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  1. Churchill A.V.R.E (03297) 1:76 Carrera Revell The Churchill Tank was devised to fight in conditions similar to WWII where emphasis was put on the ability to cross difficult terrain and keep pace with the infantry. This resulted in a heavily armoured long tanks with multiple wheels and the ability to climb steep slopes. The design was rushed into production before it was really ready due to the rush to build up the UK's defences in case of invasion. The Tank would undergo many different design modification throughout its life with later versions being quite capable. Like many Tanks it would be adapted for other roles. One of these being the AVRE or Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers. One of the lessons from the Dieppe raid was the fact that a vehicle was needed to overcome defence obstacle. The Churchill was chosen due to its ability to climb steep slopes and cross difficult terrain. The AVRE was equipped with the Petard Mortar (Or Mortar, recoiling Spigot Mark II). This 230mm Spigot Mortar would fire an 40Lb Bomb Demolition Number 1, or "Flying Dustbin" with a 28Lb warhead. As well as the Mortar the vehicle could be equipped other equipment such as the Canadian Indestructible Roller Device, Bobbins, fascines; and a Small Box Girder Bridge as seen in this kit. This 30' Assault Bridge could be laid by the tank without being exposed to small arms fire. The Kit even though this say "New" on the Revell box the kit is certainly not new but the matchbox kit from 1983, even though traces of "Made in England" and the original manufacturer have been removed from the moulds the kit number PK-177 can still be seen on the Sprues Even though the kit dates from 1983 the moulds have held up very well with only a little flash on the plastic parts. Construction begins with the multiple wheel units down each side. The wheels are moulded as part of these and not individual units. Two outer sections with the wheels mount to a centre section, these then fit to the outer armour section. This is repeated twice, once for each side. The fore and aft main wheels are then added before the tracks can be threaded on. The inner hull part is added along with top cover. This then completes the sie track units which can be mated to the lower main hull section. Construction now moves to the upper hull and starts with the turret. The large mortar is assembled and then sandwiched between the upper and lower halves of the turret. Stowage boxes, aerials and hatches are then added to the turret before it can be placed onto the upper hull section. At the front of the hull the pate with the drivers vision slit and bow mounted machine gun is added. Under this the attachment points for the front of the bridge go on. Racks for the bridge section winch section are then put on the rear. The winch is made up and added to the tanks rear deck, and at the back the aft bullhead goes in with its towing attachment, This then completes the main body of the tank. The box bridge now needs to be built up. this consists of two halves which fold in the middle. Each side consists of a main top plate under which two boxes are built up, one on each side. These have two side girders and a lower girder. End plates are added at the rear and a single link plate goes onto the front. The two sections are then joined and at the end which attaches to the tank a large A frame is added. A rigging diagram is provided for the cabling (Not included) which is needed to rig the bridge. Once built the model can be placed on the included base if required. Markings There are markings for three vehicles on the small decal sheet. 5th Assault Regiment 6th Assault Regiment 42nd Assault Regiment Conclusion Recommended as its still a good kit and does provide some nostalgia. Carrera Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  2. I really liked this kit once I got into it. Initially, I was unsure if the body could be built and fitted as one piece - it can and it does. As with all these Matchbox cars the detail is superb and stands up well today. The short windscreen which leaves a large gap is, unfortunately, a significant issue but erasing and replacing a section of framing improves the look as well as the accuracy. You could go the other way and do a chopped roof hotrod. In fact, people did hotrod this car and the coupe could be described as a Gaellic '36 Ford. I believe this is also the only Matchbox car with alternate parts for those who can't, erm, face the windscreen the Cabriolet version can be done. Lots of photos as I believe you should photo cars at "eye" level as well as from above. Bonnet fade for @cmatthewbacon
