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  1. Thank you! I'll try to replicate your idea here in the future.
  2. Decals for the canopy framing are from Furball. Thank you!
  3. Hello! This is my recent project, a nice kit of this iconic jet. It’s an old toll, and it shows it in some ways, but it also can be built into a nice model . Except fot the canopy masks, everything OOB. All my references showed these USAF birds, in the late eighties and early nineties were kept relatively clean, being the opposite of the Navy. So, the weathering was kept to a minimum. All decals were fine. Gunze paints and oils were used. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!
  4. Thank you! But I must say it was not painted with a brush, but with an airbrush. This paint is a regular polyester automotive like paint, ready for airbrushing. Pretty similar to those from AK Metalics, which I also use sometimes. Thank you!
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