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  1. How realistic is it to expect Airfix will release an 'alternative variant' boxing (K.2 plus MRR) in a couple of years? I'd like to make a K.2 one day but I'm wondering if I should buy the forthcoming kit plus aftermarket or wait for a possible new boxing. Jay
  2. A month to two months is my experience. Sometimes even sold out in pre-order phase. I bought a Hase F-111G a while back. I believe that was sold out almost immediately. Jay
  3. I hope they change, because I'm missing 208's winged eye fin marking on the top option. Some photographic evidence suggest that's correct for that specific airframe at that time - but surely it would have flown with the winged eyes at some point. I'll have to knock on Hannant's door if Airfix decides to leave it off the sheet. Jay
  4. "Livery artwork subject to change" it said in the image. I wonder what that means. You win the prize ! Jay
  5. They already have as Rick said. But it'd be nice to save a little and use kit decals for a change as Airfix's are usually quite good. Jay
  6. As with others this is the boxing I've looking forward to most. As to schemes and decals, what does BM think most likely? Airfix usually give two options. A Gulf War/ Op. Granby sand-pink version is probably a given right? The other is anyone's guess. Personally I'm hoping for a standard wraparound Dark Sea Grey/ Dark Green scheme - however an early glossy DSG/DG with Light grey undersides would historically cap the Bucc's career in RAF service and therefore be more likely? Jay
  7. I was expecting something about the Platz YS-11 when I saw a new post appear. Either that or the prevalent: "Does anyone have any news about this kit?" So I don't really get it. Is the Facebook link in cooperation with Platz? Was the model in the first image in the opening post yours? Jay
  8. So that's kind of official then. The H will appear, probably in due course and probably after the J. I hope their H will have the short sponsons though. The longer ones were only introduced after 1974 so that limits modellers' choice a bit. Jay
  9. I believe this is for the old Academy kit - which quite a few consider of lesser quality compared to other kits from the same era, and was loosely based on the old Hasegawa kit only with engraved detail. Jay
  10. Indeed - although the Hasegawa one is easily the cheapest of the bunch, going for about 1700 yen/ EUR 14/ GBP 12 on HLJ and other sites like 1999. And that's accounting for a relatively strong yen at the moment. Jay
  11. A quick look at Zvezda's past release strategy (see Su-27 and MiG-29) suggests they prefer to start with newer versions, and only after a short while other more representative versions. I don't believe they will have made the investment for such big subject and kit only to be a one trick pony. Other versions are very probably worked on as we speak. Jay
  12. Doesn't the lack of this subject in the current aftermarket prove my point or am I wrong? Jay
  13. I think there is a shortage actually. One example: I've been waiting ages for a 1980s VF-142 one (which was a often seen, sporting a grim reaper on its tailfins, at summer airshows around europe) - but no such luck. But there's still loads of interesting schemes that haven't been covered yet by aftermarket producers. Jay
  14. Last I've heard it's still there in 207 sq markings along with a Mentor as a gate guard. Jay
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