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  1. I concur, that scheme really suits such an elegant aircraft and you've done a great job
  2. That's a beauty! Having struggled through this about a decade ago I could instantly spot you've fixed the fin and tailplane- bravo! Good luck with the pylons, I seem to remember they fit awfully from the box and make the tanks sit visibly nose-low...
  3. Beautiful, a very fine natural metal finish and well worth waiting for!
  4. Superb, you've really captured the imposing ugliness of the Gannet and the painting and finishing are flawless
  5. Wowee...a Magna kit completed! And you've done an excellent job too, really looks the part
  6. Spectacular model, like most other posters I did a double take thinking it was the real deal! The burnt metal effects around the exhausts in particular are masterfully done.
  7. Gorgeous models all, but you simply can't beat a Vega Gull- absolutely stunning aircraft and you've nailed it with that little model
  8. Brilliant build, somehow evokes memories of 1960s war films for me...
  9. Beautiful Sea Fury and nice to see a really different scheme! The subtle weathering looks very nice indeed
  10. Lovely stuff! Nice to build something properly OOB sometimes isn't it?
  11. Beautiful model, love the deployed slats and faded effect on the blue- looks spot on!
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