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  1. "Mad" in my house is a term of affection and respect! (I surrender!)
  2. Finally I can forget about stripping down my old SH F.1!
  3. Just stumbled across this video from CBC in 1966 saluting the last flying Supermarine Stranraer (of course now preserved at Hendon) - as a Stranraer devotee I was thrilled to find the only footage I have ever seen of the machine flying, together with some wonderful reminiscences from postwar west coast Canadain bush pilots - the annecdote near the end about winding up USAF F-86 jocks in particular is hilarious. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks everyone! I went for 84 inch roundels in the end- they were already on and setting as @Rabbit Leader made his post. The anti-icing paste (never knew it was called "Kilfrost" - what a wonderful trade name!) is on my radar- I think I will mask off the leading edge strip and drybrush quite heavily along the airflow lines to get the streaky effect. Thanks for the colour pointers, I will get mixing and see what I come up with!
  5. Looks good to me! Nice to see the Buffalo's days of glory represented
  6. Brilliant! I held my nerve when the V came out as I was wanting a III, glad I did
  7. Paul, Many thanks - I was beginning to suspect that most of the photos I was looking at (except where a Type A1 has clearly been overpainted) were a size intermediate between 75 and 100 inches. Think I'll go for 84. Until someone produces a topside photos of T4131 nobody can prove me wrong!
  8. Cheers. Yeah I've got a copy of that chart (it's reproduced in the newer Xtradecal sheet). I'm slightly suspicious of them as I've found them to be wrong (or at least oversimplistic) on at least one occasion before. I think this photo shows 75-inch roundels: However I'm not so sure about this one! You can't see the aileron line thanks to the black scheme but to my eyes these come further back along the wing chord. Maybe both sizes were painted? This was the era of non standard markings, after all.
  9. Hi all - does anyone know what size "B" type roundel was applied to the Whitley V? I am talking about mid- to late-production aircraft where a "B-type" was applied in the factory rather than painted at squadron level over an earlier "A1-type". Airfix supply a decal with the 1/72nd kit which scales to 100 inches. I am using Xtradecals to represent all-black T4131 of 78 Squadron - which confusingly shows a roundel of about 100 inches on the decal artwork but supplies a decal for a 75 inch roundel! The two famous photos of T4131 in the RAF Museum collection are from underneath - so no help. So are the vast majority of other photos of Whitleys! The few I can find showing the upperwing roundel seem to suggest something closer to 75 inches, or intermediate!
  10. Excellent start Ced! I built this old thing long ago in the same scheme - think I chucked it as I seem to remember making a pig's ear of aligning the wing sections. One question - I know you're building her wheels up but do the current version of the instructions tell you to add nose weight anywhere? They didn't when I built it, and if they do now it is entirely due to a sniffy letter to Airfix written by Kid Vulcanicity aged about 13...
  11. That's lovely that is! Having built a Pavla kit once and never having been quite the same since, I feel your pain! Very jealous of you getting to play in the real thing, although I remember the Shuttleworth display well
  12. Well I wouldn't have guessed that you weren't a fan of the subject - a neat little model, and interesting choice of markings
  13. Ooh I love a good Firefly, and you've given us two, nay, four!
  14. Isn't it annoying when kit manufacturers (or even worse, aftermarket that you've paid extra for) make mistakes on decals like that unit badge, which are often impossible to replace from the spares box? Never mind, this is a wonderful BF109 which seriously looks the part!
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