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  1. Gorgeous as always Fuad ! When I see a post from you I know it will be beautiful ! I particularly like the way you treated the aluminum parts ! best, Christian.
  2. Thanks guys for the kind comments, they are much appreciated. Eduard kits lately are very enjoyable to build, surpassed only by Tamiya in my opinion. I do not have so much workspace and often have no time to take in progress shots. I too like the brutish look of this Jabo version of the FW 190, although their attacks on England were mere pinpricks. One can imagine the stress of navigation in a single seat fighter at night over enemy territory. Several Jabos landed by error on british landing fields actually. have a nice day, Christian.
  3. cger

    AMMO glossy varnish

    some oil paint thinners are quite harsh. I remember from long ago that turpentine attacked the Klear coat on some of my models. I advice to use artist quality mineral thinner to thin oils. Get the odorless version that really does not smell. It should not destroy any acrylic clear coat. It could also be that what you see is not really the clear coat destroyed, but a kind of shadows or tide marks coming from the thinned oil paints. See if this dissapears after gently wiping with a piece of cloth . HTH, Christian.
  4. Hi all, I post some pics of one of my Covid builds: it is one of the options in a limited release by Eduard ' Jabo', featuring Fw190 A5 operating in the Jabo role over England in 1942/43. It is a FW19045/U8 who landed by error on Manston airport during a night raid in July 43. All the lower surfaces and parts of the sides were overpainted in black to adapt to their night raider use. Here are a few pictures of the completed kit. The paints are Gunze. I tried to replicate some chipping of the black overpainting showing the RLM 76 underneath, using Mig Ammo chipping fluid. I used several techniques for the final weathering: oil paints, chipping with foam, CMK and Mig pigments, and Tamiya weathering sets to replicate the exhaust stains. The small building in the background was done with blue (Forex) foam, painfully carved to represent the brick walls. Have a nice day, Christian.
  5. I agree completely. If you look closely, the foliage green on the cowling just above the exhausts is quite close in shade to some parts of the Vokes filter, in particular to the chin with the air intake, which does not seem to be in the shade, best, Christian.
  6. thanks for the kind comments guys, I wish you a nice weekend, Christian.
  7. très bonne journée à toi aussi ! Sad that they did not follow up on an Aussie Five boxing, I am sure it would sell very well, best wishes, Christian.
  8. Thank you SO MUCH Peter for your long and detailed answer ! Thanks also for the many photos, this is so helpful. I remember buying the Eduard 'Aussie Eight' kit about RAAF Spits VIII and reading with a lot of pleasure your book that came with the kit, it was wonderful. Now that Eduard has released a nice Spit Vc in 1/48 scale, is there a similar project planned for RAAF Spits V ? In my opinion, the wealth of emblems for Mk Vc's is even more fantastic than for Mk VIII. have a nice day, Christian.
  9. thanks a lot guys for the kind comments. Yes I watched Paul's video on this conversion, I actually followed it very closely. Paul Budzik Youtube channel is a real joy to watch. have a nice day, Christian.
  10. Hi all, several months ago I started a kitbash combining parts from the Airfix Spitfire FRXIV and Eduard Spitfire VIII. The in progress build is here. After a long procrastination, I finally completed the painting and assembly. I used Tamiya paints. The plane is coded UM G from 152 squadron, with the famous black panther. I sourced the panther from a very old Aeromaster decal sheet, the rest of the markings are painted with masks cut with a Silhouette cutter. To have a kind of generic base, I constructed a kind of 'half hangar' from blue styrofoam and plastic card. Here are some pictures: I hope you will like it, best, Christian.
  11. Hi, I bought a while ago the 'Southern Stars' boxing by Eduard, allowing to build two of their recent Spitfire Vb or Vc. One of the marking options that caught my eyes was a RAAF Spit Vc from 79 Sq, serial A58-180 markings are UP S. Below is a scan of the instruction sheet. I am not in any way an expert about RAAF markings, but I am very puzzled byany h the painting instructions. Sky undersurfaces ? (I often read about RAF Azure blue or RAAF light blue) Dark Green ? (I thought those Spits were delivered in Desert scheme and the Midstone repainted with RAAF foliage green) Sky codes ? (should be white or some pale blue ?) The black color on the Vokes filter looks also strange. I found a pic of this aircraft on the ADF serials site that shows a darker color in this area, but why black ? any help will be much appreciated ! have a nice day, Christian.
  12. Hi, here are one more in progress picture: I sprayed a thin coat of Tamiya XF83 medium sea grey on the undersides. I added squiggles with Tamiya XF52 Flat earth, Gunze H311 light grey and Gunze H331 Dark sea grey, heavily thinned with Mr Color Levelling Thinner. Next step is to blend everything with another thin coat of XF83, going slowly to avoid hiding the preshading. Have a nice evening, Christian.
  13. Hi Ade, yes exactly. I suspected that the culprit was too much thinner on the brush, because I could not control where the thinner went. I will have a look at the videos you suggest, many thanks ! Christian.
  14. Hi, I am starting to use oil paints and pigments for final weathering, but I am not so satisfied with the final result. I model mainly 1/48 scale aircraft, and I use pigments to represent dirt which collects at the wing roots. I use oil paints heavily thinned with artist quality white spirit to 'manipulate' the pigments, ie to push them close to the wing roots, panel lines etc, (basically everywhere dirt would collect). My problem is that I often get 'tide marks', small ghost marks after the thinner has evaporated. This happens even if my base paint is covered with a satin and not mat varnish. I am looking for any tips or advices to remove these marks and to get a nicer looking blending effect. many thanks, Christian.
  15. Hi again, I am wondering about the white SEAC bands on UM-G. Were they present on the wings and elevators ? On the first picture I posted I think I can see a white strip on left elevator, at about the place where the stripe should go. I cannot see the white band on the last picture (the one with a guy standing on the wing). There seem to be no SEAC band on the vertical stabilizer. Also the last picture shows the Sky band completely painted, while on the first one the Sky band stops at a panel line near the top of the fuselage (as is often depicted on profiles). What do you think ? best, Christian.
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