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  1. Thank you Tony! That means a lot coming from everyone on this site. Truly! And honestly, I enjoy this forum more than the US forums. Hope you all don't mind a Yank on here!
  2. Thank you! That was done with rock salt, water, and then a Tamiya clear smoke paint heavily thinned. This created a darker shade coat. Once dry, brush away the salt and there you go! I don’t think the mustard tips of the phoenix missiles is accurate, don’t ask where I saw they were that color… but with all the white on the bird, I like the contrast it provides. Part of this hobby is the art too, right? Sometimes it’s ok to trade a little art over accuracy
  3. Thanks. That means a lot coming from someone on here!
  4. How did you upload it directly into the forum? I can't figure it out.
  5. Morning! I was working on my Tamiya F-14A 1/48 kit and after finishing some painting on the cockpit, realized the RIO joystick fell off into the abyss that is my carpet. While most people will never notice it, it's driving me crazy. Of course, no one sells 1/48 scale flight sticks/joysticks. Any suggestions? I suppose I could take a sprue and just cut it and stick it there but that would look pretty terrible. I even considered buying a resin cockpit kit for an unbuilt Super hornet just so I could then steal joystick from it, but those are expensive for just a .01 cent piece. Any help would be appreciated. JRD
  6. It's a good one. I just finished mine and even wired it up for working nav lights: https://imgur.com/a/p2oEPeT
  7. Thanks guys. Like I said, I know there are some issues with painting, gaps, and seams. But I think it is wall-shelf level... I wouldn't enter it in a show. You guys on here have some serious talent!
  8. I did! I just got so excited I wanted to show you guys here too!
  9. Here's how it came out. Thanks for all the tips. Scroll down past the pictures on the link below and the video shows the lights I wired up. https://imgur.com/a/p2oEPeT
  10. Finished my Growler! https://imgur.com/a/p2oEPeT
  11. Just finished my Growler. Plenty of issues to point out, I know: Seam lines and gaps are pretty obvious. But I still think she turned out pretty nice. The lights are a nice bonus. I wired them up while building and placed the switch inside the fuselage. The jet nozzle pulls off and you can reach in with a pen and switch on the lights! https://imgur.com/a/p2oEPeT
  12. Thanks for the help!!1 And nice work on your model!
  13. Great. Thank you. Do you happen to have a link to the fibre optic product you are talking about?
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