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  1. Lovely model, love these Soviet limited-production obscurities even if I know virtually nothing about them...
  2. Wow, brilliant work Rudi! A brilliant diorama full of life, and very good painting of aircraft, vehicles and figures alike
  3. Absolutely superb model, and what a list of modifications! Was there any of the original kit left once you'd finished?! Always had a soft spot for this rather forgotten type, reminds me of the Scimitar in general shape and era. You've done it proud!
  4. Beautiful builds both! I did the Italeri kit in that scheme years ago but didn't get it nearly as good as yours...
  5. Absolutely cracking Vulcan and great attention to detail, well done!
  6. Super MiGs, definitely my favourite Soviet aircraft although I actually prefer the more purposeful lines of the MF!
  7. I agree about the green but the model as a whole (and your weathering) look great to me!
  8. Superb model! You have made a masterful job of two tricky colours to paint well. I had no idea the TBD was ever tested on floats, I am amazed it manage to take off at all! Should both ailerons be drooped though?
  9. I certainly do like it, superb model and it looks like a lovely kit PS Solidarity to Ukraine!
  10. Superb build. Makes me want to get on with mine which is hiding in the stash. Who doesn't love sanding?
  11. That's a lovely build made all the more special by the family connection. What's the kit and scale?
  12. Dropped in on this a couple of times and I was seriously impressed with your attention to detail and general skills, the end result shows it all off to perfection, well done! Glad you made it in time for anniversary too
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