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  1. Back down to Ayrshire from the Modelfest and the show was great. I thought it was a bit busier than usual. The Kitkrazy guy and AMS seemed to have a throng round them the whole day. Great that so many traders make the effort to come all the way up to Glasgow for the show. My only gripe, and it was the same with Scale Scotland, is, can't the guy doing the prizewinners announcement at the end not source a microphone and amplifier instead of just shouting? It was fascinating to see the models in the competition and on the club tables - always inspires me to get back to my modelling table and build and paint and try subjects that I might not otherwise build. Today's haul was an Italeri P-40E, some AK Interactive weathering bits and a tool from the Modelling Tools guy. All I need to find now is the time to build everything. Well done to the show organisers and hope everyone else had a great day.
  2. Gordon J

    Telford 2019

    I have never been aware of any traders at Telford ever having any 'special prices'. Hannants will give you 10% off if you pre-order an item and collect it at the show but that is all I have ever been aware of. As Black Knight suggests above keep a written note of the items you are interested in and be prepared to be patient because from opening time on the Saturday till about 3.00pm or thereabouts most traders areas are like a bear pit.
  3. Is there a Kitswap at the Glasgow show or is it only at Perth? How does the Kitswap work in case I should want to bring along a few of my old kits?
  4. I have always had to park on the street at the Glasgow show. Car park is always full of traders and Centre users. One of the joys of the Bellahoustoun Sports Centre is watching the people going in and trying to decide who is going in to use the gym classes and who is heading to the Model Show. It is never that difficult to work out that the fit girls poured into their running tights won't be at the Modelfest and the fleece wearing stout blokes laden down with boxes and bags are probably not going to be heading to Bodypump.
  5. Gordon J

    Telford 2019

    Great to have the floor plans up and like Perdu said it is 'time to plan progress round the event.' That said I have still had moments at Telford where I have seen a model and not bought it, then later in the day decided to go back and get it only to have that 'what hall was that guy that had that kit that I saw earlier in' moment. And then being singulalrly unable to find the trader or kit despite having a floor plan in my hand, a compass, a map, a torch, some rope, two sherpas and a donkey in tow!!
  6. The bemused expression on my face is just the way I normally look but thanks for your concern. It was not only I that thought the choices of the Commended and Highly Commended certificates last year were a tad questionable. As we were clearing away our models lets just say a few comments were made. Rest assured though Atan if I see anything questionable this year I will be sure to seek you out. You will know it is I by the bemused expression on my face.
  7. Might be nice if the Glasgow Show organisers had a website or open Facebook page so that we the paying punters can see who is coming.
  8. Gordon J

    Telford 2019

    Not sure if this has already been posted on this thread but the Traders List for SMW 2019 is here; https://ipmsuk.org/ipms-scale-modelworld/traders-at-scale-modelworld/
  9. Despite the closeness to Scale Scotland I am really looking forward to the Glasgow Show - for me it's just 20mins up the M77 from Kilmarnock so is my local show. Anyone attending the show might find the car park fills up very quickly and you have to park the car somewhere in the street outside. That certainly has always been my experience of coming to Bellahouston. Also looking forward to see if the judging in the Armour class is as questionable this year as it was last. A few bemused faces when the Commended and Highly Commended choices were announced in 2018. I am interested to see what traders will be in attendance this year because when I asked the guy from Rif Raf Models at Scale Scotland if he was doing Glasgow he informed me that he would like to but had already been told by the show's organisers that they were not able to accommodate him! The hall is apparently already fully booked with traders.
  10. Thought Scale Scotland was great today. I felt it was busier than last year with a great selection of clubs and traders too. The seated cafe area was a huge improvement over last year. Could have spent a small fortune but managed to limit myself to a book from the Bookworld people, some odds and sods of accessories and the Meng British Rolls Royce Armoured Car.
  11. **CORRECTION** Please note the corrected opening times for Scale Scotland 2019 are 10.00AM - 4.00PM - and NOT as has been listed above 9.00am - 4.00pm. All other details surrounding the show remain the same. Hope this hasn't caused too much confusion. 10.00am start!
  12. Ten days to go till Scale Scotland 2019 and the list of traders attending this year's show can be found here; https://www.scalescotland.co.uk/traders Unfortunately Scott's Models of Glasgow are not able to attend this year but still plenty of traders coming who will be able to relieve us of our hard earned cash.
  13. Thanks for the helpful advice and links Flaps out and PhoenixII I have been just mucking about with the builders insulation foam I was able to source and very quickly realised that to build anything with it would take a whole new way of thinking and working. Not used to just coming up with something without a set of instructions! These diorama builders must plan everything to the last detail. Thanks again guys all your tips are of great benefit.
  14. Gordon J

    Telford 2019

    Once the doors open and I get into the halls at Telford I have to say food is the last thing on my mind and this coming from someone who really likes their food. To anyone concerned about food the best option is probably to just bring your own. Maybe the modelling press instead of endless articles about building and painting models could include some model show recipe suggestions. Just a thought. A bigger issue to the food choices at Telford for me is finding somewhere to sit and eat what you have brought. By the afternoon chairs can be at a premium.
  15. **UPDATE** After my question above about what the foam used in the video on the AK Interactive YouTube channel was it seems like AK have just released ready made and pre-cut foam sheets for modellers. There are varying grades and thicknesses designed for different diorama uses. Some are meant for bases and others seem to be like balsa foam and can be used for buildings and roads. I have not used these yet but here is a link; https://ak-interactive.com/product-category/textures-dioramas/diorama-building-material/diorama-building-foam/
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