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  1. With the current Covid restrictions partly lifted and the urgent need to relocate ZE360 out of the old Fire Training School at Manston before it closes, the British Phantom Aviation Group are pleased to report that the relocation to a hanger area at Manston Airport was successfully completed over the weekend of the 24th and 25th April 2021. Here below are a selection of photos from the weekend but if you wish to know more information and see more photos, please click either one of the links below for the BPAG Facebook page or the ZE360 Restoration blog on the 74(F) Tiger Squadron Associat
  2. Thank you all. No WIP I`m afraid, it was just a matter of building the u/c and then using superglue to put it in place. Nothing to difficult at all.
  3. Update to follow..............
  4. Built for a friend, XT905 take off diorama when serving back in her heyday with 228 OCU. 1/48 Revell kit, base from Coastal Kits. Thanks for looking.
  5. With the auctions over and model displays sent to the winning bidders, I can now safely post and share these images of my recent Phantom builds without contravening any forum rules or regs. Using a section panel from the real XV411 as a display base, I built the following models to raise funds for the ZE360 Restoration. Using the Revell 1/48 kit, 2 Sqn and 92 Sqn builds were created showing the earlier camo design and latter air defence grey. A certificate of authenticity was also supplied by the British Phantom Aviation Group. XV411 shared the burn area with ZE360 at M
  6. Yesterday, 22nd February saw the 30th anniversary of ZE360`s delivery flight from RAF Wattisham to Manston where she would take on the new role as a training aid at the resident fire training school. The year was 1991 and the world`s attention was focused on Operation Desert Storm and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The retirement of the RAF`s unique F-4J(UK) Phantom fleet was to therefore come and go relatively un-noticed. The F-4J’s were being systematically dispersed to take up secondary roles, such as battle damage repair or fire training duties at various RAF airfields. The
  7. It`s a Hasegawa 1/48 J kit, base from Coastal Kits.
  8. Longtime no what if post from me....... So lets imagine it`s 1987 and I`ve just been told that it`s ZE352`s 20th Anniversary of her very first flight and she is going to be this years display Phantom and she needs a special paint scheme. Now knowing she was the famous `Black Bunny` in her previous life with the the US Navy, this is the scheme I would of come up with. ...... and before anyone says anything, I deliberately left the NAVY wording off as that may have been possibly a step too far for the Airforce to have Navy plastered in big white letters over one of their je
  9. For many of us, including the Restoration Team, 2020 was certainly the year that wasn`t. If the pandemic had not taken hold, we would probably be reporting that the team had safely relocated ZE360 to pastures new by now. However, despite the long periods of inactivity at the beginning of the year, by the start of summer work had restarted to try and catch up with the schedule. as we now approach the end of the year, we felt that this is a good opportunity to remind you all of some of the more significant achievements that took place during a difficult 2020. 1. Main Undercarriage and nose
  10. Thank you all for the kind comments.
  11. My tally from the year that wasn`t........... 1/24 Scale 1/32 Scale 1/48 Scale
  12. Latest build from me depicting the loss of Panavia Tornado GR.1 ZD791 on the very first day of the Gulf War, January 17th 1991. Crewed by John Peters and John Nichol, their Tornado was hit by both a surface to air missile as well as taking hits from 23mm flak. Both survived the ejection and were taken prisoner and were released at the end of hostilities. This is a 1/32 scale Revell kit, the aircrew being aftermarket items. Not a perfect build and certainly some artistic licence was used, hopefully this depicts a well known incident from the first day of the Gulf War. Last pict
  13. With a majority of the recent ZE360 updates focusing on the external work to remove the engines and fuselage from the wings ready for relocation, you may not be aware that there is also other restoration work going on behind the scenes which isn't so obvious. One such project is being handled by BPAG member and Ex 74 Tiger Paul West who has been busy assessing and working on a hoard of cockpit instrument components which require restoration. The three selected photos in this post will give you an idea of the challenges faced. The main picture above shows the Hydraulic System Pressu
  14. The weekend of the 10th and 11th October saw the BPAG team back at Manston with ZE360. The current Covid-19 restrictions, coupled with the fact that the dismantling process is concentrated on a few small areas, meant that there could only be limited team numbers onsite. However this did not stop a very successful couple of days with good progress being made in vital areas. Fuel lines, drain lines and wiring from inside Door 22 were stripped out as well as Door 22 itself removed due to the fact it overlaps the leading edge of the lower wing skin. Station 4`s missile well was also st
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