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  1. Progress on the main body of "R2". After cleaning up the parts and mating faces I glued the two main body parts together and, finding that the joining surfaces appears a bit weak, I added some strengthening tabs to the inside of the body tube. Note that the tube appears a bit squashed or oval due to warpage over the years. Fortunately when the base is installed it goes back to being circular again. As I'm trying to make it a little more accurate, I'm adding some shoulders to the area where the legs attach to the body. These are just small disks glued to the body and then blended to the body tube with car body filler. After looking at some screen shots of R2, I realised that there were some extra panel's on the side of the body not at all represented in the kit, so these had to be added retrospectively by marking and cutting the body tube and adding a square of plastic to the inside. This had the added benefit of adding some more strength to the structure. I don't want to attach the rotating head disc at this time as it will be a pain when trying to paint and detail (I just want to be able to put the head dome on last thing) so I have added a tube protruding from the top of the body and I have also modified the head disc to give it a bit more stability, using some square stock and some of the kit parts to make some sort of dual bearing - you won't see any of this when complete as it will be under the dome. The internal structure as seen in picture four, has been glued together and it is rotated in to place and glued. I have boxed in the rear computer access panel area to make it look a bit more complete. The chrome detail parts have also been added (these have been roughed up a bit and some of the chrome removed) and will be painted over with the body and detail painted in silver later. The chrome plating is very fragile. Karl
  2. I've no idea, but it was on or over quite a lot of parts; the feet, internal structure and the rear panel were worst affected. Cleaned up OK though. The main body, legs and dome and transparencies were all clear fortunately. Could have been a leaky tube of the old Britfix77 left in the box!! Karl
  3. Been working on the glue damage to the parts and panels. It looks like old style tube glue, just smeared all over the place; this has marred some of the surfaces and damaged the panel lines a bit. I'm going to sand the yellowing glue back as far as I can and then fill any damage if necessary and then re-scribe the panel lines. This is the rear inspection panel before: And then after working on it: Karl
  4. Hi chaps, I've been trawling eBay for Star Wars model kits (mostly MPC / ERTL ) kits that I used to have years ago (or I never managed to get hold of back then) and managed to come across two of my favourites - the MPC / ERTL kits of R2-D2 and C3-P0. The kit's I picked up are both part started, with the C3-P0 box actually containing two complete kits. I decided to go with part started models as a way of keeping the price down to something reasonable - untouched kits were going for prices I really wasn't willing to pay. They are both in reasonable condition; The R2-D2 was partly assembled, but with lots of tube glue smeared all over the place that will require cleaning up. The dome is untouched, however one half of the centre (retracting) leg is missing and will have to be scratch built. C3-P0's had one fully assembled and one partly assembled. Glue joints were fairly neat. I'm starting with the R2-D2 kit; it's in a 'Denys-Fisher' box and is stamped with 'Fundimensions' 1978 on some of the internal parts. I'm going to attempt to make it a bit more screen accurate if I can without going over board. The first thing I'm doing is to completely disassemble the model to it's component parts and then try and clean up the joints and areas where the tube glue has been smeared about. This was just a process of sanding the joints back to clean material and rubbing down any flat surfaces that were marred by glue and filling any surface damage using filler. Thanks for looking, I'll post more shortly. Cheers and Happy new year!! Karl
  5. That looks really great - is it about 1/48 scale? Hannants have the 1/72 Bandai PG Falcon in for an eye watering £349.99; I'm sure it's worth every penny going by the standard of the 1/144 version I managed to get hold of, however it's going to be a long time before I can afford one! Karl
  6. Karl


    That is an excellent scratch build you have done there, the base/stand is a specially nice touch - looks great. Karl
  7. I have seen a Swift scratch built by someone on a Facebook group, and it was very impressive, including it's size; I think it's much bigger than the Eagle and in 1/48 would be massive. ...Mmmm.... Karl
  8. Yep - them little cargo boxes / containers should be no problem Karl PS - The ship - I don't believe it's cannon; think I've seen it on a Facebook fan art group before. Interesting design though.
  9. Thank you very much chaps for all of your kind comments. Cheers Karl
  10. Thanks Mark - I'm might give myself a rest and do a few kits first I think!! Karl
  11. Here is my completed 1/48 scale scratch built Hawk Mk.IX from Space:1999, as seen in the episode titled "War Games". I have been wanting to do a 1/48 scale Hawk ever since I had the equally mad idea of making a scratch built 1/48 Eagle back in 1999. I tried to get as close to the 'screen' model as my ability and sanity would allow; orange over white with white anti-glare panels and subtle greys and silvers to pick out the panels and dark weathering powders to bring out the highlights. For comparison, all in 1/48 scale, the Eagle has flown in with our two curious Apollo astronauts, and an interloper in the form of a Naboo N1 star fighter from Star Wars the Phantom Menace. I really enjoyed the process of building this model, especially with it being from scratch; overcoming the the problems of structural integrity, building some quite complex shapes and finding bit's to use on the ship from all sorts of unexpected places... like the bathroom cabinet! The original build can be found here Space:1999 - 1/48 Mk.IX Hawk - Scratch Build Hope You like it. Karl
  12. The last of the details have been painted and the final assemblies have been attached to the ship permanently. I have used some weathering powders to add a bit of grime and highlight some areas, but not too much; I don't want to make it look like I've rolled it in the Lunar dust! I'll post the final pictures in a new RFI post: Space:1999 - 1/48 Mk.IX Hawk - Scratch Build - Complete Karl
  13. A small update - but big step forward. The Hawk is now in it's basic colours of Orange over White. I've done the 'on screen' version and gone with white anti-glare panels on the beak/cockpit. The White is Halfords white primer buffed up and the Orange is Humbrol 46. Next I need to do the detail painting and picking out some of the grey panels and the gun pod nose cones and panel lines, etc. I also need to install and paint the RCS thrusters. Karl
  14. That's a definite maybe boss... it's not even arrived yet though!!! Karl
  15. Cheers, I will definitely do a WIP whenever I get around to building it! Karl