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  1. Hi RMP2, Thanks for the update message, which was a considerable coincidence, as I had sight of Del's ongoing engine work last night. I would guess they are 90% complete, but then he continues to amaze me as he adds even more pipes and components. As soon as they are completed, I'll update with pictures, before he disassembles to carry out the painting. There have been delays in the build, but I think once the engines are completed, the rest should naturally pick up pace. Regards, Kev.
  2. Doh! Forget that, they are the ones, and checking back through the images I can see they are indeed fitted
  3. Incredible build and scenario, great to see, having spent 11 year working on Hercs (K's and J's). I have to ask though (apologies if already mentioned), but you are going to fit the aircraft's external tanks I presume, Hercs before the J would virtually never be seen without them? Cheers, Kev.
  4. Ah, thanks for that Rob, interesting to know, by that time I had been dragged screaming and kicking from Jags to Tornados.
  5. EDIT: Just realised yours is finished, so the above will be no help to you. Nice build BTW Kev.
  6. Hi Chris, Hi Chris, Have the same kit in build, although you are further ahead, so interesting to see how you are progressing. With regards 54 Sqn, I didn't think they ever had a recce role, certainly not on the time I was on the squadron, that was carried out by 41 Sqn. Here's my build, being undertaken by Del I hasten to add, I just take the pics. I also have an album of Jag pics from at RAF Cosford. These were to give us the detail needed for our build, they may be of some help to you: Regards,
  7. Wow, EROS, there's a blast from the past! After leaving Bruggen on Jags I was posted to Honington on Tornados to the Engine Bay (86-87) and had to do the KHD secondary power systems course at Saints. An incredible few weeks, possibly for all the wrongs reasons, which to this day arm me with beer drinking tales!!
  8. We're now on the cusp of the painting stage, so I wanted capture Del's preparation by use of a multitude of cocktail sticks! The whole mass of components and subassemblies...
  9. Thanks for the gun tip (excuse the pun) Rob, again, much appreciated. I had assumed the latter part about no practice bombs, assuming even smoke and flash would have some safety requirements, but didn't know for sure ( I was a Sootie, not an Armourer).
  10. And the last of the aftermarket parts bought for the Jaguar. I've got two sets of CBLS now, but thanks to Rob (Phone Fixer), we now know that we need the CBLS-100 modified for the Jags centre pylon (Many thanks again Rob!)
  11. I look forward to seeing your build Shaun, was it the Kitty Hawk model?
  12. A series of shots of the Rolls-Royce TURBOMECA Adour Mark 104, fitted on an 'engine build stand' as they were in the Engine Bays during overhaul.
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