  3. Well this is embarrassing. Despite aeroplanes being my chief interest, I've been absent from these lofty halls ALL year, since the Stranraer was completed at Christmas. I know I tend to build less over the summer, but an enforced downtime (double hernia op) at the end of June, was squandered on an unfulfilling Heller 2CV build. Now I'm confined to barracks yet again with COVID after a work colleague returned from the US with a persistent cough ... There really is no excuse for not starting another build now. I've tried to narrow it down. Automotive is definitely out, for the time being. The old Airfix Hawker Fury (1/48), the big Airfix Walrus, a 1/48 Hurricane, all sit on the shelf still. The kits that tickled my fancy are here ... What to build next? by Mike, on Flickr You won't be surprised to hear I'm also reading a lot of Great War pilots accounts at the moment. Another distraction from the workbench. (Currently WInged Victory by Yeates) Starting from the top, the Baby is from the early 90s I think. The injection plastic parts look basic, with little detail and lots of flash. There a a big sheet of PE though, a white metal engine too. I don't think I'm ready to jump into a kit that may need a little work to make it shine. Next up the Special Hobby Tabloid and Schneider. The detail in the moldings of these kits is much better than the Baby. My plan is to build the Tabloid Scout as the prewar Schneider Race winner, and use the Schneider kit as a guide. I think, despite the lack of floats, the Tabloid is a closer airframe match. Then the Albatros DIII ProfiPACK. Bought on my last trip to the LMS in Havant, seemed like a bargain for £18. A joy to unbox, detailed plastic, PE, masks, and a colourful choice of five different schemes. The Dornier was picked up cheap while the Matchbox group build was still going on. I fancy making the airliner version, I also fancy an unchallenging build and this could be perfect ... The Dornier and He115 popped up as potential stable mates while the Stranraer was on the bench. And finally the Tamiya Mossie. Wow, lots of 'plane in there! A bit daunting for me if I'm honest ... So, just typing this gubbins out is helping. It's between the Albatros and Dornier I think. Now, if anyone can help with a dose of motivation I'd really appreciate it!
  4. Since @Enzo Matrix has opened the forum way early and as I will be your co host for the GB ( I’m actually nervous ) I thought I’d start the ball rolling with my build thread. Not sure which variant I’ll build ( NF11/12 or 13) or what colour scheme but I’m looking forward to the build. It’s a meteor and a matchbox kit couldn’t get much better
  5. Ding ding, round 4....... I can't resist another build to this infectious GB Unfortunately i don't have any of the missing subjects but will balance up the Spitfire Hurricane ratio with this nice little kit. I anticipate progress will be swift as i am also taking part in the M3/4 STGB which has just started. So a couple of pics to get the ball rolling, thanks for looking Cheers Greg BTW I am doing the box top version as @CanadaMoe is doing the night intruder option.
  6. Hi all I have been working on this one on and off since January as part of the Matchbox Group Build, I failed miserably at the GB but have finally finished. The model is quite basic and I have followed Johnny's (A.K.A @The Spadgent),wonderful build of this kit a couple of years ago. Thanks Johnny. I did not go as far as he did with opening the engine panels, detailing the engine and dropping the flaps, but have added lots to the cockpit such as AMS Ejector seats, gauges using Airscale decals, the gubbins behind the cockpit internals the rear canopy part , some extras to the UC bays, catapult hooks and windscreen wiper was made. The kitvwheels were Modified. The Pitot mount broke off so a new one was made from some scrap parts from the parts box. The model was brush painted using Humbrol Enamels , the decals were very kindly supplied by Dave A.K.A @Rabbit Leader, Thanks Dave very kind, as mine were not great. Weathering is light and limited to some staining underneath, oil panel line wash, faded panels and a dot filtering with oils in warm colours over the rear fuselage and cold colours over the wings etc. I would like to thank everyone who has assisted and offered kind support and encouragement during this long build, sorry it took do long, also @Rabbit Leader and @JOCKNEY for hosting the original GB and sorry I did not make the deadline I preferred the red Sharkmouth as was going to use the Matchbox 490 codes however they were unusable and I had already stuck on the red one so decided to stick with it. WIP here Rear undercarriage legs shortened to allow stance to be right , so it doesn't look like it's Twerking!!! Wing tip tank lights made by drilling out the tips and painting the clear green and red and the glass was Lazer glaze UV glue. Windscreen wiper made AMS resin seats Scratched additions behind the cabin Modified kit wheels, and extras added to uc doors , catapult points made and added Modified kit intakes Thanks for looking in Chris
