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  1. These look nice! Never heard of them though and website looks a bit scary Are they good? Nenad
  2. Here are foundry markings on FDA. There is just one more pair of shackles, but these are rear towing shackles, and they are U shaped. I was ordering before from TMD, from their website and it takes 2 months or more to get your order, so I'll try to avoid doing that again. Will check MBK and other supplier's I am usually ordering from. I hate flexible tracks. For many reasons, lack of details, they usually arrive broken, it so painful to paint them... but these looks quite nice, and they are whole, so I'll give them a try. Should I use T41 or T51 for this build
  3. Wow this is fantastic! I like the stowage very much. What do you use for ropes? Best, Nenad
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Peter. Do you have any suggestion for AM tow shackles? Outer FDA pieces do have casting marks, but the inner one does not. Strange. Bogie wheels, idler and sprocket line up perfectly. The gap there is because I didn't glue it yet. I just put it together to take a photo. I prefer painting the wheels separately, so I'll glue it later. Bought this M2 set: https://www.amazon.com/Browning-machine-rocking-35-L24-japan/dp/B002TYZV7M Is this correct one? Best, Nenad
  5. Hello guys, Finding out photos of PSC built Sherman IIs that participated in El Alamein battle turned out to be quite a journey. While there are quite a few photos of PSC built Sherman IIs, problem is, on most of them it is not possible to identify the tank (census number and unit). In addition, I wanted to find one with the official camouflage for the period, which made this task even harder. I found some additional photos of 9th Lancers, including my first choice T-145045, taken from the rear and I can now confirm that this is also Lima built tank (there's tail light guard visibl
  6. Thanks for pointing out John. I am quite sure you are right. It's the same on other 9th Lancers photos, so I guess it was intentional. In the meantime, I found a scene from Desert Victory movie that might be a PSC built Sherman II belonging to 24th AB. Unfortunately, census number is not completely visible (just partially), but at least I have some hint how 24th AB tanks were painted (it was quite standard scheme, similar to 9th Lancers), so I might go for T-74418 after all as it's confirmed PSC and improvise. I'll do some more research, currently going through war diaries.
  7. Hi guys, Starting WIP thread after quite some time. Struggling to make some time to do any modeling so its hard to squize writing WIP as well, although I enjoy doing it, and even more, following other people's WIP threads. Anyway, it's Dragon kit No. 6447. Looks nice at first glance. The only concern are DS tracks. I hate them, not as much as vinyl but still. However, this one looks very nicely molded and surprisingly, they arrived undamaged, so I'll probably go with them. PE fenders looks like something that might be a bit of a trouble and they arr
  8. Hello Jack, Never saw this photo before. Strange that armored strip is missing, the only other photo with this strip missing is the one at the beginning of this thread where PzIA is towing Stuka. Regarding early style smoke candle rack, I bough E.T. model PE upgrade kit that includes it (for my Dragon Pz II kit that's still waiting to be built) and it looks very nice. I saw the thread on missing lynx. Finally, someone added repainted 833 photo I was looking for everywhere. Cheers, Nenad
  9. Nice work Simon! Great finish. I like the subtle weathering you achieved. Cheers, Nenad
  10. Thank you guys! I really appreciate your kind words. Cheers, Nenad
  11. Great build Darryl! Fender damage is very convincing! Cheers, Nenad
  12. They look great Lee! Never tried to do MNH factory camouflage myself. Really nice! Best, Nenad
  13. Great job! I really like the paint job. Best, Nenad
  14. This is very interesting, never saw these photos. This is real treasure. Which one are you going to build?
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