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  1. Cheers Nigel. Tracked some down at our chemist. Not venturing out of the village today. Shopping local. For local people you know.
  2. So, found this and it looks pretty good from the reviews. Big enough to get most kits into it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HaoSheng-NEW-Black-Model-Extraction/dp/B01E2OYRYO/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=spray+booth&link_code=qs&qid=1612615790&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-5&tag=firefox-uk-21 I'll rig up a little table over the other side of the cellar, and vent this into the extractor fan. Hopefully the small amount of enamels I'll spray wont blow me up. I'll have a fire extinguisher down there in case!
  3. Nigel, what would you recommend as an alternative to acetone? Can't find any in the shops, and the missus doesn't have any.
  4. No paint. Splatters, vomits, does nothing, and isn't consistent at all. Air's coming through fine.
  5. Cheers guys. I'll have another go at the Tamiya once I've got some time. It's a great little gun. Just my stupidity that's blocked it up. I've had it sitting in cleaner for such a while, the seals are probably all knackered. Will look around for some spares before making a decision. I also need to organise a spray booth too, as I'll be spraying in my cellar, and venting it up through an extractor fan to an external vent pipe, and that's going to cost around £80. I prefer the trigger guns Nigel. Something about the top button that feels weird to me.
  6. I've had this airbrush for around 10 years. It's been great, but over that timeframe, there were periods when I was bloody lazy and not cleaned it properly. I've tried to get it working again, but the flow just isn't there, and all logical steps to clean it up have failed. Should I just bin it and buy a replacement? I see there are plenty of Chinese knockoff trigger action brushes out there for around £50.
  7. Cheers guys. Chris, I'm thinking the spray booth and venting it through the existing Vent Axia extractor fan and up the pipe would work fine. 'Re the whole blowing yourself up by using enamels through a fan, I have no idea if the Vent Axia electrics are contained. Surely a the paint from a model once a month isn't enough to risk a fire?
  8. So, I want to try to get back into some model making this year, and one of the stumbling blocks is where I live. It's just not possible to do anything in the house, so down to the cellar I must go. I've set up a small desk in the corner of the cellar in the house. There's no window, and it's vented by an extraction fan which goes up a pipe to the outside. I could increase ventilation to that pipe by chucking a fan down there, but that's another matter. What does bug me, is how can I airbrush down there without going mental off the fumes? I plan to use whatever paint I have left, including acrylic and enamel. What can be done with an unvented cellar? Is it possible to rig up a spray booth to extract the overspray into water, or something else that can then be emptied outside? There's very little way to vent the fumes outside. Or is this a lost cause? Ta muchly, Nick
  9. Hate to say it, but I think chucking the paint away and starting again from scratch is the way to go... It's a very small risk that customs would find the paints in the whole container, but as I'm not paying for the container, and am taking spare space in a friends, I'm not prepared to risk it.
  10. I'm shipping a bunch of stuff back to the UK next week and don't know what to do with my paint. It's a mix of enamel and acrylic, and yes, they're not supposed to go in a container as per the rules. Should I just shutup and put them in the container, or go down the hassle route of finding out the material specs of each manufacturers paint and sending them to a courier to ship them, or, write the lot off and buy new when I get home? Hassle.
  11. Anyone know of any companies that make a jig to set wing dihedral for 1/48 kits? Am having an issue with the kit I'm making so far, and there must be a better answer than tape and trying to use whatever you can to weigh the kit down and hold it in place?
  12. Wings on... Gaps between the wing root and fuselage still need a lot of filling... Have dumped a whole load of sprue/glue filler in there to sort this out. Cheers, Nick
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