  7. I've actually forgotten when started building this kit, whether is was before I after university, so lets say almost 30 years in the making. I started as a Revell owned Matchbox release so all grey plastic. Thanks to an excellent conversion article in Airfix magazine Vol1/#6 Feb 1989 and subsequently a super walkaround in (IIRC) Aviation News I made a start on the conversion as well as adding a lot of small detail and improvements. Here's a run down of the work done: * Removed and rescribed the raised panel lines. * Crash-moulded air-scoops, hatch handles/hinges from stretched sprue * Grab handles from wire * Modified pipework on underside to match the HAR2 more closely * Fuselage windows squared off and replaced with crash mould glazing. * Front windscreen re-glazed and framed. * Side windows replaced with crash-moulded examples to pose open. * Airwaves PE used for grills and cockpit detail * Added extra detail to the rotor hub * Winch detail - I could have improve the housing as it's very simplified * floatation gas bottles * Spot lights * Aerials, so many aerials! Over the years I added the 4+ book which has some lovely scale drawings and more recently the Haynes book which helped me redo the rotor head detail. The excellent ModelDecal sheet #95 which provides a number of Rescue Wessexes and HC2/HU5s. I can't recommend this sheet enough as it provides full stencils with variants so I could pick those that matched my references. Big thanks to MarkyM607 for providing a spare rotor blade that I snapped when trying to add some droop. The lack of droop is the only thing that detracts from the finished model. So here is XR507 of 22 Sqn St Mawgan, circa 1990
  8. First Diorama - Sd.Kfz.124 "Wespe" (03334) 1:76 Carrera Revell The Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe or more catchily titled "Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/2 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf.)" was a German light field Howitzer mounted to a modified Panzer II chassis. It became apparent early on during the war in France that the Panzer II was lacking as a tank and the Germans looked to re-purpose them. Thue was born such vehicles as the Wespe and Marder II. With the Wespe the Panzer IIs engine was moved forwards and the chassis lengthened to accommodate the 10.5cm gun. These would first see service in Russia in 1943 The gun proved to be both reliable and highly manoeuvrable, it had a comparatively smaller silhouette than other guns of its type but a downside to this was the abilty to hold less ammunition. 676 units were produced with another 159 chassis being converted to ammunition carriers. The Kit Even though this says "New" on the Revell box the kit is certainly not new, but the matchbox kit from 1974, though traces of Lesley, and "Made in England" have been removed from the moulds the kit number PK77 can still be seen on the Sprues Revell now seem to be marketing this as a "First Diorama" kit as the base complete with palm tree is still with the kit. Even though the kit dates rom 1974 the moulds have held up very well with only a little flash on the plastic parts. The rubber tracks though are not so good with more flash. As a "first diorama" kit it comes complete with contacta glue and two pots of paint, green for the palm and black for the tyres, though any other colours you will need to find; though I suspect its not to be painted for the dessert option for the market Revell are pitching this at. Construction begins with te lower hull. The two side are added to the base and then the running gear can be added. There are 5 road wheels, an idler, a drive sprocket, and 3 return rollers to add to each side. Once these are on the tracks can be fitted. To finish of the inside the crew area at the rear is added in along with some ready use shells. Work now moves to the upper hull. First off the gun and its carride are made up, this fits into the gun shield and the two are placed in the upper hull with a plate going on the underside to hold everything in place. Side vent plates are then added to each side. The upper shielding plate on both side and the rear then go on, with radios being fitted inside the left hand side plate. The upper hull can now be joined to the lower one. Exterior jerrycans stowage, lights, and a spare road wheel are then added to finish the model. If the modeller wants to use the supplied base then the palm tree is made up and added, tow figures are supplied for use on the base if wanted. Markings There are markings for two vehicles on the small decal sheet. 21st Panzer Division, Afrikakorps, North Africa 1943 17th Panzer Division, Battle of Kursk, Russia 1943. Conclusion Recommended for the small scale vehicle builder and maybe those looking for a bit of nostalgia. Carrera Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  9. The forty years old Matchbox kit and the first biplane I’ve attempted. Pretty much oob apart from some wires for rigging, and a little instrument panel and wire bracing in the cockpit which you can barely see. Because of its size I hand painted this one, just Tamiya silver mostly with Tamiya olive green nose and gunmetal engine. The decals broke up a bit so had to be very carefully slid off, with some needing a bit of coaxing back together. I’m fairly pleased with the overall result for my first inter-war biplane anyway. All comments and advice welcome as always.
