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  1. Wow, this is just incredible! Can't stop looking at it. Amazing work Nenad
  2. This is truly fantastic! Great work. Nenad
  3. Thank you Gordon. Yeah, you are probably right. But also, too many PE parts as well. I'm very slow working with PE. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you Ozzy. Thank you Autle.
  4. Thank you Roger. Probably something simple I'm thinking about Tamiya's Sd.kfz.222 that's been on the shelf for sooo long.
  5. Thank you Echen. Thank you Bertie. Thank you Steve. Thank you Filippo. Looking forward to seeing your build.
  6. Thank you guys for your kind words. And thanks for all the help during my build. Haven't built many Tigers (this is my second Tiger), so I really needed it Cheers, Nenad
  7. I applied brownish panel liner here and there (I try to minimize this, because it tends to look unrealistic if I go too far) and then, I sprayed the model with MIG's deluted pigments. This one: Always struggling to spray this stuff. Even bought a cheap airbrush to do this (0.3, 0.5 and 0.8), because it is abrasive and may damage the airbrush. However, it seams that 0.3 is to small, and airbrush is constantly clogged, while 0.5 is too much and I can't produce a layer thin enough. Do you have any experience spraying pigments? I really like the result of this technique, but I hate doing it After pigments are sprayed, I left it to dry for ~3h and rubbed it off from the surfaces exposed to wear. And then, left it to dry completely for 24h. Here's the result. Then, I rubbed dry pigments to some areas where dirt and dust would usually amass. Tunisia is not only desert, but a variety of terrain types, and this tanks was on all of them. So I used a combination of three pigments: Did some work on tracks as well. And attached the bucket at the rear. Bucket are PE set from Plus Model. Wire is copper wire. They are both painted with Mr. Metal Color Dark Iron, which is buffable. It was then chipped with a sponge and some rust pigment was applied. And here is the finished tank: You can find the RFI thread here. Thank for following, and thanks for all the help. Cheers, Nenad
  8. Finally finished this one. Enjoyed this build a lot, but it took sooo long to finish it. I think that this was my longest build ever, not sure why, maybe I'm just getting slower You can find the WIP thread here. Anyway, the model should represent Tiger No. 112 of s.Pz.Abt.501 in North Africa. The 501st Heavy Tank Battalion was formed in mid-1942 and spent a few months training in Germany. This tank was one of the first two Tigers delivered to s.Pz.Abt.501. Battalion, including Tiger 112 arrived in Africa in Bizerte on November 1942. Its first combat engagement was the Battle of Tebourba. At this time, the 501 Battalion still had only four Tigers in Africa, of which only three were in working condition. They fought American tanks on 1st December, in the olive groves east of Tebourba. During the next few months, between December 1942 and March 1943, Tiger 112 participated in several engagements, of which Operation Fruhlingswind and the battle of Sidi bou Zid were the biggest success when heavy losses were inflicted on American armor. At the end of February 1943, the 501st was attached to the 7th Panzer Regiment and sent to capture Beja. The mission was a disaster, with seven Tigers lost in the battle of Hunt's Gap. The eleven remaining tanks, including Tiger 112 which survived the battle, were attached to the newly arrived 504th Heavy Tank Battalion and continued fighting until the surrender of Tunisia. After being transferred to 504th, Tiger 112 was renumbered 724. The damaged tank was abandoned and left by the main road, somewhere in north-eastern Tunis. There are few photos of the soldiers posing by the abandoned tank in the spring of 1943. This model should represent this tank while it was still Tiger 112, in its condition sometime around January 1943, before Operation Fruhlingswind. The kit itself, "Tiger 1 Tunisian Initial" from Dragon, No. 6608 is a great kit. The only bigger drawback being the DS tracks. I replaced them with the absolutely fantastic T-Rex 3D printed tracks. I also used two E.T. model PE sets, one for sideskirts and the other for details. These tanks were probably painted in Tropen 1, so combination of 2/3 RAL 8000 and 1/3 RAL 7008. Model was painted with a combination od Gunze and MRP paints, and some Mr. Metal Color and Vallejo for detail painting. It is very hard to notice the disruptive color due to the low contrast. Especially when covered with some dust. On bw photos, almost impossible I would say. Side of the tank had some repaired battle damage that was brush painted after repairs probably with RAL 8020. Model was weathered with some pigments and MIG's nature effects. And here are some details shots. This tank was photographed a lot, so abundance of reference material. Here's a compilation of few shots: And of course, tiger1.info was and amazing source of reference material. My longest build would be twice longer without it Thanks for watching and thanks for feedback. Cheers, Nenad
  9. Hello everyone, Some progress I made over the weekend. Attached all the equipment and did some detail painting and additional chipping. Those sideskirts were SO frustrating. They fell off ten times while I was attaching equipment. No wonder why they were loosing them all the time I also applied decals. Cartograph decals are fantastic as always. Perfectly thin. Attaching side track cable was a bit problematic. I wanted to entangle it like it was on real thing, but didn't manage to do that to look convincing. Beyond my skill level... And here's the top view where equipment layout is clearly visible. Does anybody knows what does this symbol mean? It was painted of the right side of the tank. Next, I'll apply some wash and pigments, but that will have to wait for the next weekend. Finally, the end is near I am enjoying this build, but it took way tooo long. Cheers, Nenad
  10. Found few products in ValueGear offering: http://valuegeardetails.com/UniversalStowage.html I like ValueGear products a lot, they are usually top quality. Will check these out.
  11. Thank you. This is great. It seams that Warriors helmets are the only product out there, and they are nowhere to be found Contacted someone who listed them for sale on Scalemates, but no response. I found this, that might be interesting: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/1-35-german-ww2-dak-pith-helmet Maybe it's time to unpack and try my 3D printer that I got as a present from my friends for my 40th birthday more than a year ago, and was too lazy to figure out how to use it Not sure if it's possible to print such a small items with it though.
  12. Painted disruptive camouflage. Also, mantlet and areas where armor patches were welded were painted in RAL 8020 (repairs were made in late 1942/early 1943, when 8020 become available to the units). Camouflage was freehanded and I used MRP RAL 7008. I sprayed chipping fluid before brush painting RAL 8020, and then I did some chipping to make the edges irregular. It was a bit tricky with the mantlet. Had to mask it with VMS masking fluid and the tape. And here's the result: And the model after camouflage painting is completed. Also, I mounted the tracks. I did some chipping as well. Combination of drybrushing and sponge chipping with a mix of Tamiya Dark Iron and Tamiya Red Brown. Also, in some places (handles etc.) added Mr. Metal Color Dark Iron, which is buffable. Those Feifel filter lines were really PITA to assemble. Maybe there is an easier way to do that, but I struggled a lot to place them in the correct position. Had to fill few cracks with dissolved putty. And here's the jack: And here it is how it turned out. Sorry for the blurry images, I changed my phone and I am still struggling to take macro photos. Chipping is maybe a bit too intensive, but I did that intentionally, because once I add some dust and dirt, it will be toned down a lot. Next step, detail painting and attaching equipment. But that I'll do in the next session, hopefully over the weekend. Cheers, Nenad
  13. Evening everyone, Does anybody know are there any after market German WW2 DAK pitch helmets (1/35) around, like those on this photo of Pz III Ausf. N of the s.Pz.Abt.501? Also, does anybody know are these boxes stored on the engine deck ammo boxes? Are they some standard type? What should be the inscription on there and are there any decals around? Thanks, Nenad
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