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  1. That’s a nice build. Where did you get the wingtip Sidewinders from though? They seems to be Vietnam-era AIM-9Bs instead of L/Ms that would have been normally carried. Mark
  2. Got some work done on this build. Here's a shot of the completed main gear bays. And an overview of the whole aircraft. Booms and tailplane are just dry-fitted. Mark
  3. Got a copy of this kit courtesy of my LHS and was requested to complete it before the production kits hit the shelves. The only aftermarket I’ll be using are PE seatbelts from Eduard. So far I’ve done up the cockpit and am in the process of assembling the fuselage. Mark
  4. Looks like I have to put this one on the back burner. The boss of my local hobby shop passed me a pre-production copy of the new Tamiya P-38F/G and requested that I complete it before the production kits hit the market. I’ll try to finish the Lightning build ASAP and get back to the Eagle before the deadline if possible. Mark
  5. Count me in for this one please. Have a couple of Scooters in the stash. Mark
  6. Some progress this week. I had a choice of using the Hasegawa kit nozzles or a spare set from a Revell F-15E. My understand is that it was around the early 80s when the Eagles started losing their turkey feathers so either set of cans could work. Decided on the Revell set in the end as they were a lot better detailed. Here they are after painting and weathering. I may add some oils to them at a later time. Mark
  7. Small update for today. Improved the kit AIM-7F Sparrows by adding the TDD sensors on the noses. They were made from 0.2mm placard. Mark
  8. Thank you sir! I used a silver paint by a company called E7. They mainly cater to the Gundam builders’ market. Mark
  9. Today's update. Got the Eagle primed. Sprayed the hot areas silver. Then masked them off in preparation for camouflage painting. Mark
  10. Masked the windshield and canopy today. Did both the outside and inside. Mark
  11. It's been a while. Time for an update. Fuselage has been buttoned up and wings added. I made the tail assemblies removable to ease painting later. Mark
  12. Thanks for the compliments everyone! Mark
  13. This is my 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Block 52 Viper dressed up in the markings of the Republic of Singapore Air Force's Black Knights aerobatic demo team. Base kit used was Tamiya's F-16C/N Aggressor/Adversary kit as it has parts to build all F-16C blocks from 25 through 52. I modded the kit by using the metal pitot and AoA probes from Tamiya's F-16 detail-up set. I also scratch-built the smoke system pipe from the centreline station to the nozzle at the exhaust as well as the HMD sensor on the canopy. The seat was detailed using Fine Molds' plastic seatbelts for ACES II seats. Static discharge wicks were made with stretched sprue. I used decals from Miliverse to represent a Viper flown by Lead Solo MAJ Eugene Lim of the RSAF Black Knights demo team. Overall a nice build though the decals did give some problems. Hope you enjoy the photos! Mark
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