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  1. In some ways it feels les like a turret and more like a sheet steel garden shed.
  2. First piece of resin to go onto the lower hull is the upper glacis. A bit of a gap on the right there filled with plasticard, otherwise it fit well enough. On the other side of the tank we have a pair of boxes. The pour stubs were kinda in one of the lower corners for each, cutting that off revealed a massive air bubble for the lower one that's in the process of being filled there. Anyway, these are to be glued onto the rear of the hull with just the two tabs on the upper one making contact, butted right against the flat plate. I'll trust that joint about as far as I could throw the real thing, so... That'll help, and remain largely invisible behind the boxes. Otherwise rear hull assembly was largely uneventful, apart form the tow lines not being terribly well shaped. Some gentle bending there, some superglue there, and a pair of fixed breakages alter that was taken care of though (just in time for em to notice that I don't see them on pictures of the Finnish SPAAGs...) The side skirts were also quite warped but straightened themselves out quiet well with some scalding. Hm, somewhat familiar... Well, maybe more alike in idea than actual shape.
  3. Yeah, you're not about to have another Nordic groupbuild without me barging in on it. The way things are looking at the moment this may not even be my entry for it, but rather my first entry. Anyway, some time back I noticed the ModellTrans Modellbau/Silesian Models sold a 1/72 conversion kit for Revell's T-55 to turn it into a Finnish ItPsv 90 SPAAG, aka T-55 Marksman. As the less formal name implies the real world vehicles were themselves conversions created by the Finns buying a few second hand T-55AM from the Poles and slapping on Marksman AAA turrets. That seemed like an amusing enough subject and so here we are, even though my previous experience with Silesian models (turning an Academy Stryker into an M1128 MGS) had been a somewhat mixed bag. The "Before" picture. With their usual generosity Silesian models have included not only the resin parts in the kits, but also a few bits of the moulds they were cast in. On the other hand you get no decals. I thought I'd source those form Revell's 1/72 T-72 since that shouldn't cost all that much more than a third party decal sheet and maybe I'd feel like building an Iraqi tank some day. Looking around though that one's apparently been OOP for some time judging by its non-existence in stock just about everywhere. Turning to eBay I was then lucky enough to spot someone selling just the decal sheet, minus the Iraqi part, for a good deal less than the entire kit, so that turned out pretty close to ideal. A British seller, so if any of you sold such a sheet a while back and the phrase "Your Local Hypnotherapist" rings a bell then you're about to find out what fate you consigned that sheet to when you sent it over the top. Now luckily the more visible sides of the resin parts are in a much better shape than the underside of the turret, but still, there's been a number of blobs and whatnot to slice off. Having hopefully cleaned up the main turret chunk itself I decided to do something else for a while, like make a place to put it as it starts accumulating fragile bits. Likely unsurprisingly this means heading over to the Revell side of things, where it all starts out unremarkable enough on the whole. We do run into the first conversion job though, slicing off the extra fuel drums. Wheels on, the rest dry fitted. Quite a bit of tower on this one. I also glued together the T-55 turret just because. I guess it'll be handy if I want a small paint mule some day.
  4. About the Rb15, if you want to imply a fully live missile then in addition to adding the brown decal band around it you'll probably want to slice off the "BLIND" bit from other other decal there since that, in addition to someone having issues with vision, means inert as far as Swedish ordnance is concerned. (Knowing Swedish military nomenclature it probably sounds right if you're a 19th century Prussian.)
  5. Goal in sight... Decals done, landing gear and doors attached. Apparently most of them tend to stay closed, but I found one photo with them open on the ground and, well, it seemed a lot easier to glue on like this. The main doors are also very strategically placed to get bumped when you handle the plane, and so have probably been glued back on half a dozen times already. Wash and a varnish later and it's done. Missiles have been greyed over a bit, but between the lighting here and the darker grey next to them that may not be terribly obvious. Glamour photos will be up in the gallery thread shortly.
  6. Based on the highly precise and very thorough research method of google image search and what looked about right over in the paint rack the belly is Mr Paint MRP-049 Light Blue, the green is Tamiya XF-13 Japanese Army Green, and the tan an unholy concoction of XF-60 Dark Yellow with some XF-57 Buff to lighten it and a drop of Mr Hobby H13 Flat Red for warmth.
  7. From what I've heard getting airborne on a warm day with that loadout was quite the project. And that's "warm" by Swedish standards.
  8. Bandaging and touching up the black base for the next camo colour. Camo and belly done (took quite a bit of touchup work, for some reason despite spraying a lot more green than necessary I still ended up black borders between the green and tan in a lot of places), exhaust plug inserted. And paintjob done.
  9. I wouldn't be quite so kind to it, but it isn't awful.
  10. So after all the attention my entry into the blitzbuild got over the weekend my Mirage ha started to turn green with envy. Initial symptoms. And full progression. Now I'm confident that I can halt this and even push it back a bit, but to a large degree it's going to be chronic. It's also struck me that it would probably have been slightly easier to paint the nose and mask that first instead of the other way around, but at that point I was almost done with the mottling stage and didn't exactly feel like switching paints back and forth. At least I noticed the anti-glare black in time to pause the mottling, touch up the primer a bit with a hairy stick, mask and continue.
  11. And one more size comparison from while I took the photos for the gallery, partially to get a better pic of the final result in here as well. It can almost get the wing in under the Eagle's belly.
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