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  1. Maybe it is because the original post was asking about the best F-16 on the market and the ESCI kit is nowhere near that standard? Mark
  2. Been working on this one on and off for a while now. It is the much lauded Tamiya rendition of the venerable F-14A Tomcat. The kit was built with the addition of Fine Mold's plastic seat belts and weighted wheels from DEF Model. Painting was done with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with enamels and oils. Decals from the kit but they were a little thick. With superb engineering, this kit was a joy to put together. Feedback welcome and hope you enjoy the photos! Mark
  3. Not sure why they’d do that. The Revell F-15E is a perfectly good kit to model an ODS and earlier Strike Eagle. Mark
  4. Thabks for the kind words everyone! Doubt I’ll get the loader though. If they release the Hi-Power radar, I’ll definitely build that. Mark
  5. The Raytheon MIM-23 I-Hawk is a medium range, radar-guided surface-to-air missile system developed in the United States. It is used by the Republic of Singapore Air Force's 163 Squadron as part of the island-nation's multi-layered air defence network. In service with the RSAF since the 1980s, the system is slated to be replaced by the Eurosam SAMP/T aka Aster missile system in the near future. This model was built from the AFV Club I-Hawk kit and slightly modified to represent a unit used by the RSAF. It was painted with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with enamels and pigments from AK Interactive. Mark
  6. I believe the correct term for a carrier landing which fails to catch the wires is “bolter”. Mark
  7. That’s looking good so far. Regarding the bombs, what you have are Paveway Is which are an older series of laser guided bombs. If you’re striving for accuracy, you’ll need to get Paveway IIs and these can be found in Hasegawa’s weapon set D. Bear in mind that the USAF doesn’t use the 1000lb GBU-16. In any case this is going to be a cracking build when done. Keep it up! Mark
  8. For the seats: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Verlinden-1-32-ACES-II-Ejection-Seats-F-15-F-16-F-22-F-117-2-seats-930-/170678050914 I’ve built one of these before and can confirm no nose weight is needed. Mark
  9. Hobbyboss wins this round. Great detail OOB and excellent fit all around. Mark
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