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  1. Together with Special Hobby's 1/72 Delta Mirage, the news of Airfix's Bucc means all my modelling wishes have been fulfilled. Will be taking at least four to finish in RAF schemes. By the way what are the differences between the RN and RAF versions? Jay
  2. Mountain goat

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    That is good news. Here's hoping Hasegawa will simply re-release the whole range from the late 1980s as a limited edition. I am in the market for an E and F. Jay
  3. ETA is now January 2019: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/mcdonnell-douglas-fgr2-phantom-1-72.html Or is it February? https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-mcdonnell-douglas-fgr2-phantom-arfa06017 Jay
  4. Can't imagine any reason why it wouldn't be a new 1/72 G.91Y. It's Italian, it's cool and it's big in its smallness. Silly sales on the horizon - Go Airfix! Jay
  5. In this case it's a small model, literally covered with divots. The shape may get ruined by all the sanding. Also I can imagine that if I'd remove the rivets I'd end up removing panel lines too. I could rescribe everything - but then why should I spend money for removing divots and resribing if there are old kits which need similar treatment. My take: rivets make for great detail and when made well you have a seriously nice detailed-looking model. If you want realistic-looking however... Agree with Wez, won't be buying the six I want now, will wait for Special Hobby. Jay
  6. "Those of you, expecting riveting on the fuselage and wings, hope shall stay satisfied!" Jay (Sorry if I seem negative -- Delta Mirages have been a long time coming so perhaps good on Modelsvit in that respect)
  7. I see a camera dolly and track but no sound technician so that leads me to believe that's a film crew making stock footage for a publicity shoot or news story. Have worked with these kinds of crews lots of times. Would surprise me if it's anything modelling related. Jay
  8. What an interesting subject and fascinating history. Superb scratch build which deserves no demands attention. Most impressive about the model -I think- is the translucence of the surfaces, especially the control surfaces. Brilliant. I wonder what Fauntleroy Hubert Julian's mount looked like. Jay
  9. Mountain goat

    F106 Trumpeter 87°FIS 1/72

    Looks like a Cadillac with wings on it. Beautiful and really really good work. Jay
  10. What an inspiring project. Really nice to see that great idea becoming reality. West Malling: nice memories but from a few years later Jay
  11. No. Well I tried to cook rivets in the past but try as I might they remain hard. I much prefer deep frying them -twice. Nomnom. But a plastic Mirage won't survive that. Getting coat already... Jay
  12. Will buy from both sources... UNLESS the Modelsvit iteration will turn out to be riddled with rivets -then I'd rather pass and wait for SH. I hope both will sell well though. Jay
  13. AT LONG LAST!!!! A Delta by a mainstream producer... And SO many variants represented. Thank you Special Hobby!! Jay
  14. @PostNL - 5 jan thuis, maar de bel niet gehoord; wist niet dat twee weken pakketje op afhaalpunt op me wachtte, wan… https://t.co/g6I7f8Q9BS

  15. Might be able to help you with one of wing sprues, from a Luftwaffe RF-4E. Will check in the morning to confirm one way or another.