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  1. Realistically given the dates I'm likely to be building this kit partly on the road (my spring a summer are full up with ecology surveys for work) so I will probably stick with something small and comparatively simple - but we'll se!
  2. Vulcanicity

    1/72 Fulmar

    Sorry, peering at this on my phone. Looks like there is a different prop and maybe a different arrangement inside the radiator housing. You learn something new every day!
  3. Vulcanicity

    1/72 Fulmar

    The Fulmar I shouldn't entail any parts not found on the Fulmar II afaik - just leave off the extra intakes on the cowling sides. Or did the II feature a different prop arrangement too?
  4. Hi Rob, As I said at Telford I'd love to join! Thinking of either the Airfix Wildcat as a Martlet II or the Tamiya Corsair as a FAA Corsair III. Although if it looks like I have more time (unlikely) my Special Hobby Barracuda is calling to me...
  5. Grand! Love to see a Heyford and you've (both) aced the mysterious yellow scheme! I notice the aircraft in the second photo with the airman leaning on the spat seems to be coded "E"...in case you want to add an extra decal post hoc!
  6. Wow! I am totally in awe of the amazing scratch builders on this forum. Stunning model...
  7. Oddly I can see the images fine - and it's a lovely Stuka. Love the lifted MG access panel
  8. Quite simply one of the absolute best P-51 models I have seen. The weathering and metal finish are top notch - you can just imagine it sat ready to go on a muddy airfield in Cambridgeshire somewhere in '44!
  9. To me there are just some parts of particular aircraft that contribute disproportionately to the overall aesthetic - features that if a kit manufacturer gets wrong, they are really noticeable. If someone gets a Spitfire fuselage slightly too short, I notice much less than I would notice an error in wing shape of a similar magnitude. I am more sensitive to the visual representation of some parts of an aircraft than others. To my mind the nose of a VC-10, along with the fin shape to a lesser degree, fall into this category. What's more, since most airliners are effectively regular tubes with evenly tapered wings, features like noses are disproportionately important for many of these types as so much of the rest of them are fairly simple shapes. The nose shape totally defines a VC-10 or Comet or 707 to me in a way which subtleties of wing planform or wing-fuselage fairing shape can't. So I looked at the Mach 2 kit at Telford, and considered the cost of the kit and the effort to change the nose to be "correct", and I passed. I can understand both view points and am very glad a VC-10 in IM is now available for those who see it as "good enough". But I can totally understand people seeing the nose and considering it a deal-breaker.
  10. While I think of it, can I just say for myself what a pleasure it was finally getting to meet @Procopius, @Cookenbacher and @Navy Bird at Telford. What courteous and enthusiastic people you three are - and brilliant ambassadors for your country! If any of you fancy standing for the 46th president, you would get my vote. If I was able to vote. Which I'm not, but there you are. So glad you enjoyed your action packed jaunt round our funny little country, and I'm not surprised @CedB looked after you so handsomely. If you are back for 2025, I will happily join in the Grand Tour mk. II - I will only be 35 so we can do all the more action packed things while @perdu has a little sit down! You need to go to Tangmere, and Elvington, and Bruntingthorpe, and Solent Sky, and Biggin Hill, and the Science Museum in South Ken, and back to Duxford for the (hopefully finished) Victor B1, CR42 and Beaufighter!
  11. Oh God...rumbled! I must say I thought I was safe and they'd never use my little segment...
  12. Spectacular! The rainy background scene is excellent too!
  13. Superb Phantom! Looks like it has some great competition as well...
  14. Wow! Amazing scratch building there, you have captured the look of the Rapide perfectly. It's a shame the windows have gone all brownish but I guess that's just the passage of time!
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