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  1. After the chat on the previous thread speculating about what Tamiya might be about to announce I had gotten my hopes up for a P-40, but, alas it is not. This will be a brilliant Phantom kit in a world of other brilliant Phantom kits.
  2. If the announcement is at 4.00pm Japan time then that makes it 7.00am UK time. Japan is nine hours ahead.
  3. Why does the Tamiya announcement point towards it being a P-40? I am not complaining - in fact I would be incredibly happy if it was - I am just curious to know what you know.
  4. If Tamiya have never visted German WWII in 1/32nd then my prediction would be either a Bf109 or FW190.
  5. Stunning model and photography. Very atmospheric. Love it.
  6. Great model and a lovely scene. Weathering is superb and I particularly like the water dripping from the hosepipe.
  7. This was initially started a couple of years ago but I have the Covid-19 lockdown to thank for getting this one over the line. I've never really done a vignette or diorama but have always wanted to do so, and therefore a lot of what you see here was done as experiments and trials. The model used is the Tasca/Asuka British Sherman III and despite having the Mike Starmer book to hand and finding no fewer than three photographs of the actual tank, I still had to use to some creative guesswork in certain areas when applying the camouflage pattern. I have depicted the model in the l
  8. Now there is attention to detail for you. Had I built a wing folded Martlet I would have put the ailerons on wrong for sure.
  9. The A9 tracks remind me of the Bronco A13 kit I tried. It was progressing ok until I got to the tracks and like the A9 the contact point was minute to say the least. The tracks had to be built long before the model was completed and the end result was that the tracks literally exploded into dozens of parts that simply could not be put together again. With no aftermarket alternatives the kit ended up in the bin. Hope the same thing doesn't happen to your A9 because the early war British Cruisers are cracking subjects.
  10. I can only echo all the other complimentary messages from the users above and say that your Whirlwind is an absolute stunner. Love it.
  11. I was surprised they held out as long as they did but it had to happen. Hopefully a sense of normality will have returned by November 2021.
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