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  1. Hi all, here are a few pics of a build I finished during the Christmas break. It is the Special Hobby kit in 1/48 scale. The kit is rather typical Special Hobby, an interesting subject but definitely short run. I build it from the box as the well-known 'Home James'. Following discussions on the Aussie Modeler forum, I choose to represent the lighter colored panel on the right side as plywood, the wood grain done with oil paints. The kit was riveted and the engine cowling was widened by about 2mm by adding a styrene strip, otherwise the resin engine does not fit. The paints are Gunze acrylics, I used H 302 for Foliage Green, H 317 for Sky blue, and a custom mix for Earth brown. The weathering is done with Mig Ammo washes and thinned airbrushed coats of acrylic inks on the panel lines. I tried also to reproduce the paint burned by the exhaust gases with coats of very thin paint. I hope you will like it, best, Christian.
  2. cger

    Scribing advise

    You can also use Dymo tape, a cheaper alternative (can be cut lengthwise), best, Christian.
  3. A superb build and nice pics ! I remember building one several years ago when the kit was reissued by Tamiya, but it did not turn out as nice as yours by a long shot ! Makes me want to build another ! Christian.
  4. Hi all, many thanks for the kind words, I am glad you liked the build, have a nice weekend, Christian.
  5. Hi, here is my last build, a third Eduard Spitfire VIII from the Aussie Eight combo. I used one of the many kit schemes from the Grey Nurse 457 Squadron. I used the Tamiya RAF colors and Gunze for the Foliage Green and RAAF Dark Sea Grey overpaints. The overpainted Sky band and RAF flag were badly chipped according to pictures, I reproduced the chipping with AK chipping fluid. The weathering was done with Mig Ammo panel washes, Mig pigments and ink pens. I made a small base with polystyrene foam coated with AK textured paint. The red laterite earth is done with various pigments, best, Christian. P1050518 by Josip Djugashvili, sur Flickr P1050524 by Josip Djugashvili, sur Flickr P1050522 by Josip Djugashvili, sur Flickr P1050520 by Josip Djugashvili, sur Flickr P1050527 by Josip Djugashvili, sur Flickr P1050526 by Josip Djugashvili, sur Flickr
  6. Hi all, I had time to make a small winter base to display my FW 190, here are a few pics taken this afternoon. The snow is done with some artificial snow powder mixed with acrylic gloss medium. The figure is from an ICM set of Luftwaffe personnel in winter clothings, painted with Prince August acrylics, have a nice weekend, Christian
  7. Very nice build, at first I thought it was in 1/48 scale What color did you use for the undersurfaces ? it looks too dark to be Azure blue ? best Christian.
  8. cger

    Thinning Aeromaster acrylics: with what?

    I used windshield wiper fluid with success to thin Aeromaster acrylics. That was more than 10 years ago ... best, Christian.
  9. Thanks to all for the kind comments, I am glad you like the post. To answer to mostrich, I now use the Mig Ammo products (called Panel Line Washes) because they are ready mixed and I like the colors and consistency of thinning ratio, but one can do as well with home made washes of course. The chipping is done with a fine brush and acrylic (Vallejo or Prince August) paints. I also use sometimes Faber Castell pen brushes. These china ink pens are quite convenient to make spots, stains etc. The ink goes away with water in case of mistakes. best, Christian.
  10. Hi all, Here are a few pics of a kit I completed during the Christmas holidays. It is the FW 190 A8 kit from Eduard in the Weekend Edition boxing. I encountered the known problems coming from the over engineering of the kit, if you want to build it fully closed (you can see that the left gun panel does not fit very well); A part from that I enjoyed the build. The paints are Gunze acrylics and the markings are from the box. The weathering is done with Mig Ammo washes and pigments. I hope you will like it, best, Christian.
  11. Hi all, thanks a lot for the kind words. To answer Bob Henry, the tree was done using a standard trick that I learned on railway modelling forums: the trunk is done with a a bundle of twisted wires (I use some fine iron wire sold for gardening), the wires are all twisted together to form the lower trunk, then smaller and smaller groups of wires are twisted together to form the large and smaller branches. The tree is then covered with Milliput and sprayed an off white color. The leaves are done with Mininatur leaves. It is a kind of net with leaves glued on, quite expensive but realistic. The net is cut in small pieces glued to the various branches, best, Christian.
  12. Hi all, here is another 1/48 scale kit I recently completed. It is a WWII GAZ AAAA truck from Unimodel that was released several years ago. I decided to modify a bit the kit by adding a gas generator. I found some pics and plans on the web of this kind of modification. The various parts of the gas generator assembly were scratchbuild with plastic cards. From left to right: the furnace where the gas (carbon monoxide) is produced, the box to store wood, the hand pump used to start the process, the filter assembly and a cooling system (I think). The kit was painted with Gunze acrylics. I displayed it on a small base. The birch tree is done with Magic Sculpt on a twisted wire frame, the leaves are from Mininatur. The two figures are from ICM. The small river was done with clear acrylic resin. I hope you will like it, Christian.
  13. thanks for the kind words . I too think that 1/48 scale armor kits are quite nice, at least they do not take much shelf space. I have a few more builds that I will post here, best, Christian.
  14. Hi all, Here are a few pictures of my build of the Tamiya Steyr 1500 in 1/48 cale. I added a resin conversion (I do not remember where I got it), to make a version with a closed cabin and cargo bet. The figure is from the Tamiya Marder III kit. I made a small base with artificial snow, a muddy road and vegetation made with hemp fiber. The whitewash is done with the hairspray technique. best, Christian.
  15. Hi all, here are a few pictures of a kit I build several years ago but never managed to photograph correctly until recently. It is an old Weekend Edition of the Albatros D.V from Eduard in 1/48 scale. It is one of the only two biplanes I ever build, I had too much trouble aligning the wings and installing the rigging. It was painted with Gunze acrylics and Alclad paints for the forward part of the fuselage. The figure is a WWI german pilot from CMK which was rather poorly castd. Since his face was no very nice I decorated him with a mustache . I hope you will like it, best, Christian.