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  1. Ok so the pre-assembley is done on the cockpit, and I've removed the details that will be replaced with the cockpit etching kit. I'll now prime these prior to taking on assembling the additional decals...which seems a little daunting given my good ol' sausage fingers Meanwhile we have the star of this radial show and the first part of the wings also ready
  2. Thanks everyone, below are the sprues for the kit. Am looking forward to my first foray into the photo etched components for the cockpit
  3. I'm doing a 1:48 of these at the moment. I have pics of one in the British livery that I'll be posting if you're interested. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.
  4. Finally finished the build here's the finished item
  5. For this build I'm going for the 1:48 Tamiya kit for the Corsair I'm going to go with the American Navy build. The juries out on whether I'll do it with the wings deployed, or stowed away. I've purchased the Eduard decal kit to go to the kit as I've never used them before so wanted to give them a try. This will be my first Tamiya kit, having always been and Airfix man...the parts on the sprues seem quite large and bold compared to the kit I'm used too...or maybe it's just the Corsair I'll post pics of the sprues and pictures I took of any actual corsair at the
  6. All I did was was put down water with a brush so they can be moved around before drawing the water off with a brush...I'm all ears if there's an easier way
  7. The long decal process begins... ...the lines on the wing were particular fiddly...only damaged one getting them on and it doesn't show too badly
  8. Hi SoftScience...no particular reason...this is my second build since I started out, so I'm still figuring out what works for me
  9. Progress update - shading done. The 1st layer of the camp scheme is on...just need to mix a suitably greyish green from the RLM 02
  10. Progress update. I have assembled the various parts and have added the final remaining pieces prior to making of the top of the fuselage as per Yarvelling's suggestion ...time to extend the blue up and begin the camo scheme
  11. Thanks mate...the 1:48 harrier arrived yesterday...decisions Decisions!
  12. Thanks for the tips...will definitely extend the blue up as per your suggestion...will redo the in wheel housing in rlm 02 as well. I'm loving working in this scale. I have the hurricane to do as well when I'm done with this
  13. Base colours are now on... ...and the cockpit is shaded... ...am now blatantly avoiding the tough bit of getting the camo scheme on the body.
  14. Snapped this fine example at the IWM Duxford today... ...has given me a lot of inspiration, (more pics at https://www.flickr.com/photos/robnaylor1982/ ) - Now to basecoat my 109 and practice the mottling before I commit paint to model
  15. I'm afraid it's glued...may have been a bit over confident in my brushwork as the cockpit is now proving a tad tricky to paint...still things I will not do next time. I've got the 1:48 hurricane and a 1:48 Harrier still in box so I'll know for next time
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