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  1. The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd February saw a BPAG team head down to Manston and carry out some preparation work on ZE360 for her relocation from the Fire Pit Aircraft Graveyard to a more suitable hardstand located near the Fire school. A concrete base will provide the perfect ground to disassemble the Phantom when the time comes for her to relocated off base and 360`s new home. Three items were on the `to do` list include digging out the wheels from the soft ground in preparation for a wheel change, unlocking the outer wing sections so that the fuel venting vanes and ailerons could be removed and finally, some of the team start drilling out the screws on the panels. Here are a selection of photo`s showing the team at work on the weekend. Wing Work Undercarriage Work Panel Work It was also nice to see a panel from the front cockpit returned after 10 years and shows her old US Navy BuNo 155574 on the top. Another bonus was to make a little discovery and settle, (hopefully), an age old argument about the colour of the F-4J`s when they came out of the paintshop at North Island in the US. While removing a panel on by a aileron, we came across a part of the aircraft that obviously escaped the deep service repainting. We now have a great comparison between the standard RAF air defence grey and the US mix. Duck Egg Blue – Case Closed! I`m also please to announce that two new ZE360 artwork pieces have been commissioned to raise funds for the restoration effort and more details about these exciting prints will be released shortly. A new mug has also been launched on the webstore, (link via the restoration page below), to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and don`t forget there are other exciting designs available for purchase just in time for the Spring and Summer. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ Thanks for looking.
  2. Anyone seen my `Gone in 60 Seconds` DVD? It was here a minute ago .......
  3. Just a heads up that after the January break, the restoration website has been updated with new information regarding ZE360 and her previous `life`. Of note is an air to air incident when she was better known as `5574` and serving with VF-101 `Grim Reapers` back in 1969. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ The break has also allowed some of the merchandise designs to be updated on the fundraising Webstore. You will find the link to the webstore on the Restoration front page so please feel free to take a look and see if something appeals to your inner Tiger.
  4. First one of the year from me after an enforced 3 month break, so lets start off with a famous photographed incident. RAF Phantom FG.1 XV589 flown by Flt. Lt. P. R. Watling and Flt. Lt. S. L. James was detached from RAF Leuchars for training purposes and was on a routine flight to Alconbury. As the aircraft neared the airfield and lined up for the runway at approximately 350 feet altitude the nose section radome was seen to open. This sudden resultant drag factor caused the aircraft to roll and yaw. Despite attempts to correct the situation, the pilot and navigator had no option but to eject. They both landed safely and suffered slight injuries. ..... and for comparison, here are the actual photo`s Revell 1/48 kit and built for fun and the challenge of it. Thanks for looking.
  5. The new year got off to a start which saw Paul Wright, (BPAG Chairman), and myself head out to Manston last Monday to discuss moving ZE360 from its current location, to one more suited to her needs when it comes to dismantling her for transport. After productive talks with the RAF Fire School, a location which had been previously proposed, was accepted. Routes between the two locations were discussed and now BPAG have to prepare a movement plan and risk assessment. After this, some physical work began. The tarpaulin had been blown off in the recent stormy weather and so that was refitted and secured. When the time comes to relocate 360 the outer wings will require to be removed. However the pins are in and it’s hydraulic wingfold. This meant getting into the system, under D101 L&R, which you’ll see from the pictures below is heavily corroded. Sadly this meant cutting out an access, a decision not lightly taken but both panels were going to be scraped anyway. Inboard LE flap actuator access panel. Cut Hatch Work was also started on the removal of the speed brake and the closure panel until lack of light brought the day to a close. Speedbrake and bay LH speedbrake after groundlock removed More soon. (Photo`s copyright BPAG)
  6. Now that the Christmas break has passed, things are starting to move again regarding the ZE360 restoration planning, both in fundraising and actual movement of the airframe. More on all that will be posted shortly, but in the meantime to wet your whistle, here`s a few more photo`s from the 74 Sqn archives regarding the refurbishment at NARF, (Naval Air Rework Facility) . Pictures show `3783` (ZE352) and `5529` (ZE359) prior to and after their post refurbishment flights. (Note that `5529` can now be found in the American Air Museum at Duxford in it`s original VF-74 scheme). Thanks for looking and more soon.
  7. This is a `what if` based on a real world concept that was considered but never left the drawing board. Phantom FVS concept https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-f-4-phantom-could-have-had-swing-wings-1737201833 Thank you all for the comments, much appreciated.
  8. Been out of the plastic modelling game for the last few months due to an new extension being built, the family having to live upstairs with minimal room, so why not post some blasts from this years past in the meantime. (Normal service will resume shortly) In no particular order.....,
  9. A few selected images from the 74 Squadron Association archives of the British J`s going through NARF, (Naval Air Rework Facility), at NORIS, (North Island). These were the last F-4J`s to go through NARF, (the US Navy and Marines were now equipped with the F-4S), and it is noted that the civilian workforce took great pride in refurbishing and upgrading the J`s because they were the last. Note the Union Jacks on the fins and F-14 Tomcat`s in the background in some of the shots.
  10. https://flic.kr/p/2hV2Ddr Just a quick update and reminder regarding the Associations restoration page and webstore and letting you know that kids t-shirts, hoodies and a few other stocking fillers have been added. So please take a look and HELP contribute to the fund raising effort. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ Thanks for looking and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.
  11. I hope your right Keith. Luckily the J`s were stripped down and given a new coat of weatherproofing before being given to the RAF so with a bit of luck some of that may of helped protect it. We will find out soon.
  12. Hi all, Just to let you know some exciting news in that the 74(F) `Tiger` Squadron Association have launched a webstore selling 74 `Tiger` Squadron related merchandise. All profits from the sales of any merchandise sold will go directly to the `Tiger360` fund in support of the restoration of our unique F-4J(UK) Phantom, ZE360. New products and designs will be released next year and I can also confirm that some exciting artwork is being produced with a release date sometime within the first 6 months of next year. (More on that in due course). Click the following link to the ZE360 Restoration page below and scroll down to the webstore link to see whats on offer at present; http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ And don`t forget to catch up on all ZE360 news on the Association website and thanks for looking. (An advanced special thanks if you choose to buy something and therefore support the restoration effort).
  13. More information and updates added recently regarding ZE360. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/
  14. New information and photo`s have been added to the 74(F) Squadron Association restoration page for your ZE360 viewing pleasure including data recently received from the National Air and Space Museum. http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ If you haven`t already, please don`t forget to consider making a donation, details on the page. Thanks in advance.
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