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  1. Terrific Glad and not one of the normal schemes. Love your weathering too - the cowling ring is particularly nice
  2. That's a little gem, especially for a first biplane, congrats!
  3. I don't think I ever thought I'd see someone mad enough to attempt this, let alone pull it off with so much panache- well done! It's quite an elegant looking machine but if I'm honest most of that is the Victor wings and tail- it's a bit like the lovechild of a Victor and the earlier Viking!
  4. Beautiful build and not a subject you see often! Someone needs to sort out that oil leak though...
  5. Hi folks! I entered the Navy GB way back in May with a Tamiya Corsair to be completed as a British Pacific Fleet Corsair IV - a subject I've always wanted to have a crack at. It turned into quite an epic, thanks to the considerable difficulty of using Xtracrylix Gloss Sea Blue paint with a brush ( about 7-9 coats required!), plus an acute varnish disaster at the final hurdle (and only a few days before the GB closing date). Anyway, a spell on the shelf of doom, and long slog if stripping and repainting and here we are, done. I've used Xtradecals to represent KD838 111/B of 1851 NAS
  6. Glorious! ( your garden looks lovely too!) Hard to believe the Germans not only built but managed to fly the Ho229 - it still looks futuristic 75 years later.
  7. Very smart Hurris, I really should get the IIc and build that Mk. I in my stash...
  8. Man, I love Scimitars (no idea why but I do.) A lovely pair of models there - the little diorama details like the Palouste and the ladders make that extra difference
  9. That is a gorgeous model. Brave person, taking on increasing the dimensions by cutting and inserting on a model to be painted in a natural metal finish, but you've pulled it off! Kudos...
  10. Welcome! A very impressive start, especially the Mossie if that's your first for years! Looking forward to seeing what you make in the future!
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