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  1. I'm pretty certain the lives one were usually white (shifting over to grey when that became fashionable at the end of the Cold War), and it's the green one's that are inert.
  2. It lives?! One of two I've been specifically waiting on from them, and while not as seemingly forgotten as the Su-25, well...
  3. Looks like the same tooling as Mistercraft's previous Mig-29 boxings, one of which has been reviewed in our vicinity:
  4. Yes, and as far as I can tell the kit shows this. Here's a picture of the "regular" (AJ-37) fuselage, note the two panels I've marked. They're largely similar in length, while on the kit the front one is a bit longer. This would appear to match the JA-37: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37-Viggen/1351231
  5. The tiles are 15x15 cm, the whole thing's just over half a metre long with the front pitot tube included.
  6. Final stretch now. Decals applied. After picking an overall grey scheme and white/grey live missiles instead of green blind ones I went for something with the big hi-wis peacetime markings to add some colour. Uppsala's just north of here as well so an F16 bird works nicely (even though most of my memories of these are due to F21). Wash applied and (mostly( cleaned up. Picture angle picked to show just how small the box is compared to the finished product. Protective varnish and the last few bits glued on. Now all that remains is to rip off the canopy mask, followed by either celebration or assorted sorrows in need of prompt drowning. Something useful for either was put on standby, chosen t suit a Swedish subject and British website. But as for where we end up after that, well, that's for another topic. Specifically: And so the biggest modelling project since I built up Revell's Vasa a few years back. For some perspective on the time it took for this one, well, I easily got a 1/72 Corsair done start to finish while waiting for the replacement windshield.
  7. So at long last I'm done with this one. Shake-n-bake it most definitely wasn't. Build (mostly) over in:
  8. On the other hand it's probably a pretty safe bet that Zvezda will release a Su-75 in 1/48 at some point.
  9. Top mottled. Done bit by bit over basically a week. The the cover/lend coat. Things are still decently not-even in a mostly desirable way, but obviously the camera won't have any of that. Belly mottled. The thin, 3D-printed belly fin in between the air brakes there is the main reason the model gets to sit on top of the box and the foam insert here. Probably doesn't hurt the fin either of course. Blending Manhandling this huge chunk of resin around to get a good shot on every side of the ordnance rails and aileron/elevator/flap-actuators was a bugger and half. Some paint on main gear wells and air brakes. Most of the light grey was painted with the dark grey masked off. So at the end, along with some overall repair work, I went back and airbrushed over the demarcation line freehand to soften it. Then on with the landing gear and... At long last it stands on its own.
  10. I guess I'll be going for the BPK one due to scale, but it's nevertheless nice to see life signs from Clear prop.
  11. Grey, I already have a 1/72 SH-37 standing around in the splinter scheme.
  12. There, good as new and veeery gently cut from the casting block. With that, all's ready for primer. Given the size of it I went and bought a Mr Surfacer rattle can least my compressor melt a hole in the floor. If the nose pitot tube look a bit off in size it's because when it was time to glue it on it wasn't on the 3D-prnted block. Which may be for the best, something that thin, made of such brittle material, and sticking out in front doesn't seem like it'd survive more than a few second (at least not around me). May as well go with something sturdier straight away, and the cold-drawn steel wire I replaced it with should be far more of a threat to its surroundings than the other way around. I guess I wasn't done with the filler and sanding sticks quite yet. That bit taken care of I slapped some paint onto the landing gear. Panel lining/wash to follow after assembly. Now the marathon begins. Taking off my mask afterwards I noticed that the Mr Paint and Mr Levelling thinner scents had stood no chance and were completely overpowered by the "toasty compressor" fragrance. Oh well, it hasn't started to sound all that painful quite yet, so it should make it to the end of this project at least. Afterwards... it's had a decent lifespan already, I think.
  13. From what I can recall the Trumpeter kit goes together decently enough. Foxbot also has decals and painting masks for the digital flankers that worked very well for me, #58 seems to be one of the options. Hopefully it'll also still be available considering, well, things. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/foxbot-72-004-digital-su-27ub-and-su-27s--1007383
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