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  1. tc2324

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    I had a hen who could count her own eggs. She was a mathemachicken.
  2. tc2324

    Falklands Fox Two

    Thanks for the kind comments all and cheers for the info on the `Winders Nick. I did have a quick google on the subject but went with a little `artistic` license as I wanted the contrast, if that makes sense? tc
  3. Final build for display at the upcoming 50th Harrier event at NAM in April. Again another rehash of a diorama subject I did a couple of years ago, minus the Argentine Skyhawk. It`s the `not perfect but good enough for this type of build` Hase 1/48 kit, base from Coastal Kits and cheap frame from Evilbay. Thanks for looking.
  4. tc2324

    Falklands Ejection

    Thank you all very much for the comments. Nick, cheers for the heads up on the seat. I was using some pics from the GR.3 at the Manston fire dump as a reference and now I realise that the top of the seat has faded back to what I guess is the undercoat and looks grey in appearance. Look forward to seeing you at NAM. Tony
  5. Built for the upcoming 50th Harrier Event at NAM, some may remember I made the same in-flight dio a few years back, albeit a little cruder. Hopefully I`ve improved it a tad in this reincarnation. For those new, the story goes like this. Squadron Leader Bob Iveson left HMS Hermes as part of of a strike force against the Goose Green area in East Falkland. He completed two attack runs over Argentine positions and then decided to make a third. His Harrier was hit by 35 mm shells which knocked out his controls and started a fire in the cockpit. He immediately pulled the ejection handle and left the cockpit while the Harrier was doing around 450 knots at 100 feet. His aircraft exploded in mid-air shortly afterwards and he hit the ground after being under the parachute for only ten to fifteen seconds. Squadron Leader Iveson suffered spinal compression and wind-blast damage to his eyes but hit the ground sufficiently far from the Argentine positions to make good his escape and was picked up two days later by a Royal Navy helicopter. Kit is the old Airfix 1/48 scale, base from Coastal Kits, finishing frame fro Evilbay. Thanks for looking.
  6. In no particular order ....., Not that many compared to previous years however the International Aviation Academy Display at Norwich took up most of me time so I`ve got a good excuse. Thanks for looking.
  7. tc2324

    `Repeat Please`

    Thank you, As for the struts, most of the photo`s I googled showed them with the struts fitted so I just went with that.
  8. tc2324

    `Repeat Please`

    3 in the shot below, but think a total of 5 were actually repainted in RAF green/brown.
  9. tc2324

    `Repeat Please`

    All in very hard to see these days, 1/72 scale. Thanks chaps.
  10. Pretty sure I`m not going to have to explain the inspiration for my latest in-flight diorama......! (Prop blur courtesy of Flickr photo editing) Thanks for looking.
  11. tc2324

    The Last F-8 Gun Kill

    Perfect, thank you very much for the links, really helpful and a real time saver.
  12. tc2324

    The Last F-8 Gun Kill

    Thanks for the opinions chaps. Have to admit I quite like the VF-191 option but finding these decals in 1/72 seems to be a bit of a deal breaker. Got time so no rush.
  13. tc2324

    The Last F-8 Gun Kill

    Thanks George, much appreciated. It`s put me in a quandary now though. I want to model the last gun kill so do I do the 1967 incident which is reported as a `pure` gun kill of go for the 1968 kill which was a mix of both gun and missile but finished off with gun..??
  14. tc2324

    The Last F-8 Gun Kill

    Hi all, Just for clarity before I start planning my next dio, I`m of the understanding that the very last gun kill by an F-8 was by LCDR Robert Kirkwood of VF-24 on the 21st July 1967. Can someone confirm this is indeed correct and if anyone has any profiles or added information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, tc
  15. tc2324

    BoB 1968

    Thank you all for the comments, it`s much appreciated. Spad, indeed the props are blurred using Flickr photo editor. A slight `cheat` I know, but feel it adds to the dio when presented in forum format.