then sat back one day realising Id spent more of AM stuff than the kit, so decided to bite the bullet and start tinkering with just bits of wire, then lolly sticks (Hey De Havilland aint the only one to build a Wooden Wonder LoL) I found some pics and just sort of let rip and kept going....... this is my very first seriously daft scratch building effort with more to follow now MikeC, TY for the advice, very much appreciated....... actually, now I have a second coat of XF62 on the tail, it actually looks ok, so fingers crossed. Ive got some fishing weights and my usual collection of old nails / screws to slot in, but if I misjudge the weight, shes gonna be on a dio and Ive seen photos of ammo boxes and other junk stuffed under the tail skid. Ok then latest update, including last night as BM died on me as I was just about to post First up we have some lolly stick and plastic strips slowly turned into a basic looking radio set: IMG_20140220_213329 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140220_232415 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140221_003421 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140221_003438 by Bexy73C, on Flickr With a dab of paint now......... later on some colour will be added IMG_20140221_010726 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140221_010705 by Bexy73C, on Flickr The up right bit on the desk is a left over thingy from an He 162 IMG_20140221_003403 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Started emphasising the airframe with yogurt pot strips: IMG_20140221_221804 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Tail fins getting there: IMG_20140221_221726 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140221_221741 by Bexy73C, on Flickr While the fuselage was drying Ive started on the wings: IMG_20140221_221822 by Bexy73C, on Flickr And finally my partner Kim is busy building the tow tractor having finished the figures for me while she awaits her next kit: IMG_20140221_221704 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Hope you like the update & progress, ty for all the comments and interest. Bexy
  4. Mike, I really appreciate any tips youve got for this beast so feel free to fire away Sir Quick question, Im not used to using Tamiya paint, Im a Humbrol girl but theyre not readily available locally to me in the USA (not long moved here) so, what would you reckon is the right or closest guesstimate for the OD Green for the fuselage & wings? Bexy
  5. Hi Bill, Just caught up with your fun and games here, truly amazing work Sir, even more so in 72nd Seeing this has removed doubts from my mind with my 24 D Im arguing with, so a big heartfelt thank you Bexy
  6. TY Jabba and nice to be back my friend Hi Mach Turtle, having just found this article http://www.forcedlandingcollection.se/USAAFe/USAAF139-441020-C87.html I reckon if youve got the patience to cut out the windows in the lower fuselage, in theory it should be a very simple conversion, even more so filling in the turrets and having a none glazed nose...... As long as you make sure youve got the Revellogram B-24 D and their 24 J I cant see a problem with it and it looks quite interesting too so thanks for the idea So, more photos of where I am now then: Bit of a beast this one!! IMG_20140218_201337 by Bexy73C, on Flickr If it was fitted together correctly I reckon on 26in wide!! IMG_20140218_201352 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Nav area taking shape IMG_20140219_014546 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140219_225714 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140219_225849 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Tail section IMG_20140219_014645 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Finally a bit more cockpit detailing, albeit with slight modellers licence IMG_20140219_225934 by Bexy73C, on Flickr
  7. No photos yet but will have later on today. Treker, I took a pic for you with a ruler and the fuse & wings gently put together, approx 26 - 28 ish inches wide LoL Managed to get a bulkhead, chair, a few cables & the tail section built today.......... Woody, tail fins took some serious sanding to remove over laps
  8. Ow do Fozzy Ol Chum, Right then, I do a bunk for a couple of years already with the impression that youre ever so slightly on the squiffy side and I come back and find this utter madness?? I mean we all know that General Melchy is a bit fruity but youve definately beaten the Ol Boy hands down this time......... So, all that remains to be said is well done mucker, love the work so far and keep it coming........ Oh Im with everyone else...... build the whole thing you know you want too Bexy
