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  1. It's been a while. Time for an update. Fuselage has been buttoned up and wings added. I made the tail assemblies removable to ease painting later. Mark
  2. Thanks for the compliments everyone! Mark
  3. This is my 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Block 52 Viper dressed up in the markings of the Republic of Singapore Air Force's Black Knights aerobatic demo team. Base kit used was Tamiya's F-16C/N Aggressor/Adversary kit as it has parts to build all F-16C blocks from 25 through 52. I modded the kit by using the metal pitot and AoA probes from Tamiya's F-16 detail-up set. I also scratch-built the smoke system pipe from the centreline station to the nozzle at the exhaust as well as the HMD sensor on the canopy. The seat was detailed using Fine Molds' plastic seatbelts for ACES II seats. Static discharge wicks were made with stretched sprue. I used decals from Miliverse to represent a Viper flown by Lead Solo MAJ Eugene Lim of the RSAF Black Knights demo team. Overall a nice build though the decals did give some problems. Hope you enjoy the photos! Mark
  4. Did some detailing work today. Installed a HUD projector to the IP coaming. I used a clear lens part from an aftermarket manufacturer called Wave. Sprayed it clear yellow and installed it into a hold which was drilled into the IP coaming. Here is the coaming with the combining glass parts attached. And a shot of the completed nose section. Mark
  5. The 9-12 is the baseline MiG-29 which is being built in this thread. The 9-13 features an enlarged spine compared to the 9-12. This spine houses additional EW gear. Mark
  6. Resprayed the Bay 5 area in Mr Color metallic green purchased at my LHS earlier today Then I did the detail painting using acrylics
  7. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I don’t have the paint that’s called for available in my stash. But after looking again at photos, I think a trip to the hobby shop for paints may be warranted. Mark
  8. Update time. Gave the cockpit and Bay 5 area a panel wash with enamels Used 0.1mm placard to help deal with the seam down the middle of the IP coaming And primed Mark
  9. Nice work on the finishing and salvaging the decals. Seems you mounted the airbrake upside down/inside out though. Mark
  10. Small update today. Sprayed the Bay 5 area in green and did some detail painting in the cockpit. I decided that it would be easier to detail and paint the instrument panel coaming if it was separated from the nose halves so out it came Mark
  11. Thanks! I’m gonna use a spare set of featherless exhausts from a Revell Strike Eagle. Mark
  12. Started on this build with the cockpit. Added some detail to the joystick using a die and punch set. Then sprayed the cockpit with Mr Hobby FS36231, masked off the relevant bits and sprayed the consoles flat black. This was followed with a dry brush using silver. I used Fine Molds plastic seatbelts to detail the kit seat. That's all for now! Mark
  13. I’ve built a couple of these. No nose weight required. Mark
  14. Hi gents, my entry in this GB will be a Hasegawa’s venerable 30 year old kit of the F-15C in 1/48. She’ll be marked up as a machine operated by PACAF’s 18th Wing out of Kadena Air Force Base in Japan. Mark
  15. Maybe it is because the original post was asking about the best F-16 on the market and the ESCI kit is nowhere near that standard? Mark
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