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  1. The problem continues for me. A thought just occurred to me, I think this problem began when we had to start using our email address to sign in. Perhaps a technical glitch?
  2. Very, very nicely done, those exhaust stains are superb! And, by the way, if I remember correctly the inner gear doors on the P-51A/A-36 Apache operated differently from the later versions of Mustang and would be in the open position on the ground, I know when I built my AM Apache that's how the doors are positioned and I have an unbuilt Mustang Mk-1A that would have you do that, as well.
  3. When I built one that is what I used.
  4. It would appear to me that the number is painted with white paint, it appears to be the same color as the surround to the hinomaru.
  5. I have a autographed copy of his book, along with two 8X10 photos, also autographed, one of which shows his Zero in flight, besides the hinomarus the only marking is the number 105 on the tail. He wrote 'To (First and last name) from Mike Kawato' in both English and Japanese. Below that he wrote a sentence in Japanese, when I asked what that translated to he said "It says 'Hot bloodJapaneseZero ace'" and laughed.
  6. Same here, I just tried posting a response in a thread and am having the same issue as treker_ed.
  7. More than a grain of truth to that statement.
  8. Well, sort of similar to the amplifier in 'This is Spinal Tap', this altimeter goes to 11. And if the ASI ever enters the yellow zone, it'll be due to a fissure in the Earth's crust opening up under my house, or an H bomb detonating next door or something equally dire.
  9. The perfect accoutrement for a airplane loving, model builder, such as myself. The upper "instrument" is a clock and the lower a thermometer, with indices for Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  10. You are correct that the instructions don't show part 11. I have a set of the instructions for the later issue Monogram offered for the Skyhawk using the avionics hump, however I recalled building the kit when it was first issued and using that part, the 'Blue Angels' issue of the kit does show using part 11, if I remember correctly, since their "Scooters" didn't have the hump.
  11. I beg to differ, the avionics hump is molded as parts 34 and 35 and then after gluing them together that is attached to the upper fuselage. Simply leave those parts off and use part number 11 at the base of the vertical stabilizer and you have a Skyhawk without the hump.
  12. silverkite211

    Covid Jab

    While I had my vaccine shots at a clinic I do know people who went through both a drive through and-in their case-an instore vaccination at Dillon's, a grocery store chain that has pharmacies. In both cases they were required to wait fifteen minutes before they were released.
  13. That video brought a smile to my face, thanks for giving me a nice start to the day! I like how you arranged them British/German/British/German.
  14. I realize that the horse is out of the barn now, however couldn't the tires of the Spitfires been sorted out by simply removing the roof of the wheel wells where they sit? This has been fun watching, you're a good granddad.
  15. Would you believe that I still have my original issue Airfix Spitfire, complete with incorrect colors (Sky Blue for the underside and Zinc Chromate Green for the wheel wells) Even after all this time the only thing it is missing is the pitot tube. I keep it around, though not out on display, to remind me how far I've come as a modeler. I'll be interested to see how your revamping of yours comes out.
  16. silverkite211

    Covid Jab

    What I did was take pictures of the front and back using my smartphone, I always have the phone with me and that way I can simply pull up the photos to show proof. If it's ever needed.
  17. Very nice! I built the ESCI kit years ago, although I went for one without the stripes. I also merely sanded down the panel lines so that they barely show and installed a cockpit from a scrapped Monogram Skyraider, it may not be entirely accurate but I thought it looked better than the one that came with the kit.
  18. silverkite211

    Covid Jab

    I just received my second Moderna shot yesterday afternoon, so far it is the same as the first one was, about four hours afterwards my shoulder feels as though someone punched me, I hope that, like last time, that is all the side effects I go through. They explained what some of the possible reactions might be and I said "So, that means if I go out in the back yard and bay at the moon that's all on me?"
  19. My condolences to all affected by the loss of Prince Phillip.
  20. Very nicely done! You have done quite well by that kit.
  21. Did I mention that you're nuts? I did? Well, it bears repeating. You're nuts! Exemplary work, that is turning out very nice!
  22. You're nuts! I mean that in the very best way, of course.
  23. Allegedly the Germans had a joke that went along the lines of 'If you'd like to own a Starfighter, buy a piece of land in Germany, anywhere in Germany. Sooner or later a Starfighter would land on it.'
  24. The F-4 was equipped with stabilators, sometimes abbreviated by some to stabs.
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