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  1. Hello! This is my most recent project, an israeli Mirage IIIC Shachak, the Eduard 1/48 profipack kit. Have to say that, at least for me, Mirages III, in 1/48 scale, seem to be cursed. In the past, I built a Kinetic kit, a truly nightmare. Really bad engineering, even worse fitting and almost useless instructions. So, after some reviewing of other brands, all of them still looked not great. But, since Eduard has a good reputation and I’ve built some of their other kits fine, I’ve decided to give it a shot. Big disappointment, because this one is also not good. Flashes all over the places, the fuselage halves are too flexible and a lit bit warped. There are no location points for the cockpit tub, and you have to hold the 2 halves and the cockpit together and try to glue them in the right position. If you succeed in this, you’ll find out the windshield panel is too high for the front canopy to sit properly. I’ve managed to minimize this by a lot of dry fit and clipping the base of the PE for the instruments panel and gunsight. Not to mention the plastic part in front of the gunsight also had to be very sanded, otherwise the front canopy would not be flushed with the fuselage. I just don’t get it, the guys at Eduard have to know this, still… Main landing gears engineering is also bad. No positive locations and/or fixing points for most of the many pieces. And for the plastic parts, all of them have their issues. Front canopy slightly too narrow, rear part too wide (better keep it open); lights lenses all too big for their respective spots. Decals are Cartograph, so no problems here. Nevertheless, all the yellow triangles and red stripes on the wings were masked and painted. Way better! Well, I know these are a lot of complaining for my part, sorry for that, but probably because I had good expectations from an Eduard kit. Anyway, I’m happy with the results now it’s finished. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  2. Really good! Such a clean build. Perfect motling. Congrats!!
  3. Thank you! Those were Gunze Aqueous H-73 and H-72 respectively. Thank you!
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