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  1. Thank you!! You're right! I'll change the tag. Thank you!!
  2. Thank you! You're right. Thankfully , I was able to sand it out and it's ok now. But I've deleted the detailed picture and will replace it soon.
  3. Hello! Here's my recent project, this very nice Tamiya kit. Nothing else to say regarding its quality and easy to build, it's been around for quite some time now. I've just added Quinta 3d decals and resin wheels. Used Aqueous Gunze paints, my favorites, over Mr Surfacer 1500 black primer. Also, my very first attempt in the riveting process, which is a lot of work; but the result is very satisfying. Hope you'll enjoy. Cheers! George
  4. Thank you! As for the decals, secret is to be obsessed to get the paint as smooth as possible and Mr Softer with care.
  5. Thank you! Decals are aftermarket, a mix of 2 local brands. One of them is FCM, and the other one is a friend from a social media group. But those that came with the kit are great! Abra├žo!
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