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  1. I don't recall them being used exclusively, other than when an aircraft was put on the detuner. Same with Tornado, heavy cumbersome intake guards for that too, but techies were 'relaxed' in their use of them, especially if it was a quick system check run. Kev.
  2. Good point on the static lead Pappy, we left the pitot, static probes and AoA blanks off partly for aesthetics, and also that is being prepped for a ground run.
  3. Good spot! It's a hint that the aircraft's at RAF Bruggen 😀
  4. Final post, with a few shots of the Jaguar build, that was handed to me tonight. Incredible thanks to Del, the model maker, who has truly captured the scene of an engine change on the Jaguar aircraft, commemorating my time at RAF Coltishall. We are in the throws of getting ready to move, so I'll get some studio shots later for the Ready For Inspection area. Cheers all, Kev.
  5. Thanks Si, I know Del will appreciate your comment, as do I 🙂
  6. Well, that's pretty much it. The Jaguar diorama was all but completed this week, and entered into the IPMS (UK) Scale Model World show at Telford today, and Del came away with a Silver Medal 🙂 I'll look to get some pics up in the Ready For Inspection forum as soon as possible, but until then, a couple of shot I managed to grab looking into the closed-off judging area. Thanks for all your comments along the way. Regards, Kev.
  7. Apologies for the lack of updates over the last month, effort has been focussed on getting the diorama completed for next weekend's model show at Telford. So, on the final hurdle, and today was setting up the diorama so that positioning of aircraft, equipment and personnel could be mapped out. You'll notice that there is still some work to do on the Jaguar, as well as final decals and then matting down and weathering. I'm so impressed with Del's work, the detail and execution is truly remarkable, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it all in its final state. I took the opportunity to grab a series of hand-held shots, so excuse the paint pots, blu-tac and outstanding finishing off, as well as the limited depth of field. Cheers, Kev.
  8. Glad you're liking it, and I know Del will be pleased with the comments. I must admit, each time I pop round to see or pick stuff up, I'm blown away by work he's done, but I know he fears the detail my macro shots can show. To the naked eye his attention to detail is simply outstanding. The engines will likely be next, they are also coming along nicely, I think they will look superb when imaged and uploaded. Cheers, Kev.
  9. The aircraft serving pan (ASP) marked out with taxi lines and parking spots for Jaguar aircraft, along with a hashed GSE parking area. (Excuse my change of brightness in the pics!") And set in the base of the display case... And with a Jaguar GR1 overlay, which was initially used to work out setting of vehicles and equipment, with the Jaguar parked on spot undergoing an engine change after bird strike.
  10. Scratch built mobile tool kit for SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 aircraft diorama: That's all the ground kit done, now onto the airframe and engines 🙂
  11. Cockpit detail of Kitty Hawk 1/48 scale SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 utilising Aires Cockpit Set:
  12. Main undercarriage bay, port side, without oleo and wheels. Aires SEPECAT Jaguar Wheel Bay Set (AIRE4595) and Speed Brakes Set (4606), along with Scale Aircraft Conversions SEPECAT Jaguar Landing Gear (SAC48210) and Armory SEPECAT Jaguar Wheel Set (ARAW48502):
  13. Nose Gear: Aires SEPECAT Jaguar Wheel Bay Set (AIRE4595) and Speed Brakes Set (4606), along with Scale Aircraft Conversions SEPECAT Jaguar Landing Gear (SAC48210) and Armory SEPECAT Jaguar Wheel Set (ARAW48502):
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