  10. After seeing the recent and beautiful Gauntlet build by @galgos, I felt compelled to try a few silver biplanes from the ‘golden era’. I envisage these being flown by jolly chaps with handlebar moustaches who drive open top sports cars, play polo and generally have a roaringly splendid time. A few bouts of aerobatics then off to the village pub for gin and impressionable young ladies. And damn good show too chaps! Anyway, it was probably nothing like that, but the silver biplanes look cool and I like the colourful squadron markings on these things, so I bought a few on eBay … Unfortunately, the Gauntlet has no decals. Reference books … I need to buy some very thin wire for the wing braces. First up, I thought I’d try the Siskin. It seems quite simple compared to the Airfix ones, so a good place to start. Hopefully I won’t get bored and want to start another 1/48 fast jet! I’m going to do the 29 Sqn one. The Matchbox kit is very basic, so already I’m tempted to add my own detail, such as an instrument panel. Plastic card should suffice for this. What colour were Siskin interiors!? Anyone? Matchbox say black, but I want to be sure that’s correct. Wooden instrument panel? Some nice 1/72 diagrams in Silver Wings.
  11. @Rabbit Leader aka Dave Has brought our attention to the fact that if his calculations and history are correct, 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the first Matchbox (Lesney Products) kit releases. Yet another one of those great British plastic kit manufacturers now lost to childhood memories. So anyone up for another Matchbox Classic GB ? Cheers Pat List of Fame 1. @JOCKNEY Host 2. @theplasticsurgeon 3. @vppelt68 4. @TEMPESTMK5 5. @Rabbit Leader Co-host 6. @Heather Kay 7. @DaveyGair 8. @nimrod54 9. @Jinxman 10. @Jb65rams 11. @malpaso 12. @Mjwomack 13. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 14. @Ray S 15. @Black Knight 16. @Marklo 17. @rafalbert 18. @Bonhoff 19. @Pete F 20. @cmatthewbacon 21. @CliffB 22. @Arniec 23. @bigbadbadge 24. @stevej60 25. @junglierating 26. @Paul821 27. @Angus Tura 28. @airfixpeter 29. @Foxbat 30. @IanC 31. @TimJ 32. @John Masters 33. @klr 34. @Ventora3300 35. @Robert Stuart 36. @Thom216 37. @Desk Flyer 38. @AdrianMF 39. @Wez 40. @ijs302 41. @Rob S 42. @Richard Tucker 43. @TonyW 44. @Mike Dean 45. @fightersweep 46. @Grandboof 47. @Ozzy 48. @Joecool 49. @erniewise 50. @Redstaff 51. @Mr T 52. @GREG DESTEC 53. @Pin 54. @Tomjw 55. @Rafwaffe 56. @TonyTiger66 57. @MsModeller 58. @2996 Victor 59. @pizzapaolo 60. @THEscaleSHOW 61. @Ned 62. @Dermo245 63. @psdavidson 64. @Six97s 65. @Touvdal 66. @johnlambert 67. @stuartp 68. @dbostream 69. @rs2man 70. @alt-92 71. @John 72. @Troy Smith 73. @Franz75 74. @Beermonster1958 75. @jean 76. @RevDWC 77. @PeterB 78. @Allan31 79. @Doccur 80. @Natter 81. @ModelraynzModelraynzda 82. @stevehnz (eventually ) 83. @Swamp Donkey 84. @JosephLalor 85. @mike romeo 86. @jackroadkill 87. @Julien 88. @drdjp11 89. @davecov 90. @Aww94 91. 92. 93. Please note all reboxings of Matchbox kits are naturally included.
