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  1. Like others I absolutely will buy this kit as well, on principle as well as for its significance (like the famous Snake Island stamps are significant). Jay
  2. I see they're available - I'll be ordering them as soon as I press 'Submit Reply'!! Jay
  3. Great news! Parts breakdown looks similar to the T.17 boxing; same wing as far as I can see. Lovely! Jay
  4. This news made my day. I've always liked this type a lot. Thanks Sword! I wonder if the wing slats will be seperate pieces - probably not, so I'll have a saw ready just in case. Jay
  5. This is amazing. I wish there were adequate superlatives to convey my admiration; rest assured I am most inspired! I cannot remember seeing such thought out and convincing weathering on an airliner model. The subtle streaks from the cabin windows, the paint touch-ups in the blue, the oil stains, the worn landing gear, it's all so perfect! The choice of presenting it in an all-black surrounding is also very inspired. I will have a look at the WiP as I wonder how you did the cabin windows and cockpit. Jay
  6. Very nice Flanker! I appreciate your sensitivity on the subject. I agree that one should separate the historical-political implications from the historical representation. Lovely plane; the ladder and chocks are a nice touch. Jay
  7. Cool subject, amazing work, and very beautifully photographed. The crisp painting work and subtle washes really sells it. It looks like a perfect model in all respects. Jay
  8. Crisp and clean, what a result! Welcome back to the hobby. Jay
  9. Superb pair! I love them. The build and the paint work is sublime. The weathering exactly right. I cannot praise these enough. One page to bookmark! But I must ask: where oh where did you find those very un-Fujimi-like nose wheels?? Did you use the Hobby Boss ones? They look fantastic. Jay
  10. If I open each individual link in a new tab (Chrome), I can see them, but subsequently when trying to post an image here, using 'insert image from URL', BM doesn't accept the url. Chrome gave me a safety warning before opening the link though, as it's http, not https. Jay
  11. Very nicely done, I can't remember seeing the Italeri Falcon done so nicely before. The scheme looks spectacular and it seems your decal work is excellent! The undercarriage bay as well. Jay
  12. A clean and crisp Safir. It looks beautiful and I like it a lot. Jay
  13. Ah yes the Airone, such a good and sturdy looking seaplane in my opinion. Lovely build of an underrated subject. I have been reading about the type some time ago and the Airone had quite an interesting career, in service well into the 1950s. How was the build? Jay
  14. I like the Firebrand a lot - such a unique looking aircraft. Your rendition does it justice. Brave of you to tackle all that resin. Really nice work. Oh and I love the paint job. Jay
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