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daz greenwood

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  1. daz greenwood

    LHA1 Tarawa in progress,slow isn't the word

    Fantastic work on that LCAC and Helo's
  2. The Tomcat sure is from VF-111 "Sundowners".
  3. This Hasegawa F-14A with Verlinden cockpit and seats in the markings of VF-111 (one of my favourite USN fighter squadrons):
  4. daz greenwood

    and another Airfix Sea Vixen

    Superb Fred as always.
  5. daz greenwood

    What's flying over your house?

    Duxford's Harvard, which is currently doing pleasure flights out of Rochester.
  6. daz greenwood

    LHA1 Tarawa in progress,slow isn't the word

    Very nice Micro vehicles and choppers there. Looking forward to the next update.
  7. daz greenwood

    TSR 2 Airfix 1/48 Scale

    Nice work Martin. She's gonna look a beauty
  8. daz greenwood

    Tiger I

    Looking very nice.
  9. daz greenwood

    Finished builds gallery

    What? I moved the images. Hang on and I'll restore them. Pics now restored
  10. daz greenwood

    My entry for the GB *NOW WITH PICS ADDED*

    Right so in between some Hawk bashing. I slapped some paint on the 88: It is Panzergrau, it's just the camera's playing up seeing it as Blue. I haven't forgotten the Motorcycle that'll be worked on tomorrow.
  11. daz greenwood

    free models

    That Blue and Orange Biplane looks like a Curtiss Condor?
  12. daz greenwood

    Deep Sky Blue* on the Consolidated C-87 Liberator Transport

    It could be what became known as PRU Blue, which IIRC was the colour early RAF B-17's were in on the underside. But then I could be hopelessly wrong lol
  13. daz greenwood

    And my fourth and final build is this

    And some progress on the Revell Hawk:
  14. daz greenwood

    Matchbox BAe Hawk

    Right I've made some progress on this Hawk:
  15. daz greenwood

    Im looking for some balls.

    I just bought these to use as weights in my model Jets: from here and they're only £3.89