  9. I'll have some more pics later on but Ive been slowly chugging away at the flight deck, right now Im working on cables and things and planning the Rad Ops position right now. Thanks for all the comments so far folks Woody, I'll make a note of any nasty surprises for you....... Right now Im seriously considering getting the 24 J too and possibly the Tamiya Lancaster
  10. Hi Antonio, This is indeed an excellent kit (although the kit markings are rather evil LoL) I agree with Ted about the choice seats and if you still want an opinion on which scheme to choose........ Option 10. 38 + 20 JG 74 Jever 1982 Bexy
  11. Hi Colin, vid wont run for me either, even after installing the required plug in (twice) Im using Google Chrome & Win 7
  12. LoL I started building end of September, finally finished a 48th P-47D & 48th Frightning F Mk1A last Friday, so they took a while and didnt help the daft dog eating the Jugs canopy grrrr (I lied to Mr. revell hehe) I stuck the wings on the fuselage earlier, and nearly fell off my chair, its slightly bigger than I anticipated, but I think Ive got a big enough bit of wood to stick it on to make an airfield dio...... I hope!!! Although Im out of my comfort zone as it were, I am actually enjoying this one, even more so as the detailing 1. looks quite good & 2. is going easier than I thought it would & 3. I er may stick with these fan operated thingys for a while
  13. Ow do Duncan, so I leave you alone for a couple of years and come back to see this modelling madness Hehe superb work my friend, Ive just finished an F 1A in 48th and boogered it up slightly, so I need cheering up and reading this thread is doing that so thank you muchlys my friend
  14. Well this is my first build post for a few years, and this will be my 3rd build in 3 or so years (pics to follow of previous 2 builds). This landed on my doorstep last Thursday along with matching B 17G in 48th as well, although, this build will, once finished, end up as an airfield diorama (I HOPE!!! ) IMG_20140213_130907 by Bexy73C, on Flickr On opening the box, first impressions are HOLY :poo-poo: thats a lot of plastic and its huge so this should be a laugh a minute to say the least. The kit I reckon is donkeys years old but........ in for a penny in for a pound as they say, so, heres the gubbins before I got cracking..... Raised panel lines and a few details that are incorrect for the 24D, but it seems from researching the kit, Mr. Revellogram based their D on the later 24J, as such removing trim tabs and a few other silly bits is for me, a little beyond my skills, as I generally screw that sort of thing right up....... Besides, Im a Canberra and this is a new branch for me so Im still learning. The aircraft with be built as "Fightin Sam" 42-51457. 389th Bomb Group, 566th Bomb Squadron, Hethel, Norfolk, 1943 / 44 DSCF5491 by Bexy73C, on Flickr First up, the office section, which seemed a little basic, so after hitting google for some pics, I started adding a few details made from my trademark "Lolly sticks" and bits of scrap. IMG_20140216_122105 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140216_122008 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140216_121951 by Bexy73C, on Flickr The seat comes with the kit, but I added the back with bits of wood & scrap plastic and oxygen bottle is 2 bits of scrap sprue stuck together. Started adding bits of wood to form a basic airframe, the interior colour is as close as I could guesstimate with tamiya acrylics, as this is my first proper build using them (my Local dont stock Humbrols ) IMG_20140216_121851 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Ive also added arm rests to the seats, I still havent made my mind up if Im adding pilot & co pilot to the cockpit yet, so, belts are untouched right now. Fire extinguishers are made from sprue painted & a bit of solder. IMG_20140217_230246 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140217_230221 by Bexy73C, on Flickr IMG_20140217_190327 by Bexy73C, on Flickr And this is where I finished up tonight (both decks dry fitted only) IMG_20140217_230404 by Bexy73C, on Flickr Well thanks for looking, more to follow Bexy
  15. Beautiful photos of the a very graceful Lady!!!! Bexy
  16. Hi Tommy Beautiful model except one teeny weeny little slip up from a canorak....... Shes a t4 not a b2! Bexy
  17. Hi Bill, Welcome aboard and a great colourful choice Youre a brave man using a resin cockpit, yes the detail is out of this world but the amount of sanding required is just totally crazy Id rather just chuck a few bits of wire in a kit office now Bexy
  18. I cant stand Grey Birds Minty, but, I think Im in LURVE with this one that is a cracking job my friend Bexy
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