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  1. Whoa, what are you showing us exactly - are they from FineMolds themselves? What about the RF-4 nose in the pic (Revell parts?)? edit: I didn't notice your earlier post - I get it now . Jay
  2. Mine works and this is what it makes of it: above is an announcement that the mirrors and formation lights are made of plastic instead of PE which means no more CA glue needed. The formation panel lights are ultra thin plastic. (This is in a nutshell; I left the 'now you can make your model more detailed!' parts out :) Jay
  3. The wing and fuselage look quite nice. Depending on the price I'll purchase at least a couple. Jay
  4. Just had a look on the Airfix site for some extra info or box art on the forthcoming S.2B release due "autumn 2020" - alas nothing. Wouldn't more specifics be known by now? Jay
  5. Indeed! I use it to decode Gunze Mr Hobby labels as well. Jay
  6. Having scanned it with the Translate app, apparently it's a warning against the use of Surfacer as delicate panel lines and rivets may lose their clarity. Jay
  7. Sorry - only the questions were mine, the answers were by him. Say that again! Interesting video though. Jay
  8. With NoahKras' permission, here's some of the questions & answers I sent in: - Why make the choice for a Phantom project? (e.g. purely a market opportunity or was it also driven by enthusiasm?) Finemold has released 1/72 F-14 in the past, both as magazine and as ordinary plastic model kit. They wanted a follow up to their "Jet" lineup, and the conclusion was made that F-4 Phantom would be the most suitable options especially for Japanese market. - How did they research the shape of the nose and canopy/ cockpit section? (e.g. did they get help or measured them
  9. Hi NoahKras- Are you able to share a bit about how the interview went? Cheers! Jay
  10. So is this going to cost £ 25-30 as well? And who else is going to jump on the Tiger II bandwagon at this point..? Jay PS yes I know the price is the link .
  11. Around 30 euros is still too much if you ask me. One silver lining I suppose: the price motivates me to wait patiently until I can compare this offering with the upcoming Wolfpack kit. Jay
  12. As the manufacturer is Dreammodel it would be appropriate to answer: "in your dreams!" I got my coat already... Jay
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