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  1. Watching with interest Brewer Reply like how the riveting has popped out with the primer coat on now
  2. Have to agree Jase would be good to see some of the larger capital ships put out by Finemolds, I've seen a massive resin blockage runner but the cost put me off if a smaller decent injected one came out that would be cool. I guess the only problem now is Disney have the rights it would depend on what sort of royalty they want for a license to release them now?
  3. Hey F4TCT, Klear is suppose to be self leveling but it doesnt always want to do that . You might find you have to break the surface tension of it to get it to want to lay down nicely for that I use windolene window cleaner the same thing I use to clean my airbrush with after spraying future. But instead of a full squirt you only need a small squize into your colour cup on the airbrush and lay down thin coats at a higher air pressure 20-30psi. Just my 2 cents hope it helps for the next one
  4. Now if someone would do the decals for her as the one filmed in the expendables then i would be really happy
  5. Hey All, here is my recently finished Finemolds 1/48 Star Wars Tie Fighter I didn't do a build thread as this was my first proper build in a long time after my mojo went. The kit went together really well and the construction layout allowed for the main components to be painted separately then brought together right before the klear kote was applied. The decals settled down nicely with micro sol the only one that required some tamiya thinners was the red pentagon squadron markings. I used a combination of Mig and AK products both filters and washes to weather the tie, the main objective tha
  6. Awesome duo Al especially seeing as it has invaders best twin after the mozzie IMHO
  7. Vampire Fan you are correct they are both ex-swiss T55s made up to represent a RNZAF T.11 and a RAAF T.35 Vampire with Oz tail codes and very wrong kiwi roundels, so work that one out???
  8. Thanks mike great review might have to slip this past the missus and grab some of the kiwi decals for it
  9. Paul thanks for the review I really enjoyed it and am eagerly awaiting to see if they decide to do a 1/48th scale version to go with the Alleycat vampires I have. Some pics of the T.11 at a recent airshow in NZ and yes I do have a soft spot for the Vampire/Venom And an ex-Swiss Venom
  10. Hey guys I managed to attend the Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 a biannual airshow hosted at Hood aerodrome in Masterton NZ. My wife, myself and our 5 month old son Kieran went to the last day on sunday and the day stared out gloomy and drizzly but really turned into a gorgeous day as the cloud lifted and the sun came out for the final NZ appearance of the only flying DH mosquito. All I can say is wow nothing beats the sound of those twin merlins as the mossie thunders down the runway with the look on the pilots face as he exited the side door said it all, he looks stoked!! From WWI biplanes and tr
  11. Awesome build James loving watching it coming together
  12. Hey dave thanks for the review she looks really good. L'Arsenal do a Multi task designation pod Damocles for Rafale jet fighter in 1/48 part number AC 48 29 for €5.95 in the bag you get three pieces of finely detailed resin with very nice engraved panels lines and various cooling inlet and exhaust ports as well as the electrical connection points. You get the main body of the pod, the seeker head which can be displayed in the deployed or stowed position and the pylon for attaching the pod to the underside of the right engine intake.
  13. Hopefully they release a MLD would love to load it up with bombs like some of the pics from the Afghan war
  14. Hmmmmm working at height everyday in my job on lattice towers and wind turbines their is so many things wrong with the way these cowboys work, Free climbing is quicker and you don't get as tired, but I'd rather be tired and go home to wife and unborn child then make a small mistake and die, There a simple systems that can be used that mean you never have to double hook and are always safely attached and can not fall. Sorry for the rant and yes I would love to do the climb that tower but the funny thing is I hate climbing extension ladders, work that one out!!
  15. Magman thanks for the link to L'Arsenal I've been looking for the pods for awhile and they are just what I need for my Rafale
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