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  1. Lovely Harrier and great to see something a bit different. Top notch mud weathering too, just like my car after a country drive this time of year!
  2. Three cracking Mustangs even if one of them is a funny shape and has sprouted two extra engines! Your brush painting is particularly impressive
  3. Model looks great despite all your difficulties, but sweet Jesus what an ugly aeroplane!
  4. Beautiful Meteor! I picked up one of these at Telford and I have to say it looks like a big advance in quality for Airfix. Yes I wouldn't have wanted to have been an RAAF pilot venturing into MiG alley in an F.8...
  5. Never seen one of these built up but this one is a cracker! A nice tribute to a largely forgotten record setter, and from my neck of the woods too! (I'm a Bristol lad in exile!)
  6. I *think* the first postwar civilian Proctors were the Vs, i.e. all civilian I, II III and IV variants were ex RAF/FAA. Of course some or all might have been overhauled/upgraded after sale into the civilian market to give them nice comfy upholstery!
  7. Yes I think you are being unfair on yourself, it looks much better than my own attempt at a desert P-40! The sand weathering has come out really nicely. Out of interest, what is the pale patch on the rear fuselage spine? I'm imagining abrasion from some kind or weighted tie-down to stop the aircraft flipping over in a sandstorm but I'm just guessing...
  8. A well researched and beautifully finished SHAR. It was a really eye-catching display at Telford, having read Sharkey Ward's book this anniversary year I spent a while perusing it
  9. Beautiful model, your dad is extremely talented and it's great to see a Lansen as you hardly ever see them built! I have to say I do love the funny pop-out fuselage airbrakes, they remind me of semaphore indicators on 1930s cars!
  10. That's built into a very impressive model for a simple kit, nice work!
  11. Beautiful work! The spoilers, airbrakes and flaps deployed make it a really busy model, and hard to believe it's 1/72!
  12. Wow, that's spectacular! I love the little touches like the replacement camo side door and all the scuffing and fading
  13. I will be keen to see if they move into 1/72, and indeed what sort of quality the Scimitar and Hornet achieve. A new manufacturer of less obvious British aircraft in 1/72 would certainly get my attention!
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