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  1. Superb! Looks like Arma have turned out another belter of a kit
  2. This is stunning, I take my hat off! Wish I had had the skills and materials to 3D print stuff like the engines and seat, it would have made my life much easier! The line drawing of the working platforms is from the original AP which I viewed in the National Archives and which dates from the time of the prototype's approval for service (IIRC it's dated 1936) so I can only assume they were used on RAF machines as well as the Canadian aircraft
  3. A poor year for 72nd nuts like me but very much pleased about this one, that RAuxAF snazzy tail scheme is perfect!
  4. Superb, you've really nailed that complex French camo scheme....
  5. Nice job, it looks the part to me! I've forgotten how flimsy and alarming the He-162 looked, to think they were planning to send mere teenagers up in the things in 1945 ...
  6. The Comet sets, as and when they appear, will make me very happy. One of the most insurmountable hurdles with attacking my Mach 2 kit is the unusability of the wheels, and Nimrod wheels just won't cut it!
  7. Really superb Wimpy, with the new canopy that stands up perfectly well next to the 50 years younger Airfix kit!
  8. Cor, lovely stuff! That Dora kit seems to be taking its time...
  9. Thanks everyone - much appreciated! To be honest this build did feel a bit of a slog so my initial reaction to finishing was just relief, but the more I look at it the more pleased I am Haha I know what you mean, I do very much enjoy going to town on interiors, but I have to pick my battles as it just takes too long. In this case the visibility was so poor and my interior references (despite owning several books on the Shackleton) so non-existent I chickened out! I do always like to try and look critically at my references and make the exterior details as accurate as possible, because as you say this is the work you will look back on and notice every time. This is exactly it...the Airfix kit is heavily based on WR963 which still retains most of the accumulated small details (vents, aerials etc) from the AEW2 and before that, the Phase 3 MR2. The aircraft was in service for about twenty years in the maritime role alone, and across the three major upgrades there were a massive amount of small changes. I found that once I had got my head round the major visible changes (loss of the dorsal tur ret around Phase 1; introduction of Orange Harvest ECM aerial at Phase 2, and introduction of the cabin heater/air conditioning intakes on the rear fuselage at Phase 3), and could then confidently identify most photos to a given Phase mod state, I could start to investigate the appearance and removal of smaller, subtler details and draw up a sketch of what needed removing and adding to match my chosen build date. Thanks matey, to be frank I am still finding it quite alarming and daunting but I am trying to stick to simple one-colour schemes (with easy masking jobs!) for the moment, and learn the ropes gradually. I'm also trying to see it not as a compulsory replacement for the old paintbrush, but rather as a very helpful additional tool for situations where brush painting is tricky, particularly for colours which are hard to get even brush coverage, varnishing, etc; rather than letting myself become a slave to it. My next project is a silver Canberra with yellow Suez stripes, both applications where I think it will give me a major edge. I think I will be using the old paintbrushes liberally in a supporting role for a long while yet though! Do it! If time and money were no object I'd love to try an MR.1 conversion in the white scheme.
  10. Top build, the masking of the red/white is flawless...
  11. What a beauty! The Argentine scheme really suits it as do the 1000lb bombs on pylons
  12. Hi all, Only 13 months after I started, I am finally calling this done. This is my build of the Airfix Shackleton MR2 to represent WR964 "204/Q" of 204 Squadron RAF based at RAF Ballykelly in c. 1963 just after its upgrade to Phase 2 configuration. For me this is the archetypal Shackleton "look" and role - hunting Russian subs for hours over the north-east Atlantic so I was keen to get it looking right. There's a WIP here but it rather peters out, I'm afraid. My work has been pretty well horrendous this year and it was quite enough of a mental struggle plodding through this build - it nearly stalled completely on several occasions. This build is relatively OOB for me: aware of the risk of burning out on such a large project and struggling to find any suitable references, I decided not to correct the AEW.2 interior fit to resemble the MR2. Since you can hardly see any of it through the tiny windows and the pre-Phase 3 interior was all black anyway, I feel like this was a good call. For the sake of sanity, I also didn't bother attempting to modify the kit's incorrect undercarriage bay sidewalls (they are identical in details for both sides whereas they should be handed!) Where I did go full AMS was making sure the exterior details matched the Phase 2 fit, as far as I could with less than perfect references. List of mods to base kit below: Filed off nearly all scoops/vents etc on nose and rear fuselage, as most of these are copied by Airfix from WR963 and are thus appropriate for Phase 3 and/or AEW.2 Added NACA intake and tiny round vent on upper starboard nose. Added small drain pipe and tiny vent on lower starboard nose Added small heat exchanger on lower port nose Added forward facing scoops/intakes on upper fuselage above port wing root, lower port rear fuselage and starboard rear fuselage just aft of wing root Replaced later radio masts with smaller, raked masts further forward on cabin roof Added four whip aerials per photos (with several coats of white these are a bit over thick now!) Added aerial or drain pipe on spine aft of ECM antenna. Added prominent object on port fuselage in front of wing root also seen on Lancasters (I think this is a trailing aerial chute?) Filled in forward galley window and amended position of aft window one to represent original configuration before the galley was modified at Phase 3 upgrade - unfortunately I manged this correctly on the port side but neglected to fill the forward window to starboard! Oh well... Added three prominent rod aerials under each wing tip Finished interior entirely in black. Fitted hydraulic actuator rams for radome forward of crew door, apart from replacing the throttle levers and adding seatbelts this is the only interior modification I made. Early-type exhausts and wheels are sets from Barracudacast Decals are a mix of kit stencils and Xtradecals. The yellow wing walk lines are not provided by Airfix, as the 205 Squadron Dark Sea Grey option has the FEAF white upperwing strips and corresponding red stencils in this area. I used a Modelcraft sheet for the Frog MR3 for these markings, but cut the over-wide yellow lines down with a scalpel and steel ruler! The end result looks OK under all that exhaust staining! It's finished in Mr Hobby Aqueous Dark Sea Grey (the white is Humbrol rattlecan). Humbrol have rudely stopped making no. 164 in acrylics so I tested a couple of other brands and this is what looked the best shade to me. It doesn't go on well with a hairy stick, but coincidentally @Cookenbacher extremely kindly gifted me a spare Iwata airbrush at abut the time I was scratching my head over paint colour. Now in 23 years of modelling I have never so much as picked an airbrush up, and this kit wasn't exactly cheap or simple, so it was with great trepidation I gave it a first-ever go. I have to say I am rather pleased - I have a way to go to get halfway competent (or halfway confident, for that matter) but I have learnt a lot and it certainly doesn't look any worse than I could have managed with a brush and more tractable paint. In addition to Cookenbacher I'd like to thank @alhenderson for some excellent photos of WR964 (check out his excellent build of the same aircraft!) and contributors to the WIP especially @amos brierley who provided a vast amount of detail info and useful images of the bomb bay. Here she is - hope you like the result as much as I do!
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