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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/23/belarus-diverts-ryanair-plane-to-arrest-blogger-says-opposition
  2. Another announcement of theirs? I'm starting to feel somewhat worried about some of their earlier announced but still unreleased kits.
  3. Given the relatively rapid progress with the Mohawk, Skyshark and so on I have to wonder how things are going over here on the Frogfoot side of things?
  4. A month and a half? That's a hefty shutdown. Still, better safe than sorry. I most definitely do not want my kit to come with a list of people who gave their lives to make it.
  5. From what I've heard it's rather too capable, and thus too expensive.
  6. Visby-class stealth corvettes, HMS Visby and HMS Härnösand
  7. Painting in the windows, slapping on the few decals, and a quick varnish coat to... ...right. Top one's been varnished, bottom hasn't. Let's not put Citadel spray can varnish on top of Mr Paint ever again. Some quick repairs and a bit of Tamiya varnish later: Then for a quick bit of weathering that also serves to tone down the contrast a notch (I may have overdone the weathering a bit, but let's call that future-proofing and hope the navy gets a bit relaxed with maintenance towards the end of their life), glue on the assorted bits o
  8. I guess the angular faceting would make things relatively easy for the prop makers. Anyway, some paint happened. Masking was at times rather fiddly... but luckily I could just pull the entire pile of tape off and slap it onto the other ship as a single piece. Main colours done. A bit much contrast between them, but that's rather easier to fix than the opposite.
  9. I guess resin ships like to go bananas that way. Luckily mine, probably largely on account on being a good deal smaller, also didn't bend nearly as much and so I just sanded things flat-ish at the bottom.
  10. Nah, any such would just get bogged down with the concrete shoe brigade. This was apparently some "let's show people where the tax money went" event. Compensated for by them being some pretty small ships. Because that's how it works, I'm sure, probably... I better not sneeze. As for the kits a few bits of quite well cast resin (all of five per ships, plus one for the helo) and not a terrible lot of PE meant that everything went from unbuilt to ready for paint pretty much in one go. Some railings, antennas and whatnot remain, but as there
  11. With the mail dragging its feet I felt like something quick to build while waiting, and luckily I had this in the stash. I doubt I would have ever even thought about buying two if it was only one to the pack, but since it wasn't I didn't exactly get much choice. But now that I have them I may as well build both, one in everyday puttering about mode and the other one stripped down and buttoned up for stealth. As for the specific ships K31 HMS Visby has a bit more potentially going on, so that'll be the "bells and whistles one", and for the sneaky one I
  12. Nice to see something happening with the SAAF ones, I wouldn't mind one showing up while the African GB still has a few days left in it.
  13. A model decidedly harder to get hold of than the build, with a home-brewed colour scheme. The pipes and plumbing was roughly two thirds of the instructions. I am rather fond of the USSR cockpit turquoise And with something a tad more local for scale. .
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