  12. As part of my effort to clear my backlog of started kits I have dug out my Matchbox Spitfire. I started this literaly decades ago, but didn’t get far. I have looked at it occasionally, but no action. Then I bought some Xtradecal decals for it, SAC MkIX undercarriage legs, MasterCasters interior, Master gun barrels. Finally I found out about the Grey Matter correction set for the nose, which of course I immediately ordered on a wim. Having now spent about ten times what the original kit cost, guilt has led me to this, my first WIP. It will not be a tutorial, I am not that good, it will not be a guide to the ultimate accurate Matchbox Spitfire, but posting about it will serve to prod me to get it built. With a little luck, at about the halfway point, somebody will announce a new accurate Mk 22/24 for you guys waiting for one. We will start with the nose, the Grey Matter nose is one seriously large accurate lump of resin. I may scratchbuild the u/c legs out of brass because even the SAC legs might fold under the weight! It also might be the first Spitfire build to need weight in the tail to prevent it becoming a nose sitter. You can see the difference with the kit item. The panel lines look much more to scale than the Matchbox lines-lol.
  13. This is my most challenging build to date. The kit itself is easily Matchbox's greatest achievement in terms of detail and finesse, and from when the masters where probably carved in wood. It suffers though from the the near non-existent or vague attachment points everywhere. A more modern kit would solve these issues but even then the subject is just very demanding as a build due to it's complexity. There just isn't a easy way to handle the model while its being built and it was tempting to stick wings on it just so I could hold it. Finally the extensive chrome work was very challenging - I used Alcad as that's what I had but the finish is just too delicate, clear coating helps but you lose that sheen. I will explore newer alternatives such s the Molotow pen refills and Green Stuff World Chrome but I don't want to got near another metal finish for a quite a while! I re-spoked the wheels with florist's wire and insulation stripped from fine wire. The kit's seat position was lowered to the correct height. Like my other Matchbox builds this year it will be on show at SMW on the Classic British Kits SIG table.
  14. So, having had my arm twisted by @Rabbit Leader (all I did was mention that I happened to have a Matchbox Phantom and then next thing I know, here I am… ), here’s the start of what will undoubtedly turn out to be a long drawn-out build (although not as long as a certain pair of Airfix Hawks have taken…). I originally purchased this kit from Beatties maybe 40 years ago – if you look closely at the box you’ll see I paid the princely sum of £4.50, reduced because the clear parts were missing.
  15. This started life as the old Matchbox HP Victor K2 as re-boxed by Revell and I added the Flightpath Victor B1 conversion, took lots of bits away and made a new fin and cockpit transparency. Lots of fun with filling and sanding but it wasn't a difficult conversion. The Work In Progress is here as part of the Big and British GB. The silver is from a Halfords rattle-can, the black and the red stripe are Humbrol gloss enamel. After an overall coat of gloss the home printed decals were added before an overall coat of matt varnish . Back in the early 1950s the Victor must have looked very futuristic compared with the Lincolns and Washingtons in service with the RAF. I think the colour scheme makes it look very menacing as well but was probably chosen to hide a few details from the prying eyes to the East. I couldn't resist a photo with my Valiant prototype from a few years back - the build for that one is here Also a photo with the HP88 which was built to test the Victor's crescent wing - some more photos of the HP88 here Thanks for looking. Steve
  16. Evening Folks, Thought i would squeeze another one in if i may? This is a Revell re-box of the Puma AFV complete with dio base. I haven't built this one before and have been impressed with the other armour kits that have been going on in the GB. Anyhoo, here are the photos of the box top and pile of bits - all in glorious monotone grey . Cheers, and "tanks" for looking - get it??? - "tanks" for looking!! No??? (i'll get my coat.....)
  17. This is the Matchbox 747 kit in 1/390 scale. I’ve built this kit in the Revell boxing / Air Canada scene in the past and it makes for a surprisingly good looking model despite the small scale. The only thing that lets it down is the undercarriage. So, this one will be ‘in flight’ on a makeshift stand made from an acrylic rod and one of the always useful and cheap shadow box frames from Jobbycraft. Going for the BA livery of course although I’ll pick up one of the Revell kits and do the Air Canada version in the future… … Providing the decals hold up! I think they will. Yellowing a bit but otherwise seem ok. And this is the Revell version I did and sadly destroyed moving it upstairs. Hopefully this one avoids such an unfortunate demise. Good luck with your builds everyone!
