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  1. Thank you all, guys! I'll leave PB for sure.
  2. Thank you! Indeed, I'll have look at other sites. Their logo is really annoying. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you all guys! That's true, I'll try to find a way to upload pictures here directly from my computer.
  4. Hello! This is my view of one famous “Blue Noser From Bodney”. Neeedless to say the kit is superb, no putty at all. It seems, looking at the few pictures available, this particular bird was kept in good shape, in general. Therefore, the weathering is subtle, but I decided to add some dirt as it would be expected operating from those muddy airfields in England. PE and canopy masks from Eduard. Cheers!
  5. Thank you! It really was. I also miss those colorful schemes, specially in the US Navy, in the seventies.
  6. Thanks! I've heard good things about AK Metals. Will try!! Thank you!!
  7. That's right. I've tried to buff it, but it ended up not very uniform and peeled off in some spots. Masking was a painful process, really. As I said, I'll try something else next time. Thanks!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
  8. Hello, This is my Hasegawa F-104. Nice kit to build OOB, although some of the decals were not that nice. I used Gunze Mr. Metal Color Aluminum and I was not pleased. I mean, the color is beautiful but it kept releasing pigments like forever and, at least for me, it is too fragile. Of course, the real problem could have been holding the AB, but I'll try something else next time, like AK polished aluminum. It's friendlier than Alclad, they say.... Cheers!
  9. Just made me sad. Such perfection I'll never be able to replicate. My sincere congratulations!!
  10. Hello, I'll be touring the UK next year and I was wondering if someone could indicate a few stores, other than Hannants, in the London area. I mean, physical stores where one can just check it out items os opportunity. Tahnks! George
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