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  1. Hate to say it, but I think chucking the paint away and starting again from scratch is the way to go... It's a very small risk that customs would find the paints in the whole container, but as I'm not paying for the container, and am taking spare space in a friends, I'm not prepared to risk it.
  2. I'm shipping a bunch of stuff back to the UK next week and don't know what to do with my paint. It's a mix of enamel and acrylic, and yes, they're not supposed to go in a container as per the rules. Should I just shutup and put them in the container, or go down the hassle route of finding out the material specs of each manufacturers paint and sending them to a courier to ship them, or, write the lot off and buy new when I get home? Hassle.
  3. Anyone know of any companies that make a jig to set wing dihedral for 1/48 kits? Am having an issue with the kit I'm making so far, and there must be a better answer than tape and trying to use whatever you can to weigh the kit down and hold it in place?
  4. Wings on... Gaps between the wing root and fuselage still need a lot of filling... Have dumped a whole load of sprue/glue filler in there to sort this out. Cheers, Nick
  5. Pig of a kit to put together this Eduard... now I can't fit the floor in.. gah! will need a ridiculous amount of sanding to get it in.. my next build will will be a nice new tool Airfix I can tell you.
  6. Well that was a pain.. In the two years I've taken off modelling, my eyesight has got progressively more long sighted, and even with my new specs, I can't see what I'm doing close up. If I start to take this up again regularly, I'm going to need to get some magnifiers. This Eduard kit has got so much photo etch, but I just couldn't use half of it. I can't ruddy see it. Same for superpainting resin cockpit sidewalls. So.. They got a basic paint up. I used the photo etch belts, and put the IP in. All done with slow setting epoxy, as I hate superglue.
  7. A bit more done last night.. Resin wheel wells painted and in. Wings glued up. Resin radiator glued in (not the best sadly), spacer bars in the fuselage inserted and glued (terrible fit between the fuselage and wing root without them).. Work started on the cockpit floor and sidewalls. Lots of fiddly photo etch to paint and glue onto the cockpit sides, seat and IP now. Hope to have it ready for priming in a day or so. Spitfire all sanded down and ready for priming. Cheers,
  8. As part of my plans to save money and keep myself out of the pub for the foreseeable future, I've cracked out a couple of kits to blow away the modelling doldrums. Both are WW2 RAF fighters in desert camo. The first is an ancient Airfix Spitfire Vb, and the second an Eduard P40M Kittyhawk. The Spitfire was slapped together pretty quickly, and is now at the sanding seam stage. The Kittyhawk has taken a little longer to get to this stage. Lots of dry fitting and figuring out how to fit the resin cockpit and radiator in before I'll zip it up. I jus
  9. I've just started work on a kit that has a few resin parts. Can I use white glue or UHU to, 1) Stick the resin parts together, and 2) Stick the resin to the plastic parts? Or should this all be done with superglue? Cheers, Nick
  10. I'm building this after a huge modelling slump... I'm chucking it together to experience the joy of building something quickly without agonising over rescribing, scratchbuilding, detailing, adding aftermarket etc etc. This took a couple of hours including having supper. Looks like it'll need some sanding, but this is intended as a therapeutic return to the hobby. Cheers, Nick
  11. Age old question I'm sure, but can't find a clear answer. Am about to spray up my BoB era Mk1 Hurricane, and don't know whether to spray the wheel well in aluminium or sky.. Keep finding conflicting pictures. Am leaning more towards aluminium at this stage unless anyone can enlighten me. Cheers, Nick
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