  18. I am contributing this one. I had decided to do it a couple weeks ago but dragged the chain finding it in the stash, so we now have two 125s in the mix. I will be using the Model Alliance sheet to mark mine up. It includes three schemes (as well as a number of Dominies). Looks like the previous owner of the kit did some test fitting and the kit decals also look to be in good nick. I had built one of these back in 2005 as a RAAF what if, It left my collection soon after but I now have it back. It needs a refurb as that kit did not include clear parts so I had to use clear cement for all the cabin and cockpit transparencies and the clear coat has cracked over time. So I will be also remarking it as a RAF machine from the MA sheet.
  19. Hi everyone, I haven't built a Matchbox kit for centuries, and I only have 3 oldies in the stash. For starter I have chosen the kit PK-6 of the FW 190 A-3 or A-4. Here are a few photos to show this plastic from another age. The tasteful plastic: Notice, decals and transparencies: This kit has always been described as one of the best models of the A-3/A-4... in its time. Ergo it is still a good kit and I want to do it justice. Therefore I will jazz up the cockpit, using a Reheat PE seat, pedals and seat belts. Te wheels are very much under par and will be replaced by a True Details set. I plan to finish it as a FW 190 A-2 of JG 26, using decals found in a Kagero booklet about JG 26. The kit's decals are for a FW 190 G, so... It will be fun!!! JR
  20. This is a placeholder for my first build in this GB. I hope to start it by tomorrow. I had originally planned to build jt in 2020 for the "Kit you built as a kid" GB, but COVID-19 travel restrictions prevented that. I first built this kit on Christmas Day 1978, some time in the early evening. This had the original artwork, describing how ZG 26 was "bounced" by Mustangs, suffering terminal losses. I am building a re-release from the late 1980s, with the same box-art as on an earlier re-release. I bought this in 1990, probably late in the year. I can't remember if Swastikas were included when I first built the kit, but by the late 1980s, they were definitely verboten. I will have to dig into my after market sheet.
  21. I will jump in with this old kit - I am sure I built as a young lad many moons ago.... To try to do something different I will use some aftermarket decals... From what I can find and see the Portuguese airforce effectively bought USN A-7Es - so I am not going into mega detail changes - the main obvious item is the refuelling probe...I can't see any after market and its a bit crazy to by a 1/72 E so i will either go with out, or try to fashion something that will look ok ish! I have bought a couple of quick boost A-4 Skyhawk probs - I may be able to cut them up to get something.... Earlier probe later Probe If anyone knows better please do let me know!
  22. Have been trying to pick up all four of the Matchbox Airliner kits recently. Have had the 747 for a while and that is in the final stages. I can now add the 727 to the list. Hopefully I can score the remaining two as they turn up on eBay pretty regularly. Sometimes at silly prices but frequently can be had for under a tenner with p&p. This kit (at first glance) seems to be better moulded than the 747. Much crisper with zero flash. I’ll find out soon when I start assembling. The decal sheet is also in better condition although the one for the 747 isn’t that bad to be fair. Going to plough through this build and have a big painting session of both this and the 747 in a few days. Going for the American Airlines livery. Always liked that stripe on the polished aluminium (?) body. Not sure what to use for that. I always use the Revell aluminium for most jobs but that won’t look right on this. Perhaps the Tamiya silver? I don’t really want to shell out on fancy metallic paints but I’m open to suggestions.
  23. My build of the Matchbox 1/72 Messerschmitt 410 (PK-113) will be reported here. It really will be an OOB build as I am going to make it unpainted to show the different colour parts as per the box illustration: Box contents and build details will follow. Dave
  24. Morning all,just finished for the Matchbox GB is their 109e,these are rare beasts these day's and I'd never built one in my youth so forty quid lighter this arrived in great condition but useless decal's.Techmod to the rescue and chose to depict Von Werra's famous aircraft which was downed during the Battle of Britain,he was captured but later escaped in Canada and made it back to Germany served on the Russian front but was killed in an accident off the Dutch coast flying the F4 variant of the 109.Many thank's for looking in.
  25. Hi folk's as explained in the Fury thread a think of what to end the build list with involved something never built before and with 50 plus years of model making it's pretty hard when it comes to Matchbox kits but the T55 fits the bill and I'd really like to see if I can get a good NMF on her had to go to £19:99 but these kits are getting rarer now and at least with KK they are checked over. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/matchbox-pk-126-lightning-t55--162018 Should sit nicely alongside my Airfix offering's.
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