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  1. I love an "inflight" display!! Nice job!
  2. As a big "What If?" modeler I love the color on this machine. Really a shame it never made it to production. Nice job!!
  3. First decals are on. I went with high viz markings for 75 Sqn's 75th anniversary.
  4. Panel lines could do with a wash. Otherwise very nice.
  5. Thanks Steve! I'm done for the night. Starting a busy week at work tomorrow so there wont be much progress for a while. Just like with the overall scheme, the tail ended up being neither of the main options I was thinking of. I went with US Dark Green to match the upper surface. I'm still planning special markings for the 75 Sqn 75th Anniversary, but more subdued. The RWR is red and will have a yellow diamond in it, as in the squadron insignia (Fin top will be black as on real AMXs as it's an antenna). I think somewhere I have some special decals from an RAF 75th something or other with a large "75" decal that will fit on the tail nicely. Hopefully I can find it. I'm leaning towards full color red/white/blue roundels and fin flash for the anniversary scheme just to give it some more color. The radome is painted US Aggressor gray (the NZ AMX would have an improved radar over the real world ones, with the AN/APG-66 radars salvaged from the Kahu fleet). Like a moron I forgot to mask the leading edge slat areas before paining the gray, so I removed most of the acrylic green with alcohol and will go back over it with a coat of white. ''
  6. After debating gray/blue scheme or desert scheme I ended up going with two tone green over gray. I'm still torn on the vertical stabilizer. I like it gray, but I'm also thinking about overall red with a yellow diamond as in the RNZAF 75 Sqn insignia as a 2012 75th anniversary special.
  7. Coat of Tamiya gray primer on. I love this paint, and it may remain the lower surface gray.
  8. Thought I'd post this for consideration...my current build, in progress for several weeks. I'm a bit of a manic builder and usually knock a build out in a week or two once I start, but it's been a busy summer so far so this one is going a bit slower. Kit is the Hobby Boss 1/48 AMX A1-B Trainer. So far fit and detail are pretty decent except for the total lack or anything but empty open fuselage inside the intakes. I toyed with the idea of scratch building some intake ducting but decided to be lazy and display it with intake covers installed instead. Major construction is close to finished and I'm getting close to painting. I'm still trying to decide on how I'll paint it up, currently going back and forth between a blue/gray camo for a mission focused on maritime strike or a desert scheme for a Red Flag deployment. Weapons would be Penguin ASMs for anti-ship role or Mavericks/LGBs for Red Flag. As always thoughts and comments welcome!
  9. Would decals from an American Eagle CRJ or E170 be closer to the correct size if you cut the "Eagle" off? I work for American and see this airplane fairly regularly. Should be a cool build!
  10. Hello all! I was a somewhat regular contributor to the forum back in the 2010-2012 timeframe, but as sometimes happens life got in the way and I left the hobby for far too long. I got back into it early this year and am loving being back at the bench playing with fiddly bits of plastic. I was primarily a "What If?" builder back then, and still love that genre of he hobby, but since coming back to modeling most of my builds have so far been of "real world" aircraft. Anyway, I was googling an old build of mine (RAF What If Phantom in Vietnam) and found my post on this site so decided it would be a good place to come back and say hello. So here are my builds from this year so far. First build coming back was a Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1D. Lovely kit that made it very easy to jump back in!! Next build was another Tamiya kit...1/48 F-16 CJ. Truly a pleasure to build. b Number thee was one of my favorite kits of one of my favorite aircraft. Hasegawa 1/48 A-4E. Absolutely love this kit. More in the newly regenerated stash waiting to be built. Next up was my first "What If?" in a long time...USAF F-99C Hunter, Vietnam CAS. Academy Hunter FGA.9 kit. This one gets two pics to show off the weapons fit. Back to the real world for a classic Hasegawa 1/48 Spit. Up next was another "What If?" USN F6F-5 Wildcat, US Naval Ordnance Test Station China Lake, 1952 Sidewinder missile trials aircraft. Kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-5 Centerline tank is converted to missile instrumentation pod. Once again back to the Real World with a Tamiya 1/48 F-84G OOB build. And the most recent completed build...Hasegawa P-40E as RAF Tomahawk II, North Africa. Hope you like the builds. It's nice to be back at the bench after a far too lengthy absence!
  11. To me it looks just like an F-20....which I think makes it an incredible piece of kitbashing! I followed this on the what-if? board, but somehow I missed the cockpit. Absolutely stunning stuff, as usual!
  12. Just realised that I forgot to put the rudder on before taking pics! There's always something! Oh well..it's on now, so jsut imagine it with a shiny black rudder attached...
  13. OK, she's done. No big changes to the original vision, and it turned out pretty much as I imagined, except I originally planned for tip-tanks and Firetstreaks under the fuselage. This model depicts the first US-built F.1 modified to F.1A configuration with the addition of Firestreak capability. It appeared at the 1961 Tiger Meet with dummy Firestreak rounds as missile trials were ongoing at the time.
  14. Not sure if the Airfix RA kit has it, but there are three small pipes above the exhaust which inject the oil/dye mix into the exhaust stream for the smoke. If thses three small pipes are present on the kit they should be removed for a straight trainer. You can see the pipes in this pic.
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