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  1. BMW M4 GT4 shipped to Japan for use in their touring cars championship this year. All Carbon Fibre body panels. Head on shot makes it look like the Batmobile or similar.
  2. Bought Tamiya’s new Suzuki GSX-RR. This is the first bike kit I have bought and was mostly because of the box art as I’m not a Moto GP follower.
  3. This was originally intended as my first full build log, however my old mobile phone with most of the build pics on it bricked it before I downloaded the photos. Therefore the photos are as is today, prior to decaling. During the summer while struggling with the intake trunking on the Zoukei Mura 1/48 F-4EJ, I decided to start on the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D that I had picked up during Plaza Japan's Summer Sale. (Cost plus shipping saved about 1/3 of UK price at the time). I didn't fancy attempting a NMF paint job so opted for an Olive Drab with D-Day stripes scheme from the 357th FG, settling on 44-13714 because I liked how the D-Day stripes touched the bottom of the bar of the Star N Bars on the fuselage. I know the small panels below the exhaust stack should be the ones with the holes in them, however I screwed up trying to drill them out. New techniques tried on this build include black basing & hairspray chipping. D-Day stripes, nose cowl yellow band and spinner are all painted. Tried to mask off the checkerboard pattern for the cowl but will use the Eduard decals instead. Mark
  4. Coming along nicely. Be careful with the intake trunking. There is not a lot of surface to get a good glue join. In the end I gave up trying to fill the seam lines and make them seamless. In part because the glue joins kept weakening. Have the GT Resin Seamless intakes as a replacement from SprueBrothers, however the kit is on the shelf currently while I work on the Tamiya Mustang I started waiting on the intakes to arrive.
  5. McG

    Gravity Spain Issues

    Thanks. It’s a Revell kit. I primed it with about 4 coats of Mr Surfacer 1500. I hadn’t considered paint build up on the nozzle. I sanded one of the problem areas back to bare plastic to check and it appears the paint hasn’t caused crazing down to the plastic. I’ll therefore try stripping the paint and re-priming it before either re-spraying with the Gravity paint or I will get some Tamiya LP or Mr Hobby paints that I am more familiar with using.
  6. McG

    Gravity Spain Issues

    I’m having some issues spraying Gravity Spain paints. I’ve read the advice to spray in thin coats due to how hot they are and am applying them as thinly as I can but am still having some issues. 1. Paint is spraying beautifully and then next thing I get multiple thick paint spots from spitting at once. I’ve tried varying pressure and amount of paint I’m letting into the airbrush and am still getting this issue. 2. Some of the plastic seems to be slightly crazing, despite spraying thin layers. Any advice on how to prevent 1 from happening. I can probably rectify this by sanding or stripping the paint. As for 2, can this be repaired or am I looking at having to scrap the kit.
  7. Thanks all, I hadn’t considered decalling or burn through as potential reasons for doing this. Mark
  8. I’ve seen on YouTube a few Japanese car modeller’s applying what can only be described as a double gloss coat. Their process seems to be: 1. apply multiple gloss layers as normal. 2. flat it back with 3000 grit or higher up to 10-12000 grit. 3. apply more multiple gloss layers. 3. flat these back and then polish to a high shine using compounds. What is the benefit of the second gloss coating after polishing? Does it offer a higher shine? Mark
  9. The finish is really nice on this Andy. You’ll be needing the Revell 934 RSR in Martini livery to site alongside it. Mark
  10. Got a set of Doozy 1/24 scale plastic crates and Coca Cola bottles to go with a 1/25 scale pickup truck. The bottles are clear resin. Couple of quick Qs about making them look realistic. 1. What colour should I spray the bottles to make them look full? I was thinking Tamiya Smoke, but think it might be too translucent. 2. Older Coca Cola bottles had a greenish blue tint to the glass. I’m thinking a heavily thinned mix of Tamiya clear blue and Green to just give a hint of colour. Any advice or tips appreciated.
  11. Thanks, Just standard dirt and grime in a cockpit for the interior green and wheel wells for the zinc Chromate Yellow. This is the first WW2 prop I have built. Previous builds have been modern jets.
  12. What colour of oils / washes should be used when weathering Zinc Chromate Yellow and Interior Green?
  13. All sorted. Lot of paint had back flowed into the rear of the airbrush.
  14. Thanks. I'll look into it.
  15. I noticed today while spraying that I am getting air flowing through the nozzle without pressing the trigger. Any ideas what would be causing this? Needle not properly seated? Needle damaged?
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