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  1. Thanks everybody! I've uploaded finished photos to the GB gallery and there are some more in the main RFI section of BM here: Mark
  2. Build this for the on-going Panzer III group build. Feedback and critique are most welcome. Enjoy the photos! You can find the build thread here: Mark
  3. Ryefiled Models 1/35 Panzer III Ausf J (late), 10th Panzer Division, Tunisia Build thread here: Mark
  4. She is done! More photos in the gallery. Mark
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! Added texture paint from Ammo to the lower hull to simulate caked up sand and soil. The end is nigh! Mark
  6. Time to get dirty. Applied streaks with oil paints and enamel thinner. Mark
  7. Thanks all! Continuing to chip away at this build. Mark
  8. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone! I’ve commenced chipping the model. Mark
  9. Pin wash applied. I also replaced the kit’s radio antenna with guitar string. Mark
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