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  1. Found it! Someone sent me a screenshot of a thumbnail. - I had been wrong earlier. The picture in question was dated July 1980 and the Harrier is XV808/W. (Not my copyright) Thank you! Jay
  2. Hi Dennis, that's kind of you though I feel I must warn you as I had lots of free time last week and it didn't turn anything up as yet - though you'd think there must a past thread on this somewhere on the internet. Jay
  3. Hi Dennis - Thanks for looking! Alas the Alamy pictures show a white-grey scheme of 1 Squadron. The Harrier I referred to was very specific to 3(F) Sqn and was only used for deployment once I believe, in 1983. Thing is I don't know which machines were painted as such. If I really really strain my memory the fin code might have been AY or AX but I'm very far from sure... Jay
  4. Hi all, On the now defunct sg-etuo website (spotter's goup RAF G├╝tersloh) I remember seeing a picture of an airborne Harrier GR.3 in a complete (wrap-around) winter camouflage, taken, if I remember correctly, May or July 1983. The camo pattern of this Harrier differed from the usual (say 1 Sqn) GR.3s in that the grey areas were painted over instead of green - resulting in a white - green pattern. Does anyone know of which aircraft I speak? I apparently never saved the image but I hope someone here has, or at least has a strong memory of the serial. Cheers!! Jay Edit: Solved! It was 1980, not 1983. See later post.
  5. Quite simply amazing; I like the (truly sublime) end result a lot. Jay
  6. Terrific looking result - interesting (and good-looking!) type and scheme. The surface detail of the kit looks nice but the added detailing make the Avia splendid. Jay
  7. Excellent work - very tidy and nice looking paint job! Jay
  8. Superb idea! The paint job and the small vignette you created look great. Jay
  9. Terrific set! Cold war era THK subjects always catch my eye. The two F-104s particularly. Jay
  10. Taking the word miniature to new levels... nice work! Jay
  11. Wonderful job. I really like the restrained weathering - works well. Jay
  12. Nice looking Sea King. I like the early RN schemes. Jay
  13. Very interesting subject with so much to look at - excellent!! Jay
  14. Truly masterful work. You have made a stunning model and there s so much to see in terms of shape and detail! Your Work in Progress is a must-read. There's lots to learn in there..! Jay
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