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  1. 39? Anyway, starting with the F model Draken swapped out the left hand side gun for extra electronics, so blank off that one but keep the right gun port open.
  2. So with the front ends there being what I'm sorta after (I'm building a Viggen, thus no Tornado-specific modifications) I fired up an image editor... And it seems the nose cone hasn't changed to a meaningful degree, and the difference I have between Eduard and Kit-supplied missiles are down to the makers and not the subject. Exactly what I needed to know, thanks everyone!
  3. Would anyone here happen to know if there are any external differences between the Skyflash and AIM-7E? I'm trying to figure out of I could swap in Eduard's Sparrows on a Skyflash-carrying aircraft with just adjusting the colour and markings. Looking at the parts the main question mark would seem to be the nose cone length.
  4. So some progress has occurred. First I decided to Czech out some Rb74 alternatives. The kit ones weren't exactly bad, but Eduard certainly does 'em better. And so all thought of fixing the odd one in the kit is dropped. Assorted filler work on the front fuselage. Both the line noted in my previous post and the intake-fuselage side joint. As you won't reach in between them to fill and and with everything in place without some very dedicated tools I went with putting some filler on the fuselage, some oil on the intakes, then pressing the latter into a good position to shape the filler. The full-sized file has proven useful in general for getting rid of casting-messes on mating surfaces, both since it takes care of a lot in one go but also since its size helps ensure things get reasonably straight over longer distances. Since they'll be a bother to paint attached the intakes and inner trunking were painted up at this point. The afterburner bits got to come along as well since the airbrush was up and running. For the front bits I went with Alclad white aluminium over gloss black, naturally this ended up showing some flaws in the surface prep on one intake. Sand down that, repaint, and then varnish it all for a quick wash. The solvent in the varnish buggered up the Alclad, so sand and repaint again, this time both intakes. Apply a different varnish, a bit of a wash and finally it's ready to be glued on. Focus here was put on getting the outer intake-fuselage joint to join up, along with the filler work earlier that and the upper side joints ended up pretty ok. The need for filler could be met with just some Mr Surfacer 1200. (Let's not speak of the lower side joints.) A bit of Mr surfacer can also be seen further back along the fuselage where it has been used to help deal with a bit of 3D-print texture. While I was at it the other bits of front trunking as well as the aterburner bits were all painted up. A pretty large ugly flaw in the rear turbine plate there, but some fiddling around with all the other rear plumbing bits and I can say that won't be visible once everything's assembled. Finally the drop tank was painted up, gloss coated, given a bit of a wash, given some touch-up painting since I did the varnishing at the same time as the second pass on the intakes and the different varnish took a lot longer to dry than my usual fare, and finally given a mate-ish finally varnish. Here shown with an entire 1/72 jet for scale. Though admittedly "entire" may be a rather large a word for a Gnat. Now all this done I'm left wondering, is the AIM-7E (that Eduard makes) and the Skyflash (that Viggen carried) supposed to have external differences? The Eduard and Kit missiles here look mostly the same, and I think the differences might be explainable by just different makers, but the length of the nose cone tip-to-first-panel-line is a bit much for me to be entirely comfortable with that approach. Like with the Rb74 the kit missiles aren't awful, but the Eduard ones are definitely a step up.
  5. It doesn't seem like the US had any boat of note up by the British islands on the 1st of November, and VIP protection during a very well-known meeting doesn't seem to me like something they'd need to go cloak and dagger about: https://news.usni.org/category/fleet-tracker
  6. I was actually a bit later than that, ie too late, but then I got a mail form them that they had decided to reduce some of the multiple kit orders from stores so that various new customers could have one each and so I got #167. Draken isn't quite so precious to me as Viggen and thus that kit's a bit much shelf space for me. I'm really glad to see it regardless though, it suggests Jetmads has a decent amount of faith in Swedish subjects (whatever could have given them that idea...) and if it sells anywhere near as well as Viggen did (Finns, Danes and Austrians, you know what to do) then perhaps they'll consider something a bit more modern some day. For Viggen I'll do a lot.
  7. I guess after Viggen sold as it did this makes a decent amount of sense. I'll probably be able to resist this time around, but hopefully it'll be successful enough both for them to keep making SAABs until they once again hit on something I cannot and/or for various other makers to take note.
  8. So in my ItPsv 90 build thread I mumbled about possibly going for multiple entries in this group build, and as I hoped something did show up in the mail a little while ago. Now I do seem to be a pretty quick builder overall, but being my first 1/32 kit ever and clearly being a Project™ of the likes I haven't been involved with with since I built Revell's Vasa (including hand painting every nail head along the hull sides) I haven't really got a clue if it'll be done by Christmas or not. Oh well, if not I'll just have to do the jaunt of limited glory over to the regular WIP board (where we already have a build ongoing, saving me from being the first to walk into the potential minefield of this kit). Building basically only 1/72 and 1/700, this is one massive bird. Just over twice the size of a 1/72 one, imagine that... The box had clearly not been treated very gently in transport, but looking through things it seems the onyl damage suffered was possibly a bit to the tow bar (which I have no itnent of using anyway) and the apparently customary broken wingtip. A clean break luckily, and I found the missing piece in the box, so easy enough to just glue back on. As per my own habit I started out with the ordnance. The gas tank halves appeared to have flattened a bit from perfectly round, and unfortunately 90° out of phase with each other. Matched up on one side the called for a good bit of putty on the other. No retail nearby so puttying and sanding could be done with impunity. The 3D printed fins got a quick bit of sanding to remove the layering texture before being glued on. Next, missiles. These have resin bodies with printed bums and for the Rb74 also printed noses. As I was chopping away to separate the casting blocks I noticed a bit of an air bubble just under the skin on one, holding it up to the light... Oh dear. On removing the casting... flange this then turned into an actual hole, and attempts were made to fill it in with relatively runny filler, but as it turns out that softened up the thin edges around it and now it'll be a relatively involved job to fix it all. Add in the extra chunks of resin you can see on top of the main body over to the right, which are also present on the other three to various degrees, and I've simply gone and ordered some Eduard replacements (they're largely license built AIM-9L) and downgraded the kits ones to plan B. The clear nose parts on those also seem very cool, so that's a plus. A quick comparison of parts vs shipping cost had me toss in some AIM-7E as well in case they'd just happen to be better looking but otherwise interchangeable than the Rb71 (aka license built Skyflash) in the kit. Front fuselage's next. I decided to look into any major sanding/carving/filling jobs there first before getting started on the cockpit. Some initial scouting showed first some peculiar creases in places. Luckily they're all ridges extending out form the surface and with the 1/32 sized detailing means it's easy to sand off. (The same appears to hold largely true for most of the 3D-printing texture found here and there on the piece.( Let's just hope it isn't a sign of massive internal stress that'll rip everything apart in a few years. Looking inside the intake trunking has tabs that should slide into slots in the fuselage. Looking at those slots and the general intake area of the main fuselage part... This won't be a shake-n-bake. Also, I've noticed that the inner wall wee see there at the rear of the cockpit and kinda rear of the wheel well, well, I dunno if it's also where they had the master split in two or if it's just that the wall in question shrank a bit much after casting but around the lower half of the fuselage we have a bit of a general depression on the outside centred around a pretty clear line just outside of the wall. Good thing I got a new tube of filler recently. Time to start making dust.
  9. The new Viking exhibit at the Historical Museum in Stockholm had the following (freshly dyed with Viking age methods and dyes) on display regarding Viking fabrics: So for fresh fabric I'd say most things are on the table. With some use most colours likely faded somewhat rapidly.
  10. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/takom-2043-ltpsv-90-marksman-spaag--1072376
  11. Continuing the theme of ever larger 1/72 armoured vehicles, and following from The Revell kit was a pretty lovely little thing, the resin conversion kit... exists.
  12. Final stretch: oil it up (etc). Overall filters and wash. Dot filter. Finally some airbrushed dust (a hint of XF-55 in highly dilute matte varnish), then a touch of pigments and it's all done. I thought I heard a pussycat Hind... As for making a Leo marksman, well... I may want to limit my exposure to this resin manufacturer to only what's absolutely necessary. Though they do seem to be the only way to get a Gepard in 1/72, and that is a pretty Kitty. Well, time wounds all heels and all that, we'll see how long I can resist.
  13. I don't remember any particular fit issues with the windscreen, so whatever I may have done would seem to have been a quick pass with a sanding stick or so at most.
  14. A picture I took back in the long lost halcyon days of going places for vacation (aka 2019)
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