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  1. Well that's the joke, isn't it! Everyone has their obscure hobbyhorse they are convinced is the next big moneymaker. I fear Vulcan B1s, Lincolns and Comets all fall into that category... I shall stare glumly some more at my Mach 2 Comet...
  2. Comet C2 Comet C2 Comet C2! Yeah I'm not that convinced Airfix will do a Lincoln- it would be at least as odd/left-field a choice as the Swift and cost about 3 times as much so less demand and fewer units shifted...
  3. Dropped in on this in the early days and I have just chain-read the last few pages. Simply staggering!
  4. Beautiful build and what a scheme! I think trying to paint black, red and yellow convincingly with all those demarcation lines would give me a heart attack but yours is perfect!
  5. Terrific build Bill, best Tucano I've seen by a mile. Think I may have seen this display scheme in the flesh back in 2011! Shame the resin engine wasn't an aftermarket lead engine to help with the tail sitting- but a great save with the base and chocks
  6. Nice subjects and an interesting project! I particularly like the Tu-16, a very accomplished model of an attractive subject. Would have loved to have seen one in the air!
  7. Excellent, don't see many of these made up and this one is a beauty! I am also impressed by your Photoshop skills, I can't work out where those paving slab joints were...
  8. Lovely little model Jerzy, a new type for me so it's nice to learn something new on a Sunday morning!
  9. Not old news - that website has been updated since I built mine and I have never seen those, or any other period photos of this area - what wonderful images! You can almost smell the bacon sandwiches and coffee. I think it's aluminium rather than a very high gloss (and well-lit) Interior green, which is interesting as the interior of 920 at Hendon is green. I assumed that the stove tops doubled up as firing steps for the gunner and those images seem to confirm it - at least there doesn't look like anything else up to the job of supporting someone's weight!. Not sure how that works if a fi
  10. Hi Mike, Many thanks for the mention and kind words, I shall be following! I have a pair of 84 inch Type A1 roundels with the yellow rings which you are welcome to - PM me your address and I'll pop them in the post.. As Adrian says don't feel the pressure to go crazy - much more important to enjoy yourself! If I was to recommend three things out of everything I did to that poor kit it would be to reshape and thin the cowlings, replace the engines with aftermarket and sand off the freight door - all of which make a massive visual difference in accuracy to the result
  11. Nice start, I shall of course be following!
  12. Some additional notes I made from other bits of the AP which I didn't photograph: Wings Span: Top mainplane 85’, bottom mainplane 75’ Dihedral: Top and bottom mainplanes 3° ± 10’, tailplane nil Incidence: Top and bottom mainplanes 6° 30’ ± 20’, tailplane 3° Sweepback: Top mainplane at outer strut 20° 26’ ±1’, bottom mainplane at outer strut 19° 51 ±1 Hull and Bottom Centre Section (verbatim from AP) General 2.The hull framing and plating and the bottom centre section of the main planes, which is an integral part of the hull, are built of al
  13. Hi Tweener, Thanks for the mention, and glad you're embarking on a Stranraer odyssey! Are you planning on building an RAF or RCAF example? The Seawings site and Mushroom book should be a good starting point for you (I can also supply scans of the latter), although bear in mind that 920 at Hendon is almost completely stripped of interior equipment so the interior photos in the Mushroom book, although pretty much the only ones I was able to find, aren't that helpful for a service example. I used the linked plans at Seawings (drawn by GAG Cox and dating from a 1950s m
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