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  1. The F-14, A-6 and F-8 are old tool as well. Very interesting company, Hasegawa. Not interesting in a positive way mind; more like seeing someone careening towards very embarrassing midlife crisis decisions - makes you wonder: what in the name are they thinking..? Jay
  2. Interesting. I want several Alpha jets as well. I'll wait and see but if the sprue shots look disappointing, I'll just wait a little more (for another kit that is). Jay
  3. When I first read your post I felt something of a depressing feeling as well, but then I realised a couple of things that made me agree with most on this thread. First: The machine prints out from a design. For that you need to build a digital model first. I don't like designing things on a computer. Indeed it was my job for a while, but I don't like the activity at all. And I'm certainly not the only one. Lots of people would rather build an object using their hands (and feel an object coming together) than build it in a digital space. It is the physical act of modelling that's also appealing, not only the end product in itself. Second: I, as others, have a stash. I think it needs to be completely converted into built models. There's loads of models out there that need to be built. Many of those kits that have been produced over the decades still are to be built. It would be a waste of plastic to just throw them away right? Also, this development has been possibly saddening you - but actually: why? If a machine were to be able to print out qualitatively better results than one's modelling abilities allows; well, alright, but perhaps that's only relevant if modelling is seen as a competition. I guess I'm not alone in this, but I dislike that viewpoint personally. I build and finish whatever I feel comfortable with in whatever quality I expect of myself; not what is expected of me. Jay
  4. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Shame short-term financial aims seldom deliver a happy ending Jay
  5. Can anyone tell me how to contact the people behind this former website please. The website still exists but is completely empty apparently. I already contacted the admin at piwi address on the redirect page but have had no reply. Jay
  6. Is there a lnk where I can see a complete list? The old tool Phantom is still rather good. If the price is right, I might order a few. Jay
  7. No mention of the new tool Alpha Jet in 1/72 - I hope that's still in the pipeline. Also Glow2be/ Heller, if you're listening: a return of the old SA.330 Puma kit would be most welcome! Jay
  8. If kits had movie posters to announce them, this quote would certainly not be on one! -but great quote all the same. Jay
  9. Got my first two in just now - I'm really impressed, starting with the packaging: a very sturdy box of adequate size for what's in it. Sprues are snugly wrapped in cellophane and parts are nicely protected. All this gives an impression to me of dependability - I like it a lot. The darkish grey plastic looks smooth and is flash-free; panel lines seem nicely crisp. What did surprise me negatively is that In both of my examples the left-hand fin (which is part of the fuselage) was quite noticeably warped. Nothing disastrous but still something that needs adjusting when I get to building it... Jay
  10. Whoa, what are you showing us exactly - are they from FineMolds themselves? What about the RF-4 nose in the pic (Revell parts?)? edit: I didn't notice your earlier post - I get it now . Jay
  11. Mine works and this is what it makes of it: above is an announcement that the mirrors and formation lights are made of plastic instead of PE which means no more CA glue needed. The formation panel lights are ultra thin plastic. (This is in a nutshell; I left the 'now you can make your model more detailed!' parts out :) Jay
  12. The wing and fuselage look quite nice. Depending on the price I'll purchase at least a couple. Jay
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