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  1. Great result Wayne! I like the subtle pin wash application that you've achieved. I am usually very reluctant when applying pin washes on light base paint bacause it is very easy to overdo the effect. I am also wandering why there's almost never reference photo included? Or at least the reference quoted where the photo was taken from. I am sure that would make many modellers happy Whish you quick recovery. Cheers, Nenad
  2. Fantastic build. I really really like it. Painting and weathering is spot on. Nenad
  3. Amazing job, especially for 1/72. Interior details are fantastic! Cheers, Nenad
  4. Interesting. Never saw this vehicle before, both model and real thing. Nice job! Nenad
  5. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your comments. Cheers, Nenad
  6. Fantastic job Simon! I have one in my stash, now I know where to look. Cheers, Nenad
  7. Great job Francis! You did a great job with Eastern Express kit. I once tried their KV-1 kit, and well, it justifies the price. I spent more on putty and sandpaper than on a kit itself Cheers, Nenad
  8. Wow, it's so realistic! I couldn't find any differences comparing a photo even after intentionally trying to do so for some time Top job! Nenad
  9. Superb model John. Details are really impressive! Cheers, Nenad
  10. Great job Kevin. Nice restoration. Nenad
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