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  1. I am not part of the organising team and I’m surprised there has not been a posting on here about it but the Scale Scotland Model Show returns to the BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh this September. Details: Scale Scotland 2022 When: Saturday 24th September 2022 Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm Location: BT Murrayfield Stadium, Roseburn Street Edinburgh EH12 5PJ *Murrayfield Stadium car parking is FREE with over 800 spaces available. The Show website and further details can be found here: https://www.scalescotland.co.uk/the-show Facebook: scalescotland
  2. She's very well endowed for a 12yr old!
  3. I am afraid all this excitement about the Buccaneer is totally lost on me but cracking model all the same.
  4. I asked at the start of the year if there were any sprue shots or CAD images of this kit but aside from a few variations on the box art there has been nothing. Not sure if the Russian invasion is having an impact on their productivity. For all we know the guy designing the kit could be splitting his time between the office and the front line.
  5. Anyone know anything about the El Alamein 80th Anniversary Crusader reissue which seems to contain no fewer than nine figures? I suspect it is either a Dragon or Masterbox British N. Africa figure set thrown in with the old Italeri kit but details are scant. https://www.emodels.co.uk/italeri-1-35-crusader-mk-iii-with-tank-crew-6592.html§
  6. Very interesting colour scheme and I never even knew the 109 Emil was still in use by the time Alamein came along.
  7. Should this kit not have been released by now?
  8. Yea in reality that is much more yellow and looks great and is the perfect accompaniment for a Spitfire or Hurricane.
  9. Excellent tutorial. My only critique is that I might have liked a close up shot to see the blades standing up so to speak. Also on my screen the grass looks quite blue - I might have preferred something erring towards being more yellow. Maybe it is just the photograph or camera.
  10. For a first tank I think it looks stunning. Love the mud splashes on the turret and the little vignette.
  11. Great scene and I particularly love your groundwork, it just looks perfectly in scale to me. Not sure how a desert can be over scale but I hope you know what I mean.
  12. An excellent example of scratchbuilding and kitbashing Bullbasket. Really like it. Shame about that Village Photos site. I am not able to access my photos from my Sherman Vignette on there either.
  13. Really nice Grant. Love it.
  14. Phenomenal vignette, figure painting and tank. Love the way you've created different levels